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Road To Destiny Episode 6

Road To Destiny Episode 6

Road To Destiny Episode 6

Pedro isn’t satisfied about Fernanda explanation; he still insists she tells him what she and her mother are up to. Amelia joins her and tells him they are going to the hospital. Fernanda isn’t doing well; Pedro feels she is over dressed. Nanny Rosario wakes Carlos up, he overslept. He is late for the hearing and rushes to take his bath. Fernanda introduces Felipe to her mother, trust Amelia rudeness. Fernanda explains to Felipe Carlos promised her to talk his father to stop the lawsuit. Amelia has decided to speak to Luis personally to settle the lawsuit. Felipe doesn’t get it and wonders why, since it is his job as her lawyer. Fernanda has no idea; Luis soon arrives at the court. Amelia walks in and interrupts him. Maybe he doesn’t recognize her and brushes her off when she tries to speak with him. Pedro takes his frustration on the grass. He confides in Compadre that he feels he is losing his Amelia. Speaking of Amelia, she calls Luis again but he tells her to refer to him as Attorney Montero and leaves without even looking at her. Amelia stands and cries because he didn’t recognize her. Fernanda notices it and runs to her mother; Felipe and Luis have a confrontation. Fernanda wants to know what Luis told her mother but she refuses to talk. She goes running to Luis and demands to know what he told her mother. Luis is rude and insults her family, he promises to throw all of them in jail. Carlos joins them and apologizes to Fernanda. He tells her he needs to speak with her, Felipe feel threatens. Fernanda refuses to speak to him, he lied to her and thanks to him her mother got insulted.
Pedro refuses to confide in his sister, she manages to convince him. The hearing is ongoing, Luis tries to tarnish Fernanda and Felipe image but fails. The hearing has been postponed, Fernanda is worried but Felipe is hopeful. Luis threatens them and walks away. Fernanda wants to stop the lawsuit but Felipe tells her it is too late. She decides to run after Luis and catches up with him. She politely requests to speak with him, he asks her to get lost. Fernanda doesn’t want anything anymore; she just wants to end everything. Luis refuses and threatens her, Pedro explains to his sister why Amelia married him. You already know the story; Amelia always blames him and Fernanda for not living like a princess. His sister is proud of him because he sacrifices his life for someone who doesn’t appreciate him. Pedro doesn’t regret it he loves Amelia and Fernanda. Fernanda goes to school to play her violin; Camilla invites her to spend the night with her. Fernanda calls his father and he gives her permission to spend the night with Camilla.

The three means girls watches them and are up to something. Fernando feels bad at the table, he cries in pain, Blanca and Mariana help him. Fernanda calls Lupe house to inform her mother about sleeping with Camilla to night. Fernanda likes Camila room; Camilla tells her it is also her room. She had asks her several time to join her but she always refuse. Fernanda stands at the window and plays her violin. Fernanda is sad about the whole things. Camilla asks her to relax just for the night and assures her everything will be fine. Amelia goes crying to Lupe, she is crying just because Luis didn’t recognize her. Fernanda wakes up in the middle of the night and realized Camila puts her hand in bowl of water.
She also does the same thing to her and goes back to sleep. Blanca and Mariana take Fernando to bed; he asks them to call Carlos. Carlos is about to lose his first patient. He attends to a child; Mariana calls him and informs him about her father. Carlos agrees to come to his house to attend to him. Amelia returns home and tells herself she owe no one an explanation. Pedro sister comes and request to speak to her. While Fernanda and Camilla sleep, someone sneaks into the room and takes the violin away. Mariana and Carlos come face to face in Fernando’s room. Fernando wonders what wrong with her, she tells him nothing. Carlos attend to Fernando, Blanca notices the tension between them. Mariana offers to walk Carlos to the door. She wants to explain what happen with Luis; Carlos doesn’t need one and walks out. Pedro’s sister made the mistake to approach Amelia to advise her. Amelia doesn’t owe her any explanation and suggests she worried about managing her school. Fernanda wakes up and notices her Violin is missing. Camelia and Fernanda report it to the school authority. The sisters conduct search in each room. Mariana vows to make Luis hers. How ungrateful can Amelia be? Fernanda returns home and sees her mother crying. She mistakenly asks her what wrong, Amelia kicks both of them out.

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