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Italian Bride Episode 34

Italian Bride Episode 34

Italian Bride Episode 34

Pedro wonders who told her, Osvaldo tells her it was Flavio. Benito brings Roxana home and she tries to flirt with him. Benito however remain professional, his phone rings and she takes it from him and pick it. Osvaldo informs Gael that Eloisa already know about the accident. She doesn’t know what actually happen, he warns Gael not to tell her the truth. Sergio tries to win more points with Julieta, he even prepare a romantic table in the new house. Julieta is not ready to start a new relationship and leaves. Dianna meets with Benito at the café; she proposes they work together to separate Vittorio and Fiorella. Gael tries to sneaks into the house but Eloisa catches him. She demands to know what really happen during the camp. Gael can barely stands on his feet. Pedro and Osvaldo walk in in time to hear him asking Eloisa if they told her Osvaldo intentionally shot Pedro. Fiorella isn’t too happy that Vittorio always visit her during working hours. He tells her Eloisa gave him permission to visit anytime. She understands but doesn’t want him to abuse her trust. He brought her another gift. It a Maratea snow globe, she tells him it is beautiful and even smile. Vittorio holds her hand and tells her he want to see her happy. He proposes they get to know each other better.
Gael repeats several times that Osvaldo shoot Pedro on purpose. Eloisa doesn’t understand why it is happening to him. Pedro confronts Osvaldo, Osvado denies it. Pedro asks Gael to tell them what he knows. Gael can barely talk at this point, Pedro yells at Osvaldo to call a doctor. Dianna feels Fiorella is not right for Vittorio, so does Benito thinks. He feels she is right for him. Dianna agrees; she wants to them to prevent that wedding. She proposes they try and get Fiorella closer to Pedro, Benito is pissed off. He is not interested in her deal and walks away. Eloisa informs Sonia that Gael had a convulsion after accusing her husband of intentionally shooting Pedro. Eloisa wants to know if Sonia was present when it happens. The doctor attends to Gael and informs them that he had the convulsion as a request of abusing some substance. Osvaldo asks the doctor if it is possible that hallucinate as a result of the abuse. The doctor tells him it is possible, Osvaldo can now defend himself. Pedro and the doctor leave the room and Osvaldo threatens Gael to tell Eloisa about the drugs he stole at the university. Sonia snoops around in Pedro’s office; Fidel catches her and wonders why she is always around Pedro. She is not going to explain herself to a simple chauffeur and suggests he get busy. Fidel confidently reminds her of her place in the family.

Pedro requests to speak with Gael alone; he wants Gael to tell him the truth about the shooting. Gael tells him he panicked when Eloisa started questioning him. Pedro understands and asks him not to worry. Pedro notices Vittorio and Fiorella through Gael’s window. Benito and Vittorio have a confrontation in the presence of Fiorella. Vittorio won’t allow Benito to disrespect him in front of Fiorella. He gives him a slap; Fiorella comes between them and stops them from fighting. She reproaches Vittorio for slapping Benito. She turns to face Benito and also reproaches him for insulting Vittorio. They end up arguing about who is a liar until Pedro interrupts them. He also reproaches Fiorella for spending time with her boyfriend during working hours. Vittorio comes in to defend his future wife but Fiorella tells him Pedro is right. She excuses herself and walks away, Pedro asks Benito to also leave. Roxana who has been listen all this time also decides to leave. Pedro is now face to face with Vittorio. Simonetta attend to Benito bruise on his face and fantasizes about Vitorio and Fiorella’s love. Benito tells her Vittorio isn’t in love in Fiorella, he is only obsessed with her. What he feels for Fiorella is rather love. Joaquina inform them about Gael’s health, Gianna hopes she can see him. Joaquina agree to go with her to Gael’s room. Dante is making things difficult for Fiorella in Eloisa’s room.
They are arranging some document in the presence of drunk Federica. Eloisa doesn’t understand something; the doctor told them Gael’s convulsion is hereditary. However no one in the family has epilepsy, Dante tells her may be someone from his mother’s side. Pedro interrupts Vittorio and hopes he doesn’t visit Fiorella again during working hours. Vittorio reminds him that she is his fiancée; well she works in my house so says Pedro. Gianna sits beside Gael in bed and feeds him some soup. Joaquina watches them and they chat. Roxana walks in with her rude behavior and threatens to inform Eloisa about Gianna presence in the big house. Eloisa and Fiorella go over an album with old pictures. They see a picture of Gabriel and Maximo. Eloisa and Federica ended up arguing over their relationship with her father Gabriel. Fiorella notices and tension, and decides to leave. She gathers a couple of file. Federica sees old newspapers concerning the death of her father. She realized that her father didn’t die a natural death as they made her believed. Eloisa asks Fiorella to leave them alone. Federica that doesn’t believes Eloisa story that her father died of heart attack. She asks Eloisa to tell her the truth about her father’s death. Aitana shows up at the ranch and Fiorella has to watch Pedro flirt with her.

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