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New Telenovela “Eva La Trailera” Production Begins On Telemundo.

New Telenovela “Eva La Trailera” Production Begins On Telemundo.

Telemundo has started recording their new telenovela titled “Eva La Trailera” marking the return of acclaimed Mexican actress Edith González; the production also features Jorge Luis Pila and Arap Bethke. Eva La Trailera tells the story of an impetuous, strong and determined woman who is always ready to take up any challenge that may come her way; however life itself cruelly betrays her forcing her to make decisions that lead her to one of the toughest roads.

Eva Solar (Gonzalez) is a very beautiful woman beauty, who has worked hard to support her family as a truck driver, a skill she acquires on the road from her father who was also a truck driver. Through ambition and perseverance she manages to become the owner of the “Mon-sol” trucking empire. Despite all the wealth she has acquired Eva is a simple woman who understands that life is like an endless road, which constantly makes us take decisions about the right direction to take. That learning is precisely what will help address the toughest challenges of his life.

Armando Montes (Pila) is Eva’s husband, a nice, charming but selfish man whose violent nature causes great harm to his family. However Armando feels threaten when detective Pablo Contreras (Bethke), a responsible young detective with strong moral values who brings a new sense of hope to Eva’s life.

Joining the casts of “Eva La Trailera” is a stellar supporting cast featuring Erika de la Rosa, Vanessa Bauche, Javier Díaz Dueñas, Henry Zakka, Roberto Mateos, Alfredo Huereca, Karen Sentíes, Mónica Sánchez Navarro, María Raquenel, Sofía Lama, Antonio Gaona, Minnie West, Martha Mijares, Paloma Márquez, Ana Osorio, Jonathan Freudman, Jorge Eduardo García, Nicolle Apollonio, Michelle Vargas, Adrián Carvajal, Tony Vela and Gustavo.

Eva La Trailera is an original Telemundo Studios production written by Valentina Párraga (La Patrona and Los Miserables), directed by Leonardo Galavis (Donde Esta Elisa?) and Nicolás Di Blasi (Bajo El Mismo Cielo), and produced by Martha Godoy (La Patrona, El Señor de los Cielos), with Joshua Mintz supervising.

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