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Italian Bride Episode 49

Italian Bride Episode 49

Italian Bride Episode 49

Fiorella is offended by Pedro’s comment and reminds him she is not like him. Pedro wants Fiorella to admit she never felt anything for him. They keep arguing until Benito returns. Pedro asks him not to interfere, Benito respects Pedro as his boss but he won’t allow Pedro to hurt Fiorella. Anibal visits his lawyer, he doesn’t care what it takes but he wants to destroy Julieta. Julieta is also worry because she has no evidence to prove Anibal’s infidelity. Eloisa requests to speak with Fidel, Frederica hides and listen to the conversation. Eloisa wants Fidel to tell her everything that happens between her grandson and Fiorella. Fidel has no idea what she is talking about. Eloisa doesn’t believe him; Fidel is her grandson confidant and knows everything that happens to him. Fidel requests to also have access to the security camera. He doesn’t want to ask Dante because Dante feels he is interfering in his job. Eloisa agrees but after he tells her everything that happens between Fiorella and Pedro. She reminds him that he is working for her not Pedro. Frederica calls Dante and informs him about the conversation she just heard. Aitana’s parents have dinner with the Angeles, Fiorella request to leave but Eloisa refuses. OOOPS, Fiorella mistakenly pours wine on Pedro. Gianna is very happy because tomorrow is her first day at the university. Dante interrupts their dinner and requests to speak with Fidel. Dante isn’t happy about Fidel requests to view the security cameras. He wants Fidel to remind him of his job’s description, well Dante wants him to keep to his job description.
Flavio is up to no good, he buys some drugs with the intention of terminating Sonia’s pregnancy without her knowledge. The guy tells him an overdose will kill the person. If the police should find out he is on his own. Fiorella has no choice but to sit and listen to Angeles and Aitana’s parent conversation. Eloisa makes matter worst when she tells Aitana she would soon be an Angeles. Aitana’s father requests Pedro formalize his relationship with his daughter. Fiorella can’t take it anymore and leaves. Benito wants Gianna to give him some tips on how to make Fiorella happy. Benito gives her a kiss in appreciation, just at that moment Roxana walks in. Roxana came to give her some information but she realized Gianna doesn’t need them. Benito goes after her and tries to explain what she saw. Roxana asks him to keep quiet; he doesn’t owe her any explanation because he means nothing to her. Dante and Frederica go over their plan to harm Fidel, Dante doesn’t want him die but Frederica disagrees. Gael offers to take Gianna to school; Benito and Fiorella are both happy for Gianna. Benito doesn’t trust Gael; fiorella teases him and tells him he is jealous. Roxana is rude to Joaquina as usual and asks her to get lost. Roxana wants Benito to drive her to school, just at that moment Fidel arrives. Eloisa wants Benito to drive Fiorella in town to buy something. Roxana wonders who will take her to school; too bad Eloisa is going out with Fidel. She remembers Gael, Benito tells her he already left with Gianna.

He however offers to call her a taxi. Pedro runs into Fiorella in the big house, Pedro wants to clarify everything. Fiorella tells him they have nothing to talk about and let him know she is going out with Benito. Fidel runs into him at the hall and Pedro takes his car key and runs off. Julieta and Sergio smooch in the garden. Someone hides and takes pictures of them kissing. Gael leads Gianna to her classroom, he promises to take care of her. Roxana interrupts them and reproaches him for not waiting for him. Roxana picks on Gianna; Gael reminds her they are not at the ranch. Roxana steals a student purse and drops it into Gianna’s bad before they start classes. Sonia is still angry at Flavio for asking her to abort her baby. He offers to make tea for her and add the drugs he bought earlier. Plans fails, Frederica asks Dante to calm down if not they will suspect him if anything goes wrong. Dante reminds her he told her it was a stupid idea to hurt Fidel. Dante and his dear evil girlfriend have tempered with Fidel’s car. Unfortunately for them Pedro decided to use that very car to chase after Fiorella. Speaking of tampered car, Pedro is still safe at the moment. He sees Fiorella crossing the road and tries to apply the break but it fails.
At this point he is very close to Fiorella, Benito sees him and runs towards Fiorella. Pedro decides to blow the car horn to draw Fiorella’s attention. Benito the hero arrives in time to push fiorella aside. Pedro knocks Benito down in the process and also crashes the car. Sonia hasn’t touched her tea yet, she takes the cup, chat and put it down on several occasion. Flavio is right there and tries to convince her to drink it. She takes it and about to drink when Osvaldo comes in. Osvaldo drinks the tea instead, Flavio hides and watches him. Don’t mess with the Angeles security guard, they catches the man spying on Sergio and Julieta. Class over, the lady report her purse missing. All the students are asks to remain in the classroom. Roxana isn’t worry because she knows what she did. Pedro gets hurt in the head, Benito in unconscious. Fiorella blames Pedro, the ambulance arrive and attend to Benito.

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