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Italian Bride Episode 31

Italian Bride Episode 31

Italian Bride Episode 31

Gael tells her that what friends do for each other. She runs into Gael’s arm and hugs him in appreciation. Julieta is confused and doesn’t know what to say. Anibal gets up and introduces himself to her as if they have just met. He goes on knee on continues with his game to convince her and kisses her. Julieta isn’t too sure but Anibal begs her to give him another opportunity. Julieta tells him she needs to think and leave to use the washroom. Anibal wastes no time in admiring a lady passing by. Sergio notices it and confronts him about it. Anibal once again remind him that what happen between him and his wife is none of his business. Sergio gets offended and punches him on face. Anibal goes on the floor; Julieta joins him and wonders what happen. Benito takes Fiorella to Vittorio’s restaurant to tell him the truth. Pedro cries and confesses his love for Fiorella to Fidel. Fidel has to stop him from drinking more, Pedro cries and tells him he loves her. Fiorella also loves him but she care more about a stupid promise instead of their love. He takes one more shot, Fidel tries to stop him but he asks him to leave. Fidel decides to leave him alone. Pedro drinks more over his broken heart. Benito confesses to Vittorio that Fiorella isn’t a swindler as he made him believe.
She even put pressure on him to tell him everything. Benito takes full responsibilities for what happen; Fiorella is not to be blame. Vittorio wishes he can kill Benito, so does Fiorella. He however informs Vittorio that he is in love with Fiorella. Vittorio asks him to leave and Fiorella stay behind to talk. Julieta reproaches Sergio for punching her husband. Sergio tells her he can’t stand the way Anibal disrespect her. He tells her he saw Anibal flirting with a lady at the restaurant. She reminds him that he is also a flirt. He agrees but he flirts because he has no one to love. If he had her, he would have love, protect and defend her. He moves closer to her with the intention of kissing her. This time Julieta herself throws herself on him and kiss him. Sonia enters the study in her night dress to meet with Pedro. She takes advantages of his situation and flirt with him. She pretends to listen to him as he confesses to be in this situation because of a woman. She takes him to his room. Vittorio wonders what happen to the ring he sent her. She tells him he was stolen alongside all her belonging in the taxi. He asks her not to worry, as soon as everything is settle they will get married. In about two weeks, Fiorella feels it is too soon. Vittorio opens his diary and wants them to start with the preparation. Pedro wakes up the following day and sees Sonia naked in his bed. He doesn’t seem to remember what happen. Fiorella and Gianna make their bed and chat. Fiorella informs her she forced Benito to tell the truth to Vittorio. Gianna feels he was protecting her and feel Benito did the right things. She thinks it was a good idea for Vittorio to believe that she was a swindler.
Fiorella could have taken advantage and marry Pedro. Fiorella doesn’t agree with her. She doesn’t want Vittorio to think she is swindler and betrayed him. Shameless Sonia caresses Pedro’ arm and asks him how he is doing. Pedro asks her what happen. She says everything and asks him if he doesn’t remember. Pedro only remembers he had a lot of drink last night. She tells him he was drunk and insisted she comes into his bedroom. Pedro tells her he didn’t insist but she assures him he did. She shamelessly tells him he is better in bed than his cousin. Fiorella tells Gianna Vittorio brought them to Mexico with the best intention. Gianna asks her why he sent her an old picture of him. If he indeed had the best intention, Fiorella doesn’t know but probably for love. Gianna advises her to also break her engagement with Vittorio and marry Pedro for love. Gianna doesn’t want her to sacrifices herself for her sake. She wants to know what will happen with Pedro. Fiorella tells her so long as they are together she is ok. Gianna hugs her and they assure each other everything will be fine. Sonia actually stays in bed and watch Pedro get dress. He tells her it shouldn’t have happen. She wonders what he is talking about and gets out of bed. He tells her what happen last night, Sonia doesn’t regret. For the first time she felt she was important to a man. Pedro tells her she is important to her husband but she disagrees. Pedro hopes Osvaldo doesn’t find out if not he will kill them both. She tries to flirt with him but he pushes her away, she goes out and smiles. Gael sees her and wonders what is doing coming out of Pedro’s room. She tells him nothing and asks him not to tell the rest. Gianna hopes Fiorella didn’t accept to marry Vittorio in two weeks’ time. Fiorella tells her no, she asks him for time to think.
Gianna wonders what is there to think about. Fiorella still insist she has to marry Vittorio to keep her promise. They are already engaged and it also a way of honoring their father’s. Gianna reminds her that she doesn’t love Vittorio. Fiorella on the other hand is worry because she doesn’t know how she will manage to get along with him. The Angeles gathers for breakfast at the table. Sonia points out that Pedro is the only one missing at the table. Gael reminds her that so is her husband, well Sonia tells him they all know he is on a business trip. Eloisa wonders what is keeping Pedro so long. Sonia bites a strawberry while looking into Gael eyes. She tells her may be something kept Pedro awake all night. Benito runs into Fiorella and wants to talk to her but she refuses. He already explains why he decided to lie to her so he has nothing more to tell her. Benito agrees but … Fiorella asks him but what.

