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Italian Bride Episode 59

Italian Bride Episode 59

Italian Bride Episode 59

Instead of leaving the ranch as instructed by her daughter; Sonia’s mum goes to her daughter’s bedroom to enjoy popcorn and watch a movie in bed. Sonia drags to her out of bed and reminds her she told her she didn’t want her around. Belinda wants to stay around and help her daughter with the DNA test. She suggests Sonia get a fake DNA test just at that moment Osvaldo walks in. Pedro goes round running after Fiorella and begs her to come out. She hides in the stable and listen to him, Aitana walks in and listen to him. Pedro feels Fiorella is playing with the three men. She can’t make up her mind on who to be with. he will make things work between him and Aitana and forget about her. But before that he wants to give her what she was expecting the other night. Wiseman Fidel joins them in the stable and plays the guitar. Pedro keeps looking round for Fiorella but she hides and enjoys the music. Fidel plays the guitar while Pedro sings, Aitana also hide and witness the whole thing. Fiorella smiles while Aitana cries, music ends and Fiorella is still hiding. Pedro wonders if Fiorella won’t say anything. Don’t worry Pedro Aitana comes out and joins them. Aitana comes out and Fidel decides to leave, Pedro tries to explain but Aitana fake again.
She pretends as if Pedro was serenading her and tells him she loves his voice. She kisses him and hugs them ten she does her evil eyes. Sonia and her mother try to explain what they think Osvaldo heard. Osvaldo isn’t interested he is only pissed off because mother-in-law is eaten in his matrimonial bedroom. He throws her out of his bedroom and goes to take to bath. She doesn’t leave and wants to continue with her movie, Sonia wants her to be useful and investigate how she can get the fake result. Benito tries to revive Gianna but she isn’t responding. He decides unbutton her blouse to give her mouth to mouth and she wakes up. He asks her not to misinterpret it he was only trying to help her. Gianna is scared and feel her heart stops breathing. Benito consoles her and assures her she only fainted. Benito decides to take her home and give the drugs. Julieta feels there is a mistake somewhere. The lawyer assures her the man told them it was Sergio who asks him to burn her house. Julieta refuses to tell Sergio about the call. She gets suspicious of him when he receives a call and walk out. Aitana is all over Pedro and happy that he serenades her, Pedro asks her to be left alone. Now time for Fiorella to cry, but Benito brings Gianna in. she notices that Gianna is pale and wants to know what the problem is. Benito and Gianna lie to her but fiorella knows her sister very well.
As soon as Benito leaves she wants her sister to tell her what wrong. She wants to know why Gianna is sad, and what Gael response to his relationship with Roxana was. Gianna changes the subject and also notices that her sister is sad. Frederica tries to bride a worker to get him more information about the person who knows where to find the documents she is looking for. Aitana goes crying to Eloisa and tells her about the serenade. She has no idea why Pedro prefers the stupid maid instead of her.

Eloisa is going to play her part to fix everything. She calls the kitchen and orders Fiorella to come to her bedroom instantly or face the consequences. Frederica informs her lover about the information at the bank. Gianna feel bad again in the kitchen, Benito is around to attend to her. Benito promise to take her to the hospital the following day if not he will inform Fiorella about her recent crisis. Pedro interrupts Fiorella on her way to Eloisa and same old story. Eloisa comes out and sees her chatting with Pedro on the staircase; she reminds her that she needs her instantly. Sonia’s mother bride for a fake DNA certificate, the man assures her it is an easy job. Julieta calls her lawyer again; they both can’t believe it was Sergio who paid the guy to burn her house.
However the guy swears he was sent by Sergio, the lawyer tells her not to confide in Sergio. He prefers they investigate the matter, Sergio enters her room and she makes an excuse to be left alone. Eloisa scolds Fiorella for neglected her job, she doesn’t wants Fiorella to keep disappearing during working hours. Aitana joins them and Eloisa wants to talk about her relationship with Pedro. She asks Fiorella to stay and arrange some stuff in her drawer. Aitana is very happy and tells Eloisa Pedro serenade her. Eloisa is glad and tells her he loves her very much. Sonia asks Pedro for a DNA sample in case the child doesn’t belong to Osvaldo. Pedro assures her if the child belongs to him, they won’t luck anything. Aitana and Eloisa keep talking about Pedro and her relationship. Fiorella has no option to listen to them. Elisa wants Fiorella to congratulate Aitana for her upcoming wedding. She tells Fiorella Pedro is planning their wedding. She assures Aitana that she is the right woman and Pedro will marry her as soon as possible.
Gael is better is now having breakfast with the rest of the family. He becomes the subject at the table; Sonia and her mother are absent today. Fiorella’s phone rings and they all make fun at the ringtone. Eloisa asks her to answer it, she refuses and he tells her she is working. Eloisa take the phone from her and answer it. Vittorio calling, he asks her to come over to the restaurant. Fiorella refuses and tells him she is working, Eloisa asks her to go since it is her fiancé. Bentito takes Gianna to see the doctor, she is worried but he assures her everything will be fine. Gael goes to the kitchen looking for Gianna, Simonetta hasn’t seen her. He wanted to take her to the university; Simonetta tells him she went out with Benito. Gael doesn’t need any further explanation and leave. Pedro interrupts Fiorella again in Eloisa’s room and wants to talk to her.

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