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Italian Bride Episode 60

Italian Bride Episode 60

Italian Bride Episode 60

Pedro wants to speak with her but she tells him she is busy and can’t talk. She also doesn’t want Eloisa to get mad at her. Pedro insists until Eloisa shows up and asks Fiorella if she found her earing. Fiorella tells her no, Eloisa asks her why. Fiorella tells her because Pedro is disturbing her. Eloisa asks her to leave so she can make it on time at her rendez-vous with Vittorio. Fiorella makes up excuses not to leave but Eloisa reminds her she already gave her permission. Pedro tries to go after Fiorella but Eloisa stops him and requests to speak with him. Gianna doesn’t get good news with the doctor, the treatment isn’t working. She isn’t getting better, he wants her to relax and avoid horse riding. Gianna wants to know if she is going to die. The doctor tells her everyone dies, but they can’t their best to make sure it doesn’t happen soon. Eloisa wants to know why Pedro is chasing Fiorella behind Aitana’s back. Pedro reminds her she pushed him to get back with Aitana and she knows it very well. Eloisa tells him because Aitana is a perfect and convenient for him. She wonders why he keeps going after a servant who is already engaged and to be married to someone else. What kind of future that he expects from this kind of relationship. They both come from different world. Pedro tells her in terms of sentiment it doesn’t matter. Aitana may be the perfect woman for him. She may be the woman Eloisa loves, but he Pedro loves Fiorella. Eloisa feels it only a fantasy, Pedro wonders for whom. He knows exactly what he feels, he loves Fiorella, and Eloisa asks him not to ridiculous.
She warns him to get used to it, Aitana is going to be part of his life whether in the house or in the company. Pedro tells her Fiorella is a good choice for him, granny assures him Aitana will be his wife. Fiorella goes to the restaurant; Vittorio wants to update her on the preparation. Fiorella wonders which preparation, he tells her the wedding. She reminds him she cancels the wedding, Vittorio refuses and tells her he already apologizes for not trusting her. He tries once again to convince her to marry him; he doesn’t allow her to talk. Fiorella looks at him as he gives her the details of the preparation. He finally get her attention when he shows her the wedding cake toppers and tells her he bought it from Italy. She recall her dead father and the day she accepted to marry him. Vittorio still doesn’t give an opportunity to Fiorella to speak. He tells her he has a surprise for her. Then brings out the invitation cards and gives on to her to be given to the Angeles. He wants her to invite everyone. Eloisa asks Pedro to sit down, she informs him about the trip she is planning for him and Aitana. Pedro claps and thanks her; he sarcastically tells her she is incredible. Eloisa is doing all this because Aitana is a perfect choice for him.

Pedro tells him Fiorella is the perfect for him because he loves her. They keep arguing until he finally realized it is impossible to talk to her and decides to go to work. Benito wants to know what the doctor told Gianna but as usual she refuses to tell and change the subject. Benito insists and she tells him the same story she always tells her sister.
The doctor didn’t say anything they already don’t know and gave her drugs. Fiorella is sad and Fidel tries to cheer her up, he talks about his sister’s wedding and manages to make her laugh. Fidel notices she is no happy about her wedding with Vittorio. He tries to advise her to make the right decision, when they see Pedro and Aitana cuddle. Favio requests to speak with Osvaldo, he brings out the DNA and Osvaldo get furious. Favio reminds him Eloisa won’t be happy if she finds out about it. Osvaldo threatens him again to inform his wife and stops the partnership with the Angeles. Favio tells him Pedro is very intelligent and won’t end the partnership because of this problem. The lawyer visits Julieta with the half burn ID card of Sergio. Julieta tells him about Sergio suspicious calls but she doesn’t understand why he will burn her house. The lawyer tells her may be to incriminate Anibal. Gianna waters the flowers and cries, the gardener consoles her. Gael arrives and he decides to leave, Gael wants to know where she has been he looks for her the whole day. Gianna is rude and asks him to leave her alone, Gael obey and leaves. Fiorella goes through her wedding invitation; she recalls Pedro and Aitana moments. She recalls some scenes in Italy and takes one card. Vittorio gives an invitation card to Dianna; she has no option than to congratulate him. Vittorio wants Dianna, her mother, sister and nephew present at his wedding. Pedro rides his horse when he sees Fiorella in the garden.
He approaches her and requests to speak with her. He feels there is a misunderstanding between them. Fiorella tells him there isn’t he has Aitana and she has … Pedro interrupts her and tells him she doesn’t love Vittorio. Fiorella hands over the invitation card to him, Pedro wants to know if she will marry him. That is the reason why she came from Italy; well Pedro wants her to be happy. Fiorella tells happiness is built day by day. ever since she came to the ranch hers has been destroyed. So she has decided to get married and everything will be ok. Her sister will be fine and work in the restaurant with Vittorio. Pedro feels it sound good but he wants to know if she will be happy. Fiorella asks him to worry about his own happiness with Aitana. Pedro insists and wants to know if she will be happy, she tries to leave but he grabs her.

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