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Road To Destiny Episode 10

Road To Destiny Episode 10

Road To Destiny Episode 10

Rosario sees the girls running and helps them to hide in her room. After a little chat they become friend and she gives them clothes to change from their wet cloth. Hernan informs him wife he is now ready to be friend with Luis. Knowing Luis is old Fernando lawyer, he feels their friendship will be to his advantage. He also advises his wife to try and do same with Marissa. Hernan asks of Carlos age, she thinks he is in his mid-20. Hernan suggests they also invite Carlos alongside his parent for dinner. He wants Carlos to meet Camilla because he feels he is the perfect match. Carolina and Fernanda both come first in the water running competition. They need a winner, so they are to go for a second round. Carolina together with her evil mean girl destroys her pirogue to prevent her from competing. Camilla offers hers to Fernanda and she wins the competition. Carlos witnesses the competition and offers to take her out. Pedro offers to help Amelia at her food stands. He overhears some customers call her Mrs. Casadio. He comes to his wife defense and reminds them of her name. Ungrateful Amelia suggests he leaves because she thinks he is scaring her customers. Mariana sees her little sister and feels she got what she deserve in life. Mariana approaches her sister and overhears her customers call her Mrs. Casar. She wonders why they call her sister this way. Amelia tells them she is not Mrs. Casar but Amelia Altamirano. They customers pay no attention to her and remind her she will always be Mrs. Casar to them. Fernanda and Carlos spend a sweet moment together. He takes advantage and assures her he loves her not Camilla. He tells her she is transparent, loving and the perfect woman for him.

Amelia decides to take her sister to her house. Mariana can’t believe she is content with living in this poor condition. She tells her sister she looks awful. Amelia tells her she has felt like a slave ever since they got married. Amelia shows her Fernanda’s picture and asks her if she notices the resemblance with their father. Amelia wants to know if her father has forgiven her. Don Fernando geos to Luis and asks him to look for his daughter and granddaughter. He tells him Amelia was the apple of his eyes until she allowed a nobody to get her pregnant. Fernando asks him if he has a child, he tells him no. Fernando tells him to imagine the pain he felt when his beloved daughter got pregnant with a common gardener. He was so much in pain that he kick her out of his house and hasn’t seen her ever since. He has also decided to will his entire fortune to his granddaughter. He feels it is a way of compensating his granddaughter for the harm he caused her. Luis doesn’t think it is right and reminds him he has other children. Fernando doesn’t think any of them deserve his fortune. Luis finally realized Amelia didn’t have the abortion. Mariana lied to him and conclude he has a daughter. Amelia informs her sister Luis saw her but didn’t recognize her. Luis feels Mariana might know about her sister whereabouts and decides to call her. he asks Mariana to come to his office as soon as she can. She wonders what made her lied him that Amelia had an abortion.

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