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Italian Bride Episode 77

Italian Bride Episode 77

Italian Bride Episode 77

Fiorella tells Vittorio she just went for a walk to think, Vittorio tells her he has a beautiful garden where she can do that. Fiorella wants to know if he intends to imprisoner her. if so she wants to make it clear to him that it will never happen. Vittorio feels she doesn’t respect him, she doesn’t love him, or gives him the least sign of gratitude. Fiorella tells him he doesn’t treat her like someone he loves. He rather treats her likes someone he owe, his assets. Vittorio feels he is an old man and she will never feel anything for him. Gianna joins them and wants to know what is going on. Fiorella tells her nothing, but Vittorio tells her he wants an explanation. Gianna defends her big sister, she tells him Fiorella owe him no explanation. She accepted his engagement because he sent her a picture where he looks much younger. Vittorio lied from the beginning, Fiorella asks her to stop but she refuses. Fiorella left Maratea and everything because of him; he took advantage of them not having money and her sickness. He claims he is a good man, Vittorio protest he is a good man. She tells him to show it, Fiorella is doing very her best and he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. He made them come to this place, so at this moment they are his responsibility. Vittorio tells her it is not obliged, Gianna begin to faint. Back at the Angeles Court house, Pedro pleaded guilty for being with Fiorella. He stands before Judge Eloisa and prosecutor Aitana to explain himself and listen to his verdict. His lawyer Sergio rushes out of his bedroom freaking out because he hasn’t heard from Juieta. He begs his client Pedro to help him, Gael joins them and they try to calm him down.
Dante is also in a hot seat, Frederica demands to know who the woman is. He confesses; she is Binicio’s lover, Freddy laughs, she doesn’t believe him. If she is indeed a lover, then she is his lover. Dante only wanted to find out what happen to the man. Frederica warns him to get out of her room if not things will end badly. Thanks God Gael has decided to return to the university, he attend to Sergio. Eloisa is glad to see her son relax and thank doctor Gael. Sergio asks Pedro to help him with Julieta, Pedro leaves to talk to the lawyer. Anibal continue to torture his wife, Julieta tells him what he is doing doesn’t make sense. She suggests they calm down and talk like two civilized people. Anibal feels he is trying to save his marriage, what doesn’t make sense is Julieta having a lover. Julieta wants him to accept that he ruined their marriage, Anibal denies. Julieta tells him he doesn’t love her, and reminds him of numerous lovers. Anibal feels she also cheated, Julia tells him apart from Sergio she was never unfaithful to him. Anibal then wonders who the hell Santino Orsini is. Julieta hasn’t seen him in years, yes, and because Anibal made sure Santino letters never reached her. Apparently Santino has written several letters to her, Julieta wonders which letter. Anibal shows her the letters; Julieta recalls when she informs Santino about her pregnancy. Pedro speaks with Luciano, the lawyer; he gives Pedro Julieta phone information to be traced among her properties. Pedro does and locates the warehouse. He asks the lawyer to inform the police to join him there. Gianna is now relax, and her drugs taken.

Fiorella assures her everything will be fine. Gianna is sad because she knows Fiorella decided to marry Vittorio because of her. Gianna seems to forget Vittorio is also present in the room. Vittorio disagrees, he changes the subject and tells her tomorrow she will see her new doctor and feel much better. Gianna will only feel better when he treat her sister with respect. She asks him to have patience with Fiorella. Eloisa is having a lot of problem at the moment. She lost her grandchild, Sonia is in her hospital, Julieta is nowhere to be found and her son is having a crisis. She however assures Aitana not to worry about Fiorella. Julieta tells Anibal she hasn’t seen or heard from Santino Orsini in about 20 years after she left Italy. Anibal reminds her she told him he was her first love; Julieta tells him her love for Santino Orsini was nothing serious. Anibal = basted, he sees the police and tries to run away. Too late, he is caught and arrested. Fiorella and Simonetta chat over the phone, Simonetta put the phone on loud speaker. Pedro happens to pass by and hide to listen to their conversation. Fiorella has a lot to tell her but she doesn’t want to worry her. She manages to convince her and Fiorella tells her she feels Vittorio doesn’t love her. she tells her what happen last night. Simonetta request for the address to confront Vittorio, Fiorella misses all of them. Simonetta changes the subject to Pedro and notices Pedro has been listening to them. Anibal is the subject at the breakfast table. Julieta thank Pedro for rescuing her from Anibal. Osvaldo is also present at the table to pass his sarcastic comment about what he thinks about Pedro. Joaquina is asked to sign Sonia’s release form since Osvaldo isn’t present; Sonia swears to take revenges on all the Angeles. Dante makes appointment over the phone with the same lady.
Frederica hides and listen to him. Benito blames Gael for Gianna absence in school. Roxana joins them and celebrates because she thinks Gianna is dead. Vittorio, Fiorella and Gianna go to see her new doctor. The doctor wants to change her prescription and start new treatment. Fiorella tells him she feels better with the old drugs, the doctor disagrees because Gianna told him she felt bad yesterday. The doctor asks Gianna if she has any concern about the changes, she says no, Fiorella however has one. She wants to know if changes Gianna prescription won’t affect her health. Before the doctor can answer, Vittorio shut her up and tells her to listen to the doctor. If he says Gianna will be fine, she has to accept that she will fine without asking question. Dante meets with Benicio’s lover, she hand a note book to him and chat about the Angeles. Dante tries to pay her but she refuses, she only wants justice. Frederica shows up in a taxi and sees the lady hand on Dante’s chest. She asks the driver to drive fast and run into them but he refuses. Frederica grabs the wheel and stamps her foot over his on the accelerator pedal.

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