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Ivan Sanchez Talked About His Separation.

Ivan Sanchez Talked About His Separation.

Ivan Sanchez Talked About His Separation.

Ivan Sanchez reappeared in public few weeks after his relationship scandal with Ana Brenda Contreras. The “Lo Imperdonable” actor presented “Yoga” is upcoming Telenovela to the general public. Just days ago, his former wife, Elia Galera, confirmed she is legally separated from Ivan. The actor explained he is still in good term with his ex-wife. He is now focused on his career. However, he also revealed he is still pretty upset by the photograph. the media published about his romance with Ana Brenda Contreras.
“I do not feel comfortable and it is a violation of our privacy. Very cruel because it is as if they were wandering in our bedroom and is uncomfortable.

That can’t be allowed,” said the Spanish actor in an interview. Since he confirmed his relationship with Ana Brenda, the situation has not been comfortable for Ivan. However communication with loves one helped him to overcome the moment
The 41 years actor, continued with his appeal of asking for respect regarding issues on their private life. “There are people who don’t like to talk about their private life. There are others that allowed it and it must be respected”, he said smiling and a bit nervous. Just like him, Ana Brenda prefers not to talk about their romance. In a recent interview, the 29 years actress made it clear that she will move away from the small screen. She however dodged all question about her relationship with Ivan Sanchez.
Ivan Sanchez and Ana Brenda Contreras
Meanwhile, Elia also feel calm and gave herself a new look. The Spanish actress attended the premiere of “La Corona Partida”. She looked amazing in her short, back dress. Although she agreed to talk about their divorce. The reasons that lead them to separate for several months still remain unknown. They both refuse to comment on it.
Elia Galera

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