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Italian Bride Episode 84 Part 2

Italian Bride Episode 84 Part 2

Italian Bride Episode 84 Part 2

Vittorio narrates how he proposed to Fiorella, Aitana feels it is very romantic but wonder why Fiorella isn’t wearing her engagement ring. Fiorella tells her she lost it; Aitana feels it is a shame. Benito comes out of the pool and tells them Fiorella and Pedro was together earlier. Aitana wants to know if Pedro knows there were here; Vittorio also wants to know if Fiorella knows Pedro was here with his fiancée. Pedro tells him it was a mere coincidence; Aitana is pissed off and prefer to talk in private. She drags Pedro along to their room; Vittorio also does same with Fiorella. Sonia reproaches her mother on phone because she met with Sergio. She feels she is in this mess because she listens to her mother and warns her to stay away from Sergio and the ranch. Belinda didn’t look for Sergio; he did and tells her she needs money. Osvaldo comes to the bedroom and they start arguing, she lost her child because of his stupid DNA. Osvaldo wouldn’t need one if she didn’t sleep with every Tom Dick and Harry. She slaps him and calls an imbecile, he calls her useless and throws her on the bed. Sonia tells him thing won’t work between them this way. Osvaldo only wants her death so he can have his freedom. well Sonia has a proposition since they will never have a happy marriage. She reminds him they were both unfaithful and if he gets out, they will look ridicules. They will both lose everything, she means the inheritance. Osvaldo reminds her it is his inheritance, but if Sonia speaks he will have nothing. She tells him with the death of their child, they will no longer be Eloisa favorite. She advises they keep quiet and work together to bring Pedro down. Vittorio wants to know why Fiorella didn’t tell him Pedro was here. She tries to explain but as usual he doesn’t give her the chance.
He tells her it was all a plan for them to meet here. Fiorella reminds him he invited here; she didn’t suggest this place to him. Vittorio tells her it was Frederica ideas and tells her they both planned it. Fiorella tells him she has no relationship with Frederica and wonder why she will even talk to her. Pedro isn’t having it easy with Aitana, Benito hides on the door and listen to them. She also blames him and feels it is not a coincidence. Pedro asks her to find out from Vittorio, he had no idea why Vittorio and Fiorella are also here. Aitana tells him he proposed to Vittorio to come here, Pedro wonder why he will. Benito runs to Fiorella and Vittorio’s door to also listen to their conversation. Pedro swears to Aitana it is pure coincidence they met them here. Aitana wants him to swear, he does on the life of his grandfather. She apologizes to him; Vittorio also tells Fiorella she was right. Dante calls Benito for updates, he first tells him everything is fine but later contradicts himself. Dante asks if there is any problem, he tells him no problem but problems. He tells him about Vittorio and Fiorella presence and the argument. Frederica asks Dante to ask Benito for details. He tells him they were arguing not long ago but now he can’t hear anything. Dante wants him to update him on everything that happen and hangs up. Frederica jubilates over her victory while Dante has a funny look on his face. Gael brings Gianna to the hospital to see her old doctor.

she is awake but on oxygen, Gael updates the doctor and they take her along. Roxana calls Gael for update on her health, she feels bad about it, Gael thanks her and hangs up. Roxana cries and tells Joaquina she finally did something good in her life. She saves someone life at the party, Joaquina is glad and wants to know more. Roxana tells her she doesn’t need to know the person, Joaquina tells her since she save the person’s life, she is now responsible for him. Gianna isn’t better she loses her pulse before they take her to the room. Gael calls Sergio, Pedro sleep in the sofa while Aitana on the bed. He opens the door and sneaks out; Fiorella feels bad again and wakes up. She opens her door and goes to Vittorio’s room; she tells him she is having a bad presentiment. She knows something is wrong with Gianna and wants to talk to her. Vittorio tells her it is late and Gianna must be asleep. Fiorella wants to call Adele and her husband but he refuses and asks her to go back to sleep. Remember how the area guy uses to throw stone at their girlfriend window late at night? Well Pedro is going the same thing to Fiorella, she comes out and sees him then smiles. He requests she joins him outside for a chat just for 5 minutes, she agrees and joins him. Sergio arrives at the hospital and console Gael, Gael apologizes for disturbing him; he didn’t know who to talk to. Sergio assures him he didn’t disturb him, he is actually glad because he knows everyone in the family sees him as a useless person. Sergio wants to know why he didn’t inform Fiorella. Gael tells him she is on a trip with Vittorio and Pedro is also gone with Aitana. He didn’t want to call Benito’s parent because he didn’t want to worry them.
Sergio once again reminds him that no one value in the family, nevertheless Gael can always count on him. The doctor joins them and informs them she is now stable but she needs to spend the night under observation. Fiorella joins Pedro but the pool side; they sit with their leg in the water and chat. Fiorella wants to know why Pedro decided to marry Aitana and wants to know if it because of Eloisa. Pedro tells her it is complicated but if he can’t marry Fiorella who else he is going to marry. He asks her if she remember their first kiss in the water. She smiles and tells him yes, she also reminds him he didn’t want to jump in the water initially but she convinced him. Pedro wants a pay back, he holds her and put her into the pool. She takes off his shirt and they start kissing in the pool with their theme song playing in the background.

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