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Italian Bride Episode 94

Italian Bride Episode 94

Italian Bride Episode 94

Joaquina tearfully confesses to Fidel that Roxana is her daughter and feels he is disappointed in her. Wise man Fidel assures her he is not but yes in Maximo, though he knew he was a cheat. Joaquina decides to give details of her romance with the rich old man Maximo. She claims they were both in love, she got pregnant but Maximo couldn’t fight for their love. He gave her money to leave town but she could not leave without her daughter. Fidel then imagine Maximo came up with this brilliant plan of bringing Joaquina to work as her nanny. She says yes, Maximo threatens to kill her if he ever tells the truth to anyone. Fidel feels it is time she finally tells the truth, after all Maximo is already dead. Joaquina feel Roxana will never forgive if she finds out she is her mother. Fiorella tries to force Vittorio to take his drugs. He fools her in thinking he swallows the drug and asks her to get him tea from the kitchen. As soon as she leaves, he hides the drugs in between his couch. Pedro promises his future wife to do his part to make their marriage work. She wants to him to come with her to her fitting. Roxana assists at her boyfriend first comportment class and like the improvement. As soon the teacher leave, Benito makes it clear that it is his first and last class. He admits that he is poor but he has always been a gentleman. Roxana asks him if he knows the meaning of gentleman, well Benito treat her well because he loves her. He is honest and listens to her; he makes her feels like the most important woman in the world. Benito likes the way he is and has no intention of becoming someone else.
If she loves him, then she has to accept him the way he is if not then …. Gael tells Alina Gianna is the love of his life; Alina disagrees and feels it is just a caprice. She tells him the break up with Gianna permanently because she will put in him in trouble. Gael reminds him she is supposed to listen him not give him such advice. Fiorella wants to speak with Vittorio’s doctor so she knows how to help him. Vittorio tries to make excuses, Fiorella reminds him she is going to be his wife and as such she needs to know what to expect. She also suggests they postpone the wedding until he feels better. Domingo interrupts their conversation and informs him about an emergency. Vittorio asks him to let Dianna handle it, well Dianna is absent. Fiorella feel she might be in jail, and tells them about the conversation she heard between Dianna and her mother. Dianna has no intention to help Anibal after he abandoned them. Vittorio has already chosen a place for their honeymoon and guest what we are going to Italy. Maratea to be precise, she can take advantage and visits her father’s grave. Fiorella tells him it is the perfect place, she thanks and hugs him. Frederica tells Dante, everyone in the house has secret but Pedro is worst. She assures him she will unmask them and doesn’t care about the scandal. She won’t let have what belongs to her, Osvaldo is on phone with is new partner in crime. Osvaldo once again reminds him of the consequence if he fails to convince Eloisa to make him the CEO of the new company. Fiorella returns home and gives details of her upcoming wedding with Vittorio.
Gianna gives her thousand why she should not marry Vittorio. Fiorella also gives her thousand reasons why she has to marry Vittorio. Osvaldo, Pero and Eloisa have a meeting about who should be in charge of the new company. Pedro doesn’t approve of Osvaldo, Eloisa tells him he is Benigno’s choice and moreover he is also an Angeles. Eloisa agrees with Pedro though no decision has been made yet. Sergio decides to advise Gael and has nothing to tell him than not to provoke Eloisa. I imagine Osvaldo got angry and left the meeting, Pedro and Eloisa chat about Osvaldo. Eloisa will have never thought of him as a candidate if not for Benigno. Pedro changes the subject and wants to know what happen with his mother.

Eloisa wonder why now, and tells him it is a very delicate issue. Pedro understands it is painful for them and they tried to protect him but he is no more a child. Eloisa wants to know what made him remember his mother. He tells her didn’t actually remember her but Aitana requested to have the same gown as his mother. Eloisa doesn’t answer his question but tells him after the death of Pilar. She wanted to make him a good and happy man, so she took care of him. Pedro assures her she did a good job, but he needs to know what happen. She tells him Pilar was a good woman and an adorable mother but was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Pedro wants to know how she died; she requests he speaks with his father. He is the right person to give him the details and tells him she has to rest. “I cordially invite you to Pedro and Aitana’s engagement party tonight”. Eloisa get ready for the party.
Sergio enters and feels it is a bit too early to start getting ready. She tells him the earlier the better and asks him to give her the necklace. Sergio holds it and remembers she wore it on his wedding day with Pillar. She tells him Pedro’s wedding brought back Pillar’s memories and tells him about the conversation she had with Pedro. She asks him to get ready because Pedro is coming for answered. Pedro helps Fiorella carry some flowers to his engagement party. She decides to teach him the importance of an engagement party. Pedro wants to know if she would do same, no she won’t because she has no family here. Party time, Sonia looks beautiful more than the bride, oo Pedro is missing at the party. Sonia jokingly says he is probably outside with one of the servant and smiles. Fiorella throws stone in the river when Pero joins her, he wonder what she is thinking about. When Fiorella was a child she had dreams but life took them away little by little. Pedro also had dreams; he gets closer with the intention of kissing her when Aitana joins them. She tells him Sonia and Osvaldo were right, he is actually here with the maid. Pedro asks her to respect Fiorella, they start arguing until Joaquina also joins them. She tells him Fiorella brought Pedro here on Eloisa’s orders. She wanted them to meet here and come in together. Joaquina takes Fiorella away, Pedro continues with the argument.
He is disappointed in her; he thought she was a lady. He is going to marry her so what else does she wants; she doesn’t need to be jealous. Aitana apologizes and admit the most important thing is the wedding. Sonia and Osvaldo are all over each other at the party, one may think the party is all about them. Roxana feels the party is just a show off, Gael doesn’t understand why he can’t also be with the one he loves. Sergio and Julieta arrive and argue about Santino until Frederica announce the presence of the couple. Dianna denies being in jail, she has no family member in jail. Vittorio is sure Fiorella won’t make up such things. He promises to help her if she has any family member in jail. Joaquina asks Fiorella to go to the door and welcome the guests, Santino has arrived. Fiorella recognize his name as an Italian and you know what it means, he stares at her and she smiles

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