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La Gata Ep. 065

La Gata Ep. 065

Esmeralda recovers though she’s still paralyzed but is discharged from the hospital. Pablo surprises her and takes her to a tourist center and they indeed had fun and it brings back great memories and seizes the opportunity also to still plan about their marriage and he later took Esmeralda back home and both Silencioso and Fela felt so happy seeing that Pablo made Esmeralda happy.
La Gata ep 63
Lorenza after playing with the children for some time, she tells the children that, she can’t deceive them but no matter how much she tries, she finds it difficult to love their mother (La Gata). Whiles she keeps talking to the children, Gisela sees lorenza with the kids and gets closer to them trying to be sarcastic towards her by telling her.

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She is really marvelous to admit that its really strange to see lorenza playing the grandmother’s role. Lorenza quickly rushes to her and questions her anxiously to tell her the truth if she is really true that mariano raped her as supposed and she answers lorenza (pretending to shed tears) that, it is indeed true as she heard but lorenza still states that, she never believe any of her lie but Gisela tells lorenza that, she swears with herself and on those children who will become her children after getting married to Pablo. Esmeralda returns home and Silencioso and Fela take her to see her children but unfortunately Mrs. Merche gave them to Lorenza and as at that time she hasn’t brought the children back. Esmeralda inquires from jarocha where her children are, and nervousness gripped both Merche and jarocha and whiles she is only about to say anything to Esmeralda, Merche passed through the back door and brought the children inside since Lorenza also arrived at the back door to bring the children to Merche.
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Mariano accuses his father of having stolen Silencioso’s signed paper so Pablo goes to attack him to release it to him so he can go give it to Mariano so that he will not use it for any stupid thing which might end him up in prison for life and he (Agustin) is not going to get any support from his children on whatever thing he (Agustin) wants to use that paper for. But Agustin tells him to Go to Hell since He Doesn’t Need Any of His Son’s help to defend him but he will do that himself and get back from silencioso again everything that is his, and will take to court that no good silencioso and will put him back in prison where he has always to all his life. The statement made Pablo really nervous imaging the kind of vigor his father had to say that.

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