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Road To Destiny Episode 11

Road To Destiny Episode 11

Road To Destiny Episode 11

The nun informs Fernanda she is suspended for missing classes. Fernanda begs her and reminds her she can’t afford to lose her scholarship. The nun tells her she should have thought about it before missing class because of the boy. Fernanda asks for a second, the nun agrees but on condition that she sees Carlos no more. Fernanda is in a dilemma as she needs her scholarship and Carlos at the same time. Amelia wants big sister to stay a little bit, Mariana asks her not to call the house again, she will rather call Amelia. She lies and tells her Hernan is waiting for her, and once again asks her not call the house. She doesn’t want to imagine what will happen to Fernando if she call and he answer. Pedro joins Marissa and they start chatting about their children. Marissa tells him she has no idea what is happening to Carlos of late. His attitude towards his father is getting worse by the day. Pedro also feels the same things about his daughter and wife. Pedro informs her has to go the flowers market and describes the place to her. Marissa tells him she has never been there so he asks her to join him. When they return home, he offers her a plant; she is touched and appreciates his company. Mariana visits Luis as he requested, he questions her about Amelia abortion. Fernando asks him to look for Amelia and her daughter, Mariana insists Amelia had an abortion. She even tells him Amelia has left town and no one has ever heard about her. Fernanda and Carlos meet by the river and chat about their love. She wants to know if has ever love anyone else. He tells her yes, he thought he was in love until he met her. Fernanda wants him to promise he will always be there for her.
He promises, with this in mind, she tells him he will always be on her mind. Isabella informs Marissa she tries to settle their differences last night but Carlos ignore her. she informs him about the school girl phone call and feels she wanted him to testify against Luis. Camilla informs Fernanda she told Carolina her boyfriend is a doctor, Fernanda remind Carlos is not her doctor. Camilla knows he will soon hers so she is not worry, she asks Fernanda to come with her to Carlos’s house. She wants to his parent and sees where he lives. Fernanda tells her it is her father’s birthday so she can’t.

Pedro unloads the truck and his colleagues tease him about the outing with Marissa. Pedro doesn’t take the joke likely and yells at them to respect Marissa reputation. Dr. Masias has Fernando test result and informs Carlos about his situation. Things are not looking good for the old man. Dr. Masias informs Carlos Fernando needs to have a by-pass surgery, Carlos requests to be present when he informs Fernando. Marissa calls her son to have lunch with her, Isabella decides to go with her. Marissa prefers to speak with Carlos first before Isabella can joins them. Pedro comes home with beautiful daisies for his ungrateful and as usual she rejects him and his flowers.
She drops them on the floor and she tells him she can’t take it anymore. Carlos joins his mother at the restaurant. He informs her he is in love with the school girl, Marissa can’t believe it. She reminds him he already had a girlfriend Isabella, just at that moment Isabella arrives. Marissa decides to give them some privacy. Carlos nothing more to say to Isabella, it is over between them but Isabella thinks otherwise. Fernanda asks her mother to confide in her. She wants to know why Amelia is always sad and bitter. Mummy finally decides to confide in her daughter and tells her it is loneliness. Amelia tells her Pedro is not her only family, she has another family which she misses so much. She tells Fernanda she lost her mother at birth. She was raised by her nanny; she has a sister who lives in another country. Her father died when she gave birth to Fernanda. Our dear gardener decides to plant the rejected daisies; he pauses and recalls Amelia’s childhood. Amelia was a very lively lady but now she is always sad because he can’t give her the princess life she is used to. Mariana arrives home and Blanca questions her about finding her little sister. Mariana tells her Amelia has travelled to a different town.

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