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La Gata Ep. 064

La Gata Ep. 064

After Mariano confessed to Silencioso that, he is truly interested in Esmeralda, Silencioso sees no reason for him to be annoyed but he tells Mariano that though the love he feels for Esmeralda is a forbidden love since his brother is already in love with her, his love for her daughter is unconditional. He then asked Mariano to move with him to go and continue with his defense for his father.

la gata ep 64
Gisela visits Esmeralda at the hospital and she tells him that she truly wished her paralyzed for life so that Pablo will be hers forever but Esmeralda challenges her and tells her that, she will rather die than to leave Pablo into the hands of such a heartless and horrible woman like her (Gisela). Whiles she continues to argue with Esmeralda, jarocha enters and beat Gisela up and pulls her out of the room and Esmeralda grows very happy.

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Silencioso brings Mariano to his home and for him to be able to continue with his scholarship program for humans. He therefore trusted Mariano to the extent that,
La Gata ep 63
he signs blank documents for Mariano to write on it any information those four selected scholarship children will be needing to carry further their education, since he was in a hurry to go see Esmeralda hospital. Marino even questions him on why he wants to sign a blank document for him but he tells him that, Mariano has truly proven to him that he is an upright man and upright lawyer. Mariano goes to the slum side to disclose to the guys those who have been finally chosen by the authorizes to study abroad.

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The lucky guys are. Garabato, Carlos, and Maria but the other guy is unknown but it didn’t even bother Ines at all that she wasn’t part of them. The funniest thing is that, Garabato was asked by Mariano to mention his full name to him but he only said he is call Garabato that is all and all of them laughed including Mariano. Mariano moving from the slum side, he goes straight to his parents and after getting back to the office to prepare the legal documents for the scholarship, he realizes that one of the signed papers is missing.

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