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Italian Bride Episode 8

Italian Bride Episode 8

Italian Bride Episode 8

A customer shows up and Vittorio ushers him in and walk pass Fiorella and Benito. Fiorella free herself from Benito and slaps him for kissing her. She asks him what wrong with him, he is going crazy. Benito apologies and tries to touch her but she refuse and storms out. Vittorio scolds him for kissing a lady instead of working. Eloisa is angry that Pedro refuses to show up for the reading of the will. Sergio tries to delay the reading but Osvaldo and Sonia are against it. Eloisa informs them about her intention to amend the management of the company. Before she could mention the new leader, Pedro walks in and tells her he had some complication. He even brings flowers to cool her down. Fiorella returns home and Adela calls her and tells Gianna was feeling bad earlier. Maximo put Pedro as his executor of his properties. Sergio thanks his father for making the right choice. Osvaldo isn’t surprise by his grandfather decision. Frederica agrees with Osvaldo; Pedro has always been their favorite. The lawyer tells them there is clause in the will. Maximo put his entire fortune, properties and business under the name of his wife Eloisa.
Fiorella sees Gianna note and heads to the hospital. The lawyer hands over an official letter from Maximo. Eloisa thinks they don’t need to know the content of the letter since it is unofficial. Pedro tries to convince her otherwise, the lawyer tells them Maximo demanded that Pedro reads the letter. The private investigator leaves and Fiorella arrives at the hospital. The doctor asks her why Gianna hasn’t started her treatment. Fiorella tells him she doesn’t have money. He understands her situation but if Gianna doesn’t start her treatment as soon as possible her heart won’t make it. Eloisa gets all emotional as Pedro reads Maximo letter to them. Maximo wants all of them to leave in peace at the ranch. Though he puts everything in her name, he hopes Eloisa will do the right things and distribute it according among the family. Elisa tells them her husband might have gone crazy in his last days. She is not ready to comply with it; she can’t live with them in the ranch. They all try to convince her to accept Maximo last wish.

Pedro feels Maximo wanted to challenges them to love each other. Eloisa gets up and tells them Maximo only sentenced them to hell on earth and coldly welcome them. Eloisa leaves to her room, and they start voicing their anger about Maximo decision. Pedro gets angry and tells them they can leave if they wish. However, if they care about the ranch they will stay and try to make it a happy place. Osvaldo challenges it and feels Pedro doesn’t have any problem to stay at the ranch because he is Eloisa favorite. Living here will be easy for him, Pedro yells at him that he has no ideas about how easy or difficult his life is. The fact his Osvaldo is unhappy, doesn’t give him the right to have an opinion about his life. Julieta calls her husband and notices that he is the room with another lady. Sergio enters her room and she asks him if his invitation still stands. Zacarias informs Vittorio that Fiorella left the hospital with a woman called Adela Reyes. Vittorio asks Benito if it isn’t his mother’s name. Benito says yes but there is thousands of Adela Reyes. moreover she would have told him if they had a visitor. Vittorio asks him to call her and find out but Benito gives him thousand excuses. Zacarias then requests for Benito’s parent home address. Benito rushes to his parent house and tries to get Fiorella out of the apartment before Zacarias show up. He wants them to stay in his house and assures her it is for her own protection.
She refuses to stay with him, first he kisses her without her permission and now he wants her to move with him. She refuses and throws him out of the apartment. Pedro joins the rest at breakfast table, Eloisa wishes him happy birthday. Pedro himself forgot it is his birthday. Eloisa tells him Juileta has organized a birthday party for him tonight. Pedro is not in the party mood but Eloisa tells him she isn’t asking for his opinion. Pedro asks Eloisa to hire another person to help in the house especially now that they will all be staying here. Eloisa refuses and leave, just at that moment Fiorella calls him. Pedro asks her where she got his number from. she tells him from Tania’s diary. She threatens him with the diary but Pedro isn’t scare. She quickly changes her approach and begs him. She tells him it between life and death. Pedro tells her he will see later. Pedro calls Fidel and asks him to take care of Fiorella. Gianna wants to know why Fiorella insists on them leaving at the ranch. Vittorio threatens Benito to fire him if he doesn’t take Zacarias to his parent house. Fidel comes to Fiorella house.
He asks her to calm down; Pedro didn’t come himself. he has something important to attend to. Gianna joins them and can barely breathe. She cries to Fiorella that she is feeling bad and wants to know what the doctor told her. She wants Fiorella to tell the truth, if she is going to die. Fidel wants to know why Gianna thinks she will die. She informs Fidel that her sister is sick. She assures him that she has no intention of blackmailing Pedro as he thinks. Her sister needs a quiet environment with fresh air to enable her breath properly. Pedro and his father discuss about his relationship with Tania. Sergio gets all emotional and tries to hug his son to console him. Pedro refuses it; Sergio assures him he loves him. Pedro tells him his word says so but not his feelings. Benito takes Zacarias to his parent’s house. Zacarias decides to force the door open because no one was opening it. They go in and Zacarias sees the goodbye letter Fiorella left for Adela. Roxana tries to flirt with Pedro at the party. Zacarias and Benito update Vittorio about Fiorella’s note. Pedro tries to reach Fidel but to no avail. Fiorella enters the ranch and admires the place especially the Italian theme party. Pedro sees her and tries to drag her out but she struggle with him. She tells him Fidel brought them but Pedro tells her he never approve it. Fiorella hears the fireworks and jumps into Pedro’s arms. She recalls the first time to run into each other in Italy, they stare into each other eyes.

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