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Most Hottest Male Telenovela Villains Yet!

Most Hottest Male Telenovela Villains Yet!

Most Hottest Male Telenovela Villains Yet!

It is funny how most of these villains are supposed to irk and disgust us with their treacherous and vile acts. Yet their astonishing and beautiful faces and gorgeous physiques end up making us love their presence in our favorite telenovelas. Well, below I have decided to compile a list of very sexy male villains who despite their black hearted nature, managed to sensualize our favorite shows with their astonishing looks.

Pictures courtesy of Televisa Internacional, Globo TV Internacional and Telemundo Internacional.

Danilo Cabrera played by Danilo Carrera in The Two Lives of Estela Carrillo.

Danilo Carrera
Danilo was a spectacular with one of the vilest hearts as well as a knack for business. He made the lives of his brother,

Ryan and his brother’s wife, Laura Oviedo a living hell. He was involved in money laundering that put the record company that his father, Walter Cabrera started (Furia) in jeopardy and scandal. His facial expressions and immense charm however, captivated audiences the world over and thank goodness he escaped justice because no one can imagine this hottie and his good looks having a bad ending.

Bruno Rey played by Julian Gil in The One Who Couldn’t Love.

Julian Gil
Bruno Rey was a lawyer who was out for revenge against Rogelio Montero and had no qualms. He would do anything just to get his hands on Rogelio’s lands which he insisted belonged to him. His immense good looks captivated hearts of many a lasses around.

Montecristo Palacio played by Fabian Rios in Elena’s Ghost.

The black sheep of the Jiron family, he was undoubtedly the best built of the three brothers and his vileness served to make him even more tempting. Montecristo was domineering and powerful and went at what he wanted with calculated but intelligent steps. Why did he have to be so very evil?

Estevao Pacheco played by Henri Castelli in Snakes and Lizards.

Estevao is also the domineering types, with Leona in his grasp but despite his lack of vision and intelligence in some of his evil plans with Leona in tow, he made up for it with his charms and handsome appearance.

Hernán Saldaña played by Ivan Sanchez in The Tempest.

He was the devil incarnate and his obsession with Marina made him do all sorts of evil, notwithstanding his bipolar syndrome. Hernan just knew how to piss off any viewer. What was hard to ignore, however, was how good looking he was and I do not think I am alone in this, now am i?

El Teca played by Jose Luis Resendez in Woman Of Steel.

Power seems to be an ingredient to pure sensuality because Woman of Steel’s. Teca had the entire package of well built Adonis’ body structure and that gruff voice of command that had everyone to his beck and call. His charms may not have been enough to ensnare Sara Acero, but we sure fell for him despite his heart of pure evil.

Jesus Matamoros played by Miguel Varoni in Fearless Heart.

I think he is one of telenovela world’s most feared drug lords (although there are some 10 time worse, but that is a story for another day). Jesus Matmamoros just proves how much old can equate to finesse with this villain’s broad chest and dashing silver hair. He lorded over those around him and that just served to make his character oh so sensual.

Iñaki Nájera played by Pedro Moreno in The Three Sides of Ana.

Iñaki Nájera’s obsession with Ana Leticia (played by Angelique Boyer) blinded his reasoning and made him do the unthinkable just to please the she devil of a villain. What a shame Ana Leticia did not take notice of the hunk she was lording over because many female (and some male) viewers drooled over his sexy looks.

Gabino Mendoza played by Salvador Zerboni in Abyss of Passion.

Salvador Zerboni
Gabino had an undoubtedly pathetic personality. He tried way too hard to force the audience to feel pity for him because of being Rosendo Arango’s illegitimate son. This pathetic façade went on to the end of the story but let us be honest. He had the looks and he entire package that just makes anyone go gaga, no?

Agustin Dunant played by Lisardo in Timeless Love.

Agustin was only ever interested in making his winery a success. He did not care who he trampled on to make his vineyard the best in the industry. If you enjoyed Timeless Love, then you know the kind of hot looks this guy had, for a slightly older man. He just proves that old fin wine, like what he was passionate about in the show, is the best.


Who was the most vicious in your opinion and in what way did they make the telenovela memorable for you?

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By: Ian Walter

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