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Road To Destiny Episode 1

Road To Destiny Episode 1

Road To Destiny Episode 1

It all started 18 years ago, Pedro happily mows the lawn when Amelia startles him. They chat for a moment then she leaves to meet her lover Luis at the riverside. Pedro is frustrated because his love for Amelia isn’t reciprocated. 3 weeks later, Pedro notices she looks sad, but she refuses to tell him anything. Her sister Mariana returns from the pharmacy with a pregnancy test meant for Emelia. The maid advises Pedro to forget about the love he feels for Amelia. She once again remind of their different social status. Amelia is pregnant and doesn’t know what to do. Mariana suggests she abort it, she knows a doctor who can help her. Amelia has no intention to kill Luis child she loves him. Luis confides in his friend he is in love with wealthy woman called Marisa. Amelia gives a letter to Pedro to be given to Luis; her father comes in and sees them together. He walks towards them and yells at Amelia to go in. Luis meets with Marisa, she tells him she is leaving for Europe the following day for about 6 months. Luis loves her and doesn’t want to live without her. She proposes he comes with her; he can finish his studies there. He agrees especially after she asks him to marry him. Pedro could not take the letter to Luis because he was busy cleaning the warehouse. He decides to reads the letter at night and find out she is pregnant. Mariana wonder if Amelia is so sure Luis will marry her. Amalia tells her yes, they love each other. Marisa brings Luis to her house, her sons sees them.
Pedro informs Amelia he could not give the letter to Luis. She decides to meet Luis at the water fall and informs him about her pregnancy. Luis rejects her; he has no intention to marry her. Pedro stands from a distance and listens to them. Amelia returns home in tears, she asks to be left alone with her sister. Luis and his friend celebrate his upcoming wedding. Mariana consoles her daughter, she notices their father coming. She intentionally asks Amelia how she intends to tell their father she is pregnant. Pedro and the maid hear Fernando and Amelia voice and rush to the hall. Mariana pretends to be on his sister’s side. Fernando wants to know who got her pregnant. He promises to kill the man, Amelia refuses to tell him. She end up getting another slap, Pedro consoles her. Fernando recalls he saw Amelia giving a letter to Pedro. He takes out the letter from Pedro pocket; reads it and concludes Pedro got his daughter pregnant. He tries to take his gun out to shoot him but they stop him. He asks Amelia and Pedro to get out of his house. Amelia asks him to give her his blessing. He tells her she dead to him and orders them to get out of his house. Amelia hears about Luis wedding from the gossip woman in town. She decides to go in and interrupts the wedding; Pedro tries to convince her otherwise. The judge declares Luis and Marisa husband and wife.

Pedro goes to the convent where his sister lives and gets a new job as their gardener. He will only be allowed to stay there with Amalia if they are husband and wife. They get married in an empty church. Luis and Marisa and her son leave for Europe. Month later; Pedro and Amelia have settled in a small house. Amelia is forced to perform house work which she isn’t used to it. Amelia gives birth to a baby girl; Pedro wonders how they will call her. Amalia doesn’t care, she doesn’t love the baby. She intend to give her up for adoption, Pedro reminds her she is wife. The baby belongs to her as much as she also belongs to him. He won’t let her give the baby up for adoption. He will love and take care of the baby. He wonder what wrong with her, she is no longer cheerful. She reminds him of what happen to her, he agrees but the baby isn’t to be blamed. Luis and Marisa are returning to Mexico. Luis wants to them to have a family; Marisa reminds him they are already a family. Luis agrees but he wants to them to have a child. Marisa tells him she was never able to get pregnant, because she can’t have children anymore. Amelia refuses to attend to her baby. Luis recalls his last conversation with Amelia. Marisa suggests they adopt a baby girl, but he refuses. Pedro takes good care of the little girl. Amalia is rude to him in front of his sister. Amelia apologizes to Pedro for treating him badly, she tells him isn’t use to live this way. Pedro hands over the baby to her and agrees to let her return to her father’s house. He feels may be the baby will make him have a change of mind.
Luis and his family return to Mexico, Marisa’s lawyer welcome them. Luis isn’t pleased to see him and doesn’t it, especially after she tells him she trust him. Luis meets Ordonez, he tells him about his intention to get involve in the affair of the bank. Marisa’s lawyer tells him it can’t be possible, Luis wonder why. Ordonez tells him the prenuptial agreement states he can’t get involve in the affair of the bank or any of Marisa’s businesses, unless Marisa is incapable. Amelia decides to name the baby Luisa-Fernanda during the baptism. They take the baby to Amelia’s parent house and meet Mariana and the maid. Amelia explains to them she named the baby Luisa-Fernanda because the baby father is Luis and her grandfather is Fernando. Amelia begs the maid to convince her father to accept her back in the house. Fernando comes out and yells at her to leave his house. Amelia takes the baby and run after him, Fernando tells her to leave. She is dead to him; Amelia and Pedro catch up with him. Fernando refuses to listen to them and orders them to get out of his house. Years later, Fernanda is all grown up and in her school uniform. Pedro asks her to be patient with her mother. Fernanda feels her mother doesn’t love her. Pedro assures her Amalia does love her, she hears the school bell ring and leave.

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