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Italian Bride Episode 50

Italian Bride Episode 50

Italian Bride Episode 50

Pedro swears to Fiorella the breaks fails, Fiorella feels he did it out of jealousy. She keeps crying and yelling until she is allowed she go with the ambulance. Pedro tries to join them but she refuses. The police show up and ask Pedro to come along and give his statement. Eloisa reproaches Fidel for allowing Pedro to drive the car, just at that moment Pedro calls him. Dante and Frederica stare at each other; Fidel gives the news to Eloisa. He however asks her not to worry Pedro is fine but Benito is injured. The security guy informs Julieta and Sergio about the spy and hands over the camera to them. They go through the pictures and Sergio tells her the man was sent by Anibal. Fiorella insists on going inside with Benito but the doctor refuses. She calls his parents to inform them about the accident. Gianna consoles the lady with the missing purse. Roxana suggests they go through each students bag, the professor disagrees. Gianna opens her bag and sees the purse; she quickly put it under Roxana’s desk. Then inform them it is under Roxana’s desk, the lady confirm it belongs to her. The lecturer hopes it is just a misunderstanding and hopes it doesn’t happen again. Roxana stares at Gianna, Gianna smiles in satisfaction. Fidel has no idea what happen, the car was in good shape. During a business meeting at the office, Osvaldo feels bad; Sonia tries to help him but he is rude to her. Frederica enters his office and sees him struggling in pain. They both hopes Pedro is fine, Osvaldo asks her to review some documents. He is going home because he is not feeling well.
He gives her the key to have access to the file and tells her not to tell anyone. Pero arrives at the hospital and runs into Fiorella. She blames him again for the accident; Pedro assures her it was an accident. The doctor informs them Benito had hemorrhage of the brain and he is not doing well. There is nothing they can do at the moment and advises they wait. Dante tries to put ideas into Eloisa’s head and blames it on Fidel for not checking the car. Eloisa calls Fidel and remind him that his responsibility is to take care of her grandson and his security. He is also supposed to make sure his car in always in perfect condition. Fidel understand she is worried and tries to explain himself; she cut him off and tells him she is rather furious. Benito’s parent joins them in the hospital and Fiorella gives them the news. Reynaldo wants to know what happen; Pedro tells them it was an accident. He tries to explain how it all happens when Fiorella interrupts him. She tells them Pedro intentionally hit Benito out of jealousy.

Benito’s parent get angry and asks him to leave, Aitana joins him. Gianna informs Gael about what happen. She is so sure it was Roxana who put the purse in her bag. Roxana joins them and they start arguing again. Reynaldo tries to console his wife but they both up crying. Fiorella gives the news to Vittorio; he decides to join them in the hospital. Frederica goes through the cabinet in Pedro’s file and can’t find the document concerning her father and Maximo. She decides to ask the receptionist, but then she sees Sonia and Fabio leave the office together.
Fidel informs Simonetta and Joaquina about the accident. Gianna joins them and informs them her first day in school went well. She rushes into Fidel’s arm and hugs him. Roxana enters with her rude attitude and demands to know about Benito’s whereabouts. Joaquina tells her he is in the hospital, he had an accident. Roxana and Gianna seems to thinks alike, they both ask her the same questions at the same time. Pedro assures Aitana it was an accident, she believes him and asks him to calm down. Roxana and Gianna want to go to the hospital. Fidel refuses to go with them, Roxana orders Dante to take them. Dante won’t take anyone to the hospital until Eloisa approves. Gael offers to take them, Pedro explains to Vittorio how the accident happens. Vittorio also blames him and feels he wanted to kill Fiorella. Sergio rushes into Anibal’s office and confronts him about the pictures.

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