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Italian Bride Episode 81

Italian Bride Episode 81

Italian Bride Episode 81

Fidel reminds him it is an impossible love and advises he enjoys himself and allow Fiorella to work for his grandmother. Frederica wonder if Pedro knows about the family secret. Dante tells her no, Maximo took all his secrets to the grave. Sergio wants to know if Santino was the first man in Julieta’s life. He plays the jealous boyfriend and requests to be present at their conversation when Santino shows up again. Julieta isn’t mood to discuss this subject; Sergio follows her and wants her to describe him. He wants to know how Santino look, Fiorella enters the room and Julieta tells her he looks just like her. Sergio and Fiorella look confused; she tells them he looks like Fiorella because he is also from Italy. Fiorella wonder if she is ok and informs them she is back to her post. Dianna and Vittorio end up in his room on his bed she promise to make him feel like a man and they start kissing and … Eloisa informs Pedro he is leaving for the trip today. Osvaldo will take over while he is gone and advises he enjoys his trip. It is her final decision and it is not up for discussion, Eloisa leaves. Pedro confronts Osvaldo, the confrontation doesn’t end well. Eloisa overhears Osvaldo telling Pedro he tries to claim paternity of his child.
Eloisa wants to know what Osvaldo is talking about, Pedro tells her nothing. Osvaldo dares Pedro to tell the truth to her. Eloisa want to know what is going on between them especially after the argument at the hospital. Pedro tells her it is work related, Osvaldo continues to speak ill about Pedro. Eloisa yells at them to solve their problems without hurting the family or the company. Pedro is going on a trip for the week and Osvaldo will be in charge of the company until he returns. She has already decided, whether they like or not and leaves the study. Pedro closes the door and asks him if he is crazy, Osvaldo wants to tell Eloisa the truth. Pedro asks him if he wants to be the laughing stock, Osvaldo doesn’t understand him. Pedro tells when people find out that his wife cheated on him; he will become the laughing stock. He advises him to take care of his wife if not she will cheat on him with another man. Sergio joins Sonia in the entertainment room; he manages to make her laugh. He hopes she is fine, she tells him physically she is. Frederica welcomes Fiorella back at the ranch; Frederica wants to know about the preparation.

Fiorella asks her which preparation, Frederica tells her the wedding preparation. Fiorella tells her it is going on well and tries to leave but Frederica stops her. She wants to know how fiorella manage to convince Eloisa to hire her again after the sauna incident. Fiorella tells her Pedro explain to her it was a misunderstanding. Frederica hopes Vittorio also understood it was a misunderstanding. Simonetta interrupts them and informs her Eloisa needs her. Sergio and Sonia plays a chest game, Sergio tells her she can also count on him. Sonia asks him not to worry; Sergio asks about her mother. He hasn’t seen her around when she needs her the most. Sonia tells him she left to attend to someone; Sergio tells her she is her priority as a mother. Sonia excuses and leaves, she forgot her phone on the table. Sergio takes her phone and searches for her mother’s number. Firoella brings suitcase into Pedro’s room. She sees his shirt in the chair and sniffs it. She accidentally pours water on a file. She takes out the papers and turns to the window to dry it. Pedro shows up from behind and she accidentally falls into his arms. He holds her tight and asks her what she is doing. She tries to explain but he asks her not to, he touches her face and thanks her for coming back to work.
Roxana makes a mistake in class and Gianna starts teasing and the whole class laughs at her. The lecturer intentionally asks another question to Gianna, she also make a mistake and you know the rest. Eloisa tells Fiorella she spoke with Vittorio and he told he told her she will be staying with him. Fiorella tells her yes, Eloisa tells her she will be off on weekend. She will work from Monday to Friday so she will reduce her salary. Fiorella doesn’t understand her; well Eloisa tells her she won’t be working the whole day so she doesn’t deserve full salary. Moreover she gave her enough cash as remuneration, Fiorella offer to give the money back to her. Eloisa tells her it is not necessary, she only want her to know her place in this house. She wants Fiorella to remember that Pedro is out of her reach. She won’t tolerate any other confusion again, she asks Fiorella not to take it the wrong way. She likes Fiorella, she does her hair so well, and she enjoys her company. However she only wants Fiorella to behave herself especially now that Pedro is proposing to Aitana.

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