She already told him she will never forgive him. Pedro joins them and Benito asks him not to interfere. Pedro reminds him of his position in his house, Pedro request to speak to Fiorella. Dianna can’t believe Vittorio has decided to abandon her. Vittorio doesn’t seem to understand her. She tells him she thought she found her ideal man, but as soon as Fiorella appear he dumped her. Pedro asks Fiorella if she saw her finance, she tells him Vittorio is not her finance. Pedro wants to know who is then, she begs him not to make things difficult to her. She didn’t want to marry Vittorio but she made a promise. Just at that moment Sonia walks in and interrupts them.
She informs him that he is wanted at the table. Vittorio understand Dianna feeling but he didn’t promise her anything. She reminds him of the way he was treating her. Vittorio asks her to understand him, he lost Fiorella and thanks God he got her back. Dianna can’t accept it because she is in love with him. She kisses him and hugs him. Eloisa informs the rest of the family that she is happy because of Aitana’s visit. Roxana refers to Aitana as her friend, while Gael and Sonia refer to her as Pedro’s ex. Eloisa doesn’t hide that she would have love to see them back together again. Roxana doubt Pedro and Aitana can be happy together. Sergio wonders who doesn’t want a woman who is cultured, beautiful and open minded. Federica wonders if he is referring to himself or Anibal. They prefer to run from one woman to the other. Julieta excuses herself and leave the table. Fiorella runs into Julieta crying on the staircase and approaches her. Julieta asks her if she spying on her, Fiorella tells her no. Julieta blames her for not coming between her and Anibal. Fiorella doesn’t agree with her, it is rather Anibal who has been insisting. Julieta feels it is normal because Fiorella is very beautiful. Fiorella tells her she is rather beautiful, and must have a lot of suitors. Julieta tells her no, she only has Anibal but she can’t stand him anymore.
Julieta asks her which part of Italy she comes from. Fiorella tells her Montreal and wonders if Julieta knows there. Of course she does, but she is going to discuss her travel, or loves life with her. She asks Fiorella to stay far away from her and leave. Thanks to Federica the peaceful breakfast ended badly. Eloisa yells at them to leave the table to get ready for work. Federica again she wonders if Eloisa is not interested about what happen in the family. She feels everyone is interested in Maximo’s fortune. She on the other hand is only interested in what belong to her father. Eloisa hopes she hasn’t forgotten that her father died penniless. Federica want to discuss about something else that is happening in the house. Eloisa is not in the mood to listen to her and asks her to leave. Sergio and Julieta chat in the garden. Federica tells Eloisa that there is something going on between Pedro and Fiorella. She tells her Fiorella was crying because of a sudden appearance of Aitana in Pedro’s love. Eloisa doesn’t believe it; Federica knows what she is talking about. Someone saw Fiorella in Pedro’s car the other night. Eloisa wonders how she got to know, she tells her Dante. Eloisa wonders why he didn’t tell her. She tells him because it didn’t want to worry her. Eloisa now understand why Pedro didn’t want to tell her where he was going that day.
Mission accomplishes Federica walks away. Pedro is on the phone with Sonia, he denies that he is avoiding. She wonders why he didn’t come to the office then, he doesn’t owe her any explanation. Eloisa comes in and asks what is going on in the house. Pedro doesn’t understand what she means, so does Eloisa. Pedro thought she was referring to Sonia so he tries to explain to her. Eloisa tells him she is not referring to Sonia. She wants to know what is going on between him and Fiorella.

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