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Passion And Power Episode 31

Passion And Power Episode 31

Passion And Power Episode 31

David begs Arturo to leave if he really worries about his mother. He already knows they were once in a relationship. David asks him to respect him mother because she is married. Arturo respects that and wants David to know that he will always love his mother. David begs him to leave before Eladio comes; Arturo wants him to inform him if Julia wakes up. Regina and Miguel discuss about Arturo and Julia relationship. Miguel suspects it is reason why they hate each other so much. Miguel then realized he is the reason why they broke up. Gaby asks David why he is so pissed off. David tells her he saw Arturo entering his mother’s room. He wants Gaby to tell him the story of Arturo and Julia. David tells her about the conversation he had with Arturo. Gaby advices he takes it easy, because none of them has ever experience such love. Elaido shows up and they are force to end their conversation. Nina refuses to let Arturo travel until he tells her why he didn’t tell her about his relationship with Julia. The doctor updates Gomez Luna on his wife condition. He suggests they limit the number of Visit. Well only her son and husband will be allowed to see her.
Gaby decides to get coffee, David leaves to see his mother. Eladio then question Humberto about what he told Julia to make her agitated. Humberto plays innocent and tells him nothing, he only spoke in his favor. Eladio leans towards the old evil father and remind he will be capable of doing anything for the love of his life. He threatens the old man to be very careful. Arturo wants to know who told Nina he was Julia boyfriend. She tells him Regina, not actually she heard her tells that fool. Arturo reminds her he is called Miguel. Just at that moment Regina joins them and apologizes to him. Arturo doesn’t deny it; he dated Julia for it was long ago. He wonders if he has to apologize for his girlfriend he had in the past. She tells him no, but what hurt her if that everyone knew about it. She tells Arturo he deceived her, Arturo disagrees, he just didn’t tell her. He tells her Julia is his past. He is no longer in contact with her, Nina disagrees. She feels he should have told her because the Gomez Luna has always been a subject in their marriage. She insists and demands to know what he didn’t tell her he knew Julia when they met at the fashion show. Arturo knew she was going to react this way and begs her to be calmed. Nina wants to know if he is cheating on her with Julia. Arturo tells her no and moreover he is fess up with her jealousy. He tells to control herself if not they may end separated.
David cries on mommy side, he wants her to get better. He still needs her, he want to know if she is listening. Julia holds his hand, David rushes to call the doctor. Julia gradually opens her eye. Regina joins Miguel and Consuelo and tells them David is not responding to her message. Consuelo wonders what she looks so nervous. David rushes to his family and informs them that Julia is reacting. Eladio goes in to see her as David looks for a doctor. Regina informs Consuelo about her father and Julia relationship. Consuelo can’t believe it. Miguel tells her they are all surprise. Consuelo also tells her she has something very important to tell her. Nina barges in and takes her daughter away. Eladio enter the room and tells her he is glad she is awake. He doesn’t know what he will do without her. Julia advices he start thinking about what he is going to do. She no longer wants to be near him after what happened. If she is in this state it is because he provokes it. Eladio disagrees and assures her he loves her, Julia feels he will always have a reason to get angry. Nina drags her Regina to the hall and demands she tells her the details of Arturo and Julia’s relationship. Regina doesn’t more than she has already told her. Nina doesn’t believe her and orders her to find out the details. She wants Regina to use David to get the details; Regina refuses and suggests she asks Arturo herself.

Eladio begs Julia to reconsider her decision; his life has no meaning without her. Julia has already made up her mind, she will return to the house but not as his wife. David sends a text to inform Regina that Julia is awake. Eladio make things worse when he tells Julia he already informed David about her relationship with Arturo. Regina returns to Consuelo and Miguel and tells them about the argument she had with Nina. The doctor asks Eladio to leave the room. Julia request they no longer let Eladio in. she only wants to see her son and niece. Consuelo informs Regina about her past, Regina supports her. Miguel hopes Arturo also does same with her just like they did. Regina wonders who told Erick. She tells her Monserrat. Regina is pissed that Monserrat is still a problem in their marriage. Arturo joins him son in Tabasco. He is very disappointed his useless son hasn’t done any work since he got there. The doctor has not choice than to prohibit Eladio from entering Julia’s room. Eladio protests, the doctor can’t forbid him to see his own wife. Well he can when her health is at stake; Eladio threatens to have her transfer to another hospital.
Erick wants Arturo to take over so he can return home. Arturo tells him he will stay behind and fix things. He threatens to fire Erick, if they lose the case. He orders him to clean the mess into the office. Julia asks David not to believe what Eladio told him. She promises to tell him everything herself. Arturo calls the house and speaks with Regina. Erick does mean face when Arturo asks her to think about working in the Montenegro Company. Justino returns home and realized Lucita is not home. Clara enters with the little girl in her arms. He scolds her for carrying his daughter. Lucita tells him she went looking for Clara. Clara begs him to at least allow her to see Lucita. Erick enters restaurant and sees Franco together with the union leader at a table. He joins them and confirms Eladio had something to do with the strike. Francisco asks Clara why she is distant from him. She tells him nothing and walks away. Franco denies having something to do with the strike. He is in Tabasco to attend to Eladio other project. Erick doesn’t believe it; Franco asks if he has evidence.
Eladio returns home and complains to Humberto about Julia’s attitude. Humberto promises to talk to his daughter on his behalf. Eladio thought everything was fine until Arturo shows up. Franco calls and informs him about the encounter with Erick. Consuelo insists on seeing the pictures between her husband and Monserrat. Regina informs David about her idea of bringing in scabs to help with the strike in Tabasco. David offers to help her, she promise him Eladio won’t find out. Consuelo listens to the voice mail between Monserrat and Erick. Consuelo must be so desperate. She wants to find way on how to make her husband love her again. Monserrat pays a surprise visit to Erick in Tabasco. Erick prefers to go to the office to make out. Arturo follows soon after and also head toward the same office. He is interrupted by his phone call; it is from Julia, she want to see him. She has something very important to tell him.

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