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Passion And Power Episode 43

Passion And Power Episode 43

Passion And Power Episode 43

Eliado returns home and sees Efrain waiting to him in his study. Efrain tried to call but to no avail. He wanted to inform him Julia asks him to drive her to Monserrat apartment. Aldo sees his best friend lifeless body and sobs. He tries to touch her but the police prevent him. He tells them she is his best friend and gives them her personal information. The police want him to tell what he knows. Aldo knows she was murdered. Erick returns home. Eladio enters the room and asks Julia where she went without his permission. She went to look for him at his lover’s party. You are crazy, why did she go there. She also asks him the same question if indeed there is nothing between them. Monserrat body is taken away; the police want to know if Aldo suspect anyone. Aldo tells them Monserrat is a good person and she was killed. The landlord comes out and is not surprise she is dead. This is what happens at the party full of alcohol and drugs. Aldo defends the honor of his dead friend. The landlord agrees to give his statement. Aldo runs and hung himself at the back of the ambulance. Eladio tells Julia he went to Monserrat’s party because some clients were at the party. Julia doesn’t believe him and tells him she went there confirm he is still seeing Monserrat. Consuelo locks herself in the bedroom, Erick makes a scene. Eladio tells Julia she is just jealous of Monserrat. He wonders if he means so much to her. Julia assures him she is not. She tells him she is going to sleep in the visitors’ room. Julia joins her father and Eladio at breakfast. Gaby reads Monserrat death in the newspaper, Julia panic.
Gisela interrupts Clara and Francisco kiss. Eladio takes the newspaper to confirm the news and get details. Julia gets up and tells them when she saw her she looked bad. Eladio tells her it was an accident but the police intend to investigate everyone at the party. Julia looks so guilty. Clara reminds Gisela she asks her to leave the house. Gisela holds her hand and plays with her mind. Francisco decide to leave for work, Clara tells him it is Saturday. He informs them he has a lot of work since Franco left. Gisela wonder if he hasn’t heard about him. She wants to know if got another job. Francisco tells her no but David told him he was nicely beaten up. Granny sobs, and wants details. David receives a phone call concerning his hotel project. The lady informs him he has to be in Puerto Vallarta the following day. Arturo and Nina arrive in New York and she want to go shopping. Erick enters the bedroom and tries to fight Consuelo. She is not in the mood because she is worried about her baby. She will never forgive him if anything happen to her baby because he pushed her. They both hear about Monserrat’s death in the news. Erick coils himself in front of the bed. Consuelo wonders if he killed her. Eladio admits to someone on phone that he was at the party. But he left without anyone seeing him; he is rather worried about Julia. He asks the person to make sure they don’t link Julia to the crime. Franco enters his office, and offers to take care of everything.
Consuelo tells Erick he went back to Monserrat’s apparent. She wants to know if he killed her, he tells her no. if someone has interest in her death it is rather Consuelo. She reminds him she left Monserrat home. He cries and tells her he could not have killed Monserrat because he loves her. Eladio wonders how Franco intends to help him. Franco admits he is a lot of work but will find out everything about the investigation. He begs Eladio to let him do it at least for Julia’s sake. Eladio agrees but tells him it is no guarantee he will take him back in the company or the house. Aldo gives his statement, he insist someone killed her. The police think she might have committed suicide. He tells them no, she was at a peak in her career and will never do that. She was doing fine and begs them to help him find who killed Monserrat. The inspector asks if he suspect anyone. Consuelo informs Regina about Monserrat’s death. Regina doubts her brother will be capable of killing her. Miguel brings the doctor in and wonders what wrong with her. Daniella is having a hangover, she finds out about Monserrat’s death on the net. The police come and request to speak with Erick and his wife. Petra informs the police Erick is not home. Miguel tells them Consuelo is also not well. Police insists on talking to Consuelo. Aldo stand outside Monserrat’s apparent and tells his lawyer he gave the guest list to the police. He also informed them about those with motive to harm Monserrat. He told them Erick, his wife and Eladio. The police inform the Montenegro that Monserrat death wasn’t an accident.

Regina tells them Erick is not around at the moment and suggests they come back later. Daniella tells them Erick was with her all night. they reminds her she can end up in jail for lying. The doctor asks the police not to disturb Consuelo and hopes they comply. Erick decides to find solace in the bottle. He cries over the death of the woman of his life. He wonders what he is going to do next. Daniella blames Consuelo for everything. Erick told her Consuelo ruined his night. She feels Consuelo has motive to kill Monserrat, Miguel asks her to shut up. Franco updates Eladio about the investigation, nothing so far apart from Aldo statement. He wants Eladio to tell him everything so he can help him. Eladio tells him his name was not included in the guest list because he told her he wouldn’t come. He tells Franco Erick and Consuelo. Julia comes in. Daniella decides to call daddy but they refuse. Miguel decides to call Augustin. Julia didn’t know they were talking about Eladio and his lover so she decides to leave. Franco suggests they blame Erick for the crime. Eladio agrees and decides to talk to Aldo. Franco will take care of Erick in the meantime. Regina tries to call Erick but he is not picking. Erick finally comes home, Miguel calls him fool. Erick is not in the mood to fight. Miguel tells him the police are after him for Monserrat’s death.
Erick wonders why, he tells him he also doesn’t know why. Miguel tells him they also want to interrogate Consuelo who is in bedrest because of him. Nina goes shopping while Arturo does business. Eladio asks Franco to make sure Julia is not implicated in the crime. He assures his wife he will never allow the police to interrogate her. She thanks him but she has nothing to hide and he will be willing to give her statement. He wants to know if anyone saw her go in, she tells him no. She wants to know if Eladio killed Monserrat. He was at the party but came home after her. Elaido gives her mean and evil face. Nina intends to buy the whole New York before she returns to Mexico. She and Arturo take selfie and walk around like two love birth. Erick refuses to report himself to the police. He tells them he can’t kill Monserrat because he loves her. Miguel asks him to shut; Erick tells him it is the truth. He loves Monserrat and doesn’t care about Consuelo. Miguel pin him on the floor and I shout punch the hell out of him. Eladio tells Julia he didn’t kill Monserrat. He feels after so many years she still doesn’t know him. She assures him she does, she know how violent he can get. Julia wants to know if he fought with Monserrat because of Erick. She wants to know if hurt him to know that Monserrat cheated on him with someone younger. Eladio tells her he went outside to look for what she has been refusing to give him. She tells him she won’t give herself to him. She won’t lie to the police when they ask her. She will tell them everything she knows. Of course you want me to end up in jail; he tells her as his point his knife at her. Regina helps Erick to be on his feet and tells him Consuelo is not doing well.
He tells her he is also not doing well because the woman he loves died. David joins them and Daniella throws herself in his arms. He pushes her away and reminds her he is in love with Regina. She stands aside and watches them kiss and tears drop down her cheek. Nina finally got what she wanted; a second honeymoon. Eladio joins Aldo in the bar and tells him they need to talk. Eladio tells him he didn’t kill Monserrat. Aldo saw them arguing; Elaido agrees but he left. He tells Aldo Erick killed her. Aldo doesn’t think so, Eladio asks him not to thinks. He should know what is convenient for him. He gives cash and leaves, Aldo hopes Eladio doesn’t find he already mention his name at the police. Franco meets with a guy outside a building and tries to convince him Erick killed Monserrat. The guy insist he will investigate but quickly changes his mind when Franco give him an envelope. He takes the money and leaves, mission accomplishes. Gisela runs into Franco and tells him she came to see him. Franco tells her he has nothing to tell her and tries to walk away. She tells him his father is not dead as they made him believe.

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