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Italian Bride Episode 68

Italian Bride Episode 68

Italian Bride Episode 68

Gianna and Gael chat after a long day full of fun, Gianna want to him promise to her that anytime he feel bad, sad, they keep each company. Gael agrees, Gianna has never felt alive, as she is feeling now. Gael has also never felt complete as he feels when he is with her. He knows he asks her for time, he was just a coward, but he doesn’t need time anymore. As difficult as the future looks, he can’t imagine it without her. Things might get tough; they both have problem, his family but the only thing is knows is that he want to be with her. He asks her to be his girlfriend and she accept. They start kissing not knowing the kids has been listening and they clap. Pedro runs into Fiorella, whether Sonia’s child is his or not it changes nothing. He has no intention to give up on her love; he will take full responsibilities of the child though. Fiorella break up once again, his son needs him, and she is worried about what Osvaldo might do to Sonia when he finds out. Pedro tries to talk to her but she refuses and leaves. Sonia confronts Fiorella, but before she can say more Eloisa yells Fiorella’s name. Fiorella leaves, soon after Pedro comes in running after her. Sonia sees him and follows him, Eloisa asks Fiorella to prepare her sauna. Fiorella goes in the sauna, Pedro is already there waiting for her. Sonia decides to lock them up inside and turns on the heat without knowing Pedro is inside. Pedro wants to talk but Firoella doesn’t. Fiorella and Pedro find themselves lock up in the sauna with the heat turned on. You already know what they will talk about. Sonia stands at the door and wonder if Fiorella is talking to herself. Simonetta comes in looking for Fiorella, Sonia takes her aside and asks her to keep quiet.
She prevents Simonetta from going to check in the sauna. Pedro wants Fiorella to swear she feels nothing for him. Fiorella tries to go out and realized the door is locked. Pedro also checks and realized same, Pedro feels it is a sign that are destine to be together. Dianna freaks out when she sees a man entering the restaurant, she asks her colleague to hide her. Vittorio shows up and asks her to attend to the man; apparently the man is her son doctor. Vittorio overhears them and wonder what child they are talking about. The lovebird chat, Gael promises he won’t disappoint her again. Gianna only wants him to be proud and introduce her to his friend. Gael tells her he is getting addicted to her kisses and kisses her. Fiorella disagrees with Pedro and tells him it is horrible, Pedro shirt is half opened.

Fiorella blames Pedro, Pedro isn’t please by her statement and wonder if she even knows him. Fiorella start again with Sonia and baby saga. Pedro tells her not even a day passes by without him feeling bad about what happen with Sonia. Fiorella feels Sonia and the baby needs him. Pedro assures her his son won’t luck anything; he will take good care of him. His heart however belongs to her, he can’t lose her. Now she brings up Aitana, Pedro will break up with Aitana if she accepts him. He tries to kiss her but she refuses, she tells him she is getting married and he is going to be a father. Fiorella wants to call for help; Pedro tells her Eloisa will throw her out of the room if she knows they were sauna together. Fiorella doesn’t know what else to do because she is feeling bad.
Pedro tries to call Fidel but no signal, fiorella is having difficulty in breathing. Vittorio asks Dianna if she has a child, she tells him no, and tells the doctor he mistook her for her sister. She tells Vittorio and her sister are identical and takes the doctor away. Gianna teaches Simonetta how to use Twitter, Eloisa and Aitana chat about Frederica working in the company. Eloisa speaks ill of Frederica, she needs someone she can trust in the company to watch over Frederica. Aitana volunteer, she also wants to work there because of Pedro. Eloisa agrees to let her work in the company. Roxana assures Benito she is fine. Benito doesn’t believe her, she looks sad. He wants to know if his parent said something to upset her. Adele and husband eavesdrops on them, Reynaldo tells him wife the food might have given her stomach pain. Adele disagrees, Roxana is sad because she remembers the family she doesn’t have. Roxana tells Benito she feel bad because of the family she never had. Adele smiles and tells her husband these two kids will end up together. Jokes goes wrong, Benito tries to cheer Roxana up but she takes badly and angrily storms out of his parent apartment. Reynaldo tells him wife, Benito has no idea how to seduce a woman unlike him. Aitana assures Eloisa she won’t disappoint her, Eloisa is aware. She knows Aitana is a hard working lady unlike Fiorella. She asks her to prepare her sauna and come back but she hasn’t return. Aitana decides to go and check on her, Pedro tries to calm Fiorella down. Fiorella feels bad and almost collapse into Pedro’s hands. Aitana opens the door and sees Firoella leaning against Pedro bare chest.

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