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La Gata Episode 119

La Gata Episode 119

La Gata Episode 119

Lorenza’s final plan with hedger and Gisela is to put Esmeralda’s ring at Mariano’s apartment for Pablo to find it. Then he will suspect that his wife has something to do with his brother Mariano. Gisela goes to hide at a place closer to Mariano’s house and immediately after detecting that Mariano has left the apartment with marina to get some stuff for the kids. She uses the master key to break into it to put the ring there and left quickly. Lorenza knowing exactly what their plan were suggested to Pablo to be very careful with his brother. That he is not trust worthy looking at how close he and Esmeralda are becoming. So while Mariano and Esmeralda arrive in a happy mood to bring the things to the kids at Lorenza’s house. Lorenza tries to make some things up for Pablo to believe that his brother and his wife are actually stabbing him at his back. It becomes so strange why Lorenza continues to questions them in that funny way. Whiles they continue to argue, hedger asks Gisela to call Esmeralda’s phone and ask for Pablo.
After Pablo has taken over the phone, she should speak to him like trying to get to Mariano. She should use different voice and act like the apartment cleaning lady to inform him that, she found a ring at the apartment. which may belong to the lady (Esmeralda) who passed by to visit him. This means directly she is alerting Pablo the ring and the infidelity of his wife. Pablo tend to half believe Gisela’s call so to clear that believe and to trust Mariano as a great brother again. He goes with him to his apartment to ask him about what the ring was doing there. Mariano becomes so speechless since he has no idea how the ring got there.Lorenza locks the kids in one room and won’t allow Esmeralda to see them or take them with her. This generates great argument between the two and Lorenza slaps her and Esmeralda in retuned her slap. Dorilla sensing danger calls Silencioso to inform him about the situation. he quickly goes there to intervene and confronts Lorenza and warn her not to push him to the wall else she will have him to contend with. Pablo immediately arrives and questions about the argument and Lorenza quickly chip in a lie.
Esmeralda just informed her that she has an affair with Mariano. This time Pablo never heeds to his mum’s words and begged Silencioso to allow him sort the problem with his wife. He’s planning on letting them leave the house tomorrow.

Pablo then gave the ring back to Esmeralda in a calm way which actually marveled Lorenza. she thought Pablo was going to stand on that to get separated from Esmeralda and pleaded with Esmeralda not to take it off again. Lorenza then intentionally asked Pablo where he found the ring. pablo furiously tells her at the exact place she (Lorenza) wanted him to see it but she tries to deny. pablo shuts her mouth not to try to manipulate him because he was blind but now through her his eyes are now opened. He truly recognized Gisela voice in faking up all those stories against his trustworthy wife and sincere brother. Lorenza bows her head in shame and left to her bedroom. She begins to cry her eyes out reflecting on her wicked acts and even with that she still will not relent on her revenge.Since Garabato refuses to take his son and Virginia to Cuidad Del Contrada to see Ines, they escape him to go take car on their own to the place after he excused them to take a shower and Garabato returns to meet their absence and gets so worried and informs his friends.
Lorenza this time gets seriously sick and won’t respond to any treatment. hedger tries his best to talk to her but she will not open her eyes. so he had no choice than to give up on her to run out to inform Pablo and Mariano that they have to get a different doctor for her. pablo then tells hedger that the best solution is to take Esmeralda and his children away. hedger says that will make things worse for Lorenza because she will die of loneliness. pablo still insists that this time around his decision is final as he’s not willing to leave any of his children behind for his mother and Mariano seconded Pablo.Virginia and Carlos arrive at Cuidad Del Contrada and unfortunately for them a car almost hit Virginia down. Carlos quickly pushed her off the road and witnesses came to the scene and after they tell the truth about their mission there. Ines shows up and she immediately recognized Carlos since she’s seen him with Garabato before. after Ines enquiring about the mother they both disclose to her that none of them is with a mother. Ines becomes a bit suspicious and she whiles she tries to get the truth from Mrs. Rita. Garabato and his friends arrive to pick the children home.
Upon reaching the house, Garabato prefers the children go to see a doctor since they had an accident. Ines pulled him back to ask him again who the mother of his son is but he ignored her and left with to kids. After the doctor’s has checked on the two children he discovers that Garabato’s son has a severe kidney problem that may cause him to lose his life.

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