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La Gata Episode 121

La Gata Episode 121

La Gata Episode 121

Esmeralda goes home without seeing her son Pablito and it makes her so worried. She refuses to sit knowing how wicked Lorenza can be. Fela, Jarocha and Carlos try to calm her down but it’s of no use to her. She grows furious to the extent that she states that if Lorenza will not stay out of their marriage. It will be likely that one of them will end up in prison. Immediately, Virginia arrives from nowhere. She tells them she is perfectly sure that, her grandmother Lorenza will not let Pablo to bring Pablito. She is so wicked since she even asked her not to embrace and kiss her all because she is black. She also informed, Dorilla mentioned to her that, she is also Carlos’s grandmother. She got to know that through Mrs. Rita’s confession and everyone present just became shocked. Lorenza becomes so happy for being able to achieve her plan. She says since she thinks that she’s being able to have Pablo and Pablito to herself. Esmeralda also has Leticia who looks exactly like her image. Lorenza later called for Dorilla and she asks her to leave her house. She is fired and Dorilla told her that, she already decided on leaving long time ago. The moment she (Lorenza) insulted her granddaughter Virginia so, she is not to think that she fired her.
Before Dorilla leaves, she put Lorenza in her place that Pablo is going to make the take his final decision to be with his family and she will surely be left alone. The loneliness stated by Dorilla begins to haunt her so much that she refuses to be lonely.Carlos comes out from his sleep after the surgery and he tells Garabato that he dreamt that Ines was his mother. He wants to know from Garabato if that is true but he only continues to shed tears and becomes speechless. It’s being a while and still pablo hasn’t return Pablito home so Esmeralda goes to Lorenza’s house again to pick Pablito. Upon reaching there Pablo tells Esmeralda to help convince the Pablito to leave with her. He refuses to leave his mother’s (Lorenza) side since she’s portrayed Esmeralda to him as a bad person. later on Esmeralda is able to bring him home by force. Pablito insists on not going to stay at Silencioso’s house. Lorenza has said that Esmeralda is a bad person and that is why they call her La Gata. there’s nothing Esmeralda does that will bring back the love Pablito had for his mother. Lorenza has polluted his mind against Esmeralda.

Pablo confronts his mother to inquire why she continues to be so wicked to the extent of tarnishing the image of Esmeralda to her own son. what hurt him the most is just she continues to hurt his family and never cared that he is the only one she has left in their family. therefore by doing that against his family, he is also leaving to be with his family to leave her with her wicked intention and grow in that lonely life of hers. Pablo then walks out on her mother and straight away he moved to join his family because he can’t stand to lose his family.
Carlos goes to see Dorilla to ask her about what Virginia said about she being her mother. Dorilla took the opportunity to seek forgiveness from him. though it was a difficult decision for Carlos looking at the maltreatment Dorilla showed towards him in the past. he accepts her gladly and asked her to begin a mother and son relationship. since he has all his life needed a mother badly and both of them embraced themselves with passion.
Gisela opens the safe box and took all the money hedger took from Lorenza’s account. hedger returns to ask her to give him the money because he kept it there so they can run away with it in case of emergency. Gisela refused to give it back to him and this ended up in a struggle. through that, Gisela pushed hedger and he hit his head on a sharp object and died and Gisela run away with all the money.
Pablo arrives at Silencioso’s house and he goes upstairs to bring down Pablito. he begins to states so many lies against Esmeralda. he saw her kissed a man called Rogelio who was introduced to her by Monica.then pablo quickly could detect there was something not right. he asked Pablito to describe the man to them and he begins to fumble. Pablito so childish and not being able to contain the lie any more. disclosed to Esmeralda to forgive her since it was Lorenza who asked him to say all those things to his father. so they can be separated and he then asked for forgiveness and pablo again becomes speechless and furious. They then sit to search on the internet apartments that are being sold and fortunately for them they get one. they call the owner to come over and they discussed with her to give her little time to make the payment and she agrees. The doctor checks for every possibility but Virginia never inherited her mother’s illness. he tells Carlos that Virginia’s blindness can be reversed for her to live a very normal life. that news brought so much joy and hope to Carlos. he prefers that they start the surgery immediately. He arrives home and discussed it with Virginia and she accepts to do the surgery on one condition.
Silencioso and his lawyers and authority completes all the investigation about Lorenza. everything proves that she is guilty of the embezzlement. therefore they arrest and put her in prison and even whiles in prison she refuses to let go of her arrogance.
Lorenza begins to cry her eyes out and says to herself that she is willing to stop all this evil. she promise not go near La Gata again if her children take her out of prison. she will also tell the truth about the embezzlement. she can’t stay in prison for this maximum/indefinite sentence. she retracts her words again and says she will do a thousand time what she did to La Gata than to see her with Pablo. The doctor discharge Carlos since the last test conducted proves that he is as fit. he can be able to do everything in a normal way. so Garabato before they leave the hospital asked Carlos that he would want him to see someone special and as it is. he took him to see Ines and Garabato tells Carlos the truth that Ines is his mother as he dreamt about it. also she was the same lady who saved his life by giving him a second chance.

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