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La Gata Episode 98

La Gata Episode 98

La Gata Episode 98

Esmeralda arrives home very sad and shedding all the tears in the world after she’s gone to speak with Juan Gaza. her parent’s ask her, she tells them she is crying so dearly because the one she thought loved her very much. just proved before Juan Gaza And his lawyer the mistrust he has in her. because he questions her dignity before them and that shows the how limited Pablo’s love is against hers. Whiles Fela and Silencioso consoles her, Jarocha arrives and she tells Esmeralda that, her instinct tells her that Mr. agustin is the brain behind everything. Esmeralda replies her it is never true because agustin has rather been telling her the truth always. because he has already inform her to stop fighting for Pablo. because all is going to be in waste since Pablo doesn’t trust her a bit. and that will make their love impossible. Pablo questions his father if he is the brain behind all what Juan Gaza is doing.
Agustin just laughs at him. Looking at all the upgrading problems in Silencioso and his family’s life. Mrs. Merche goes to see Mrs. Rita to ask her to at least look into his cards. to disclose to her those behind the problem so she will know the help to offer. though she has never believed in the reading of her cards.
Mrs. Rita reads through her cards and she mentions to Merche that, those making up all these problems are Gisela, Lorenza and the mighty one Agustin. Merche then replies her that for the other two she will believe. but that of Lorenza’s seem very odd as Lorenza is now a change person. Mrs. Rita tells her that of course she knew she will not believe but Lorenza intentionally did that for everyone not to suspect her if any evil comes up. Pablo goes to speak with Esmeralda but she asks him to leave because she doesn’t want to ever see him again. Pablo left right from there to complain to his mother how rude Esmeralda shown to him after going over to seek for clearance.

Lorenza then advises him to give Esmeralda more time because she is occupied with many problems. she also fear of losing her children to that man because she feels for her children as a mother. Pablo still feels that Esmeralda is selfish. Gisela arrives and start to take advances on Pablo as usual but Pablo never falls for her tricks.
Dr. Havier continues to insist that Esmeralda loves him back in return since Pablo is not worth her love looking at all the problems he’s creating for her. Esmeralda tells him not to build his hopes up because the only man she early love is Pablo though they have their differences. he went ahead to propose marriage to her and whiles looking through Havier’s eyes. Pablo manages to enter the room to hear Havier’s proposal and his face looked very odd. he then confronted Esmeralda to go ahead and answer Havier on his proposal. she always wants to be with him instead of him. Mistrust ones again set in as Pablo believes Esmeralda will definitely accept Havier’s proposal.
Silencioso overhears Pablo shouting at Esmeralda. he descends to ask Esmeralda and Havier to continue the chart in his study room. Pablo grows so furious at Silencioso’s decision and neglecting him rather. he talk over his voice and insists that he actually talk to his daughter very well. Silencioso then got angry and warns Pablo not to talk to him in that manner. he rather demands he respect his daughter and her decisions. Hedger Suarez calls Mariano and asks him to find a good painter for her sister victoria. Mariano recommends Pablo to him as the best and only great painter in that town. Carlos tries to convince Virginia to let them forget about making children and be together their whole life. she refuses to listen and says to him that she would like them to bear a little girl who’s complexion looks like Carlos. Carlos have no choice than to accept Virginia’s request.

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