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La Gata Episode 122

La Gata Episode 122

La Gata Episode 122

Ines takes the opportunity once again to advise her son not to dwell on her mistake as if there can’t be a solution to it. there can be as long as he can learn from his mistakes in case he commits one and Carlos goes to kiss her and then thanked his mother for saving his life. Garabato and Ines shed all the tears in the world and then said love messages of farewell to each other. the point is they weren’t able to tell the truth to their son about Ines’ real identity. Gisela’s conscience begins to torment her about all her wrongs committed and as she stands to remember them. She says to herself that, a voice in her head ordered her to do it and not by her power and therefor she still insists that she will kill La Gata. Lorenza has been transferred to a penitentiary in a different town. Esmeralda informs Pablo that Gisela is finally where she belongs, in a mental hospital. Mariano and Pablo gets so worried since they find it difficult to even going to visit her. Though they admit that she’s done a lot of uncalled for mistakes she is still their mother. Fela then then says to them that, indeed their mother did great and evil mistakes.
She can tell that she did love the both of them very much as all Lorenza did that for their happiness but in a wrong way. Esmeralda’s family pledge to them that they will forever be there for them no matter what.
Loneliness caught up with Lorenza and she begins to admit that she has gotten the ultimate punishment to all of her evil deeds.

The only one she now misses and wishes that he comes to visit is Agustin. She misses all the advice he gave her even as a ghost. Dr. Havier had a successful operation on Virginia and whiles he takes off the bandages from her eyes. She begged him never to mention to her the name of anyone standing by her. she wants to recognize the person herself. The bandages are taken off and Virginia could see with her eyes. Carlos couldn’t hold back his tears whiles he continues to embrace Virginia. Mrs. Rita visits Ines’ grave side to put a flower on it and she looks so sad. her life is filled with emptiness as she’s lost her son already and this time to her granddaughter who she adores so much. Havier seeing Vicky once again had wanted to seize the opportunity to make up with her and to propose marriage to her.
This time around Vicky who is now going out with Damien and looking so happy. She tells Havier that she is now in love with someone whom she loves very much as he does. she will be making a mistake to accept him back because all the love she once had for Havier is gone. The doctor calls for Jarocha and her husband detective Pedro and inform them that Jarocha is going to be a mother of four. She is pregnant with four children and Jarocha felt like bursting and Pedro looking so happy throws himself on his wife and embraced her. Ray continues in his robbery act and unfortunately for him and his gang this time, they are arrested after returning from their robbery operation.
Pablo and Esmeralda re-unite their marriage and everyone shows their love to her by congratulating them for their success. surprisingly Mariano and his fiancée also goes to congratulate them.

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