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Passion And Power Episode 42

Passion And Power Episode 42

Passion And Power Episode 42

Erick arrives at the party, Calao sees him and takes out his phone but put it back. David informs Francisco is back at the Gomez Luna office. Regina soon joins them Francisco decides to leave. Erick finally enters the house, everyone is disguised. He and Monserrat both wore black. She didn’t recognize him until he took off his mask. They go straight to the balcony and kiss. Regina refuses to talk about their project and prefers to kiss. Monserrat wants her necklace; he tells her he intentionally left it in the office. Regina and David end up making love in Francisco sofa. Calao disguises himself and joins the party. I guests Miguel convinced Consuelo not to go to the party. Miguel prefers to talk about Erick and Consuelo’s marriage than teach Clara. Gaby calls David to inform her about Franco’s condition. Consuelo sneaks out of the house. Daniella sees her and plan something evil in her mind. Marinita calls the Gomez Luna’s mansion to check on Franco. Julia picks the calls and she tells her she is called Monica. Regina and David goes to the mansion to sympathize with Gaby. Miguel gave an old computer to Clara, Arturo and Nina returns home. Arturo request to have the driver send her home but Miguel tells him he will take her home. Consuelo arrives at the party and searches for her husband. Arturo goes to his study to think about Julia when he just kissed his wife. Humberto tries to bully his girls; he demands to know what the hell Franco is doing in the house.
Julia tells him Elaido agreed to have him around. Humberto knew he was a good man but he doesn’t trust Franco. He feels he is capable of setting the whole thing up so he can return to the house. Calao overhears Erick tells Aldo he loves Monserrat. What more, she gave him some very important information about Eladio’s hotel. Remember the one that was closed because of the liquor license. Calao heard enough and decides to make a call. He informs Eladio Monserrat has been leaking information about his deal to Erick. Consuelo finally sees her husband; she reminds him he told him they have broken up. Erick tries to make some excuse, she slaps him. Monserrat attack Consuelo, they start struggling, and Consuelo accuses her of sleeping with her husband. Monserrat denies it and tells everyone they are only friend moreover it is her party and raises her glass. Monserrat gets the guests to back her up. Consuelo removes the necklace and throws it at her. She shamelessly takes it and smiles. Consuelo turns to Erick and tells her they are going to talk. She takes the necklace back and tells him it wasn’t for her. The necklace was for his whore and she drops it into Monserrat’s glass. Monserrat smashes the glass on the floor and tries to attach Consuelo. Julia informs Gaby she is going over to Monserrat’s house. She asks her niece to relax she is only going to have a chat with her. She wants Monserrat to accept she is Eladio’s lover so she can have the strength to divorce him.

Consuelo rushes to Monserrat and slaps her. She turns to Erick and threatens to inform his father. Erick violently drags her out of the apartment. Monserrat tries to go after them but they stop her. Daniella on the other hand is having fun at the night and taking selfie. Her friend tries to prevent her from getting drunk. Daniella tells her no one care about her in the house so she is allowed to get drunk. Aldo tries to bring the party back to life. he succeeds and they return to the dance floor except Monserrat. Eladio storms him and calls her a traitor and drags her to the bedroom. Aldo tries to go after them but Eladio asks him to get rid of the visitor. Back in the bedroom Eladio calls Monserrat traitor. He knows she is still seeing Erick; he covers her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He tells her he did everything for her but she didn’t appreciate. He can accept anything but not leaking his confidential information to Erick. He lands a hot and dirty slap on her face. She falls and begs him, Aldo obey Eladio’s orders and end the party. Monserrat calls Eladio “my love” and denies giving information to Erick. He gets on his knees and grabs her hair and covers her mouth. He will never forgive her betrayal, Erick informs his wife he careless about her forgiveness. She pusher her on floor and leaves, she holds her stomach in pain. Eladio reminds Monserrat treason is very expensive. Aldo knocks at the door and informs Eladio he got rid of the guests. Eladio asks him to equally leaves, Monserrat takes advantage and run away. Franco and Marinita talk on phone, he tells her he is suspecting Erick.
Gaby enters and they change to office mood conversation. Franco decides to play with her feelings and propose marriage. Monserrat runs to her balcony, Eladio joins her and grabs her hair again. He reminds her no one messes up with Eladio, she goes on her knees and begs. He holds her back and tells her the get the hell out of his apartment. He releases her jaw and tries to walk away. Consuelo returns home and then feels things can’t end this way. She enters the car and drive off. Eladio joins Calao in the car and thanks him for informing him. Calao assures him he will always look out for him because he saved his daughter’s life. Eladio might need him he needs to think first. Julia enters Monserrat’s house and sees the place mess up including Monserrat. Julia didn’t come to reproach her. she came to make a deal with her. She intends to divorce Eladio and wants her to admit she is dating Eladio. Monserrat refuses to testify against Eladio, she doesn’t want to have any problem. Monserrat tells him he was around and ruins her party.
As soon as Julia leaves Aldo comes in and wants to know what Julia wanted. Monserrat asks him to leave, she want to be left alone. He tries to cheer her up but she tells him she needs to be left alone. Justino informs Clara that Lucita has a fever and asks him to help her. Gisela joins them careless about Lucita’s heath. Clara had it and asks her to leave her house the following day. Erick returns to Monserrat’s apartment. Clara attends to the little girl and suggests they take her to the hospital. They both have no money and wonder what they are going to do. Monserrat is surprise to see someone that we don’t. She asks the person to leave and move backward. Lucita calls her mother and says she came back for her. Clara decides to call Francisco and informs him about Luicita’s health. Justino returns home with more ice block but Clara tells him to take to the hospital. Two party guests decided to stay around and make out. Someone fell from the roof and crushes into a car and set off the alarm. A closer looks at the person revealed our birthday girl Monserrat with her eyes open and blood coming out of the mouth.

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