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Italian Bride Episode 30

Italian Bride Episode 30

Italian Bride Episode 30

Fiorella calls Adele and narrates what happen last night. Adele asks her for forgiveness for not telling her the truth. She confesses that Benito told her truth about everything. Fiorella tells her she thought she had made life in Mexico. She thought she had friend but everything came down crushing just in one night. She sadly hangs up and put the necklace back in the box. Dianna tries to flirt with Vittorio but doesn’t succeed. Fiorella runs into Eloisa and Pedro in the hall, she is ready to work. Eloisa informs her she is receiving her uniform. Eloisa asks Pedro opinion but he rudely tells her his opinion doesn’t matter. Eloisa tells him she will turn Fiorella into a princess. Dante interrupts them and Aitana walks in. Eloisa introduces her to Fiorella as the most important woman in Pedro’s life. Aitana smile and asks Pedro for a hug. She tells him how much she misses him. Eloisa wastes no time in giving all the details to Fiorella. She informs Fiorella that Pedro and Aitana broke up not long before their wedding. Fiorella stands among them like a monument and listen to them. Eloisa request they move to the hall. Pedro tries to make Fiorella jealous by flirting with Aitana and even caressing her face. Federica joins her lover and he tells her they don’t have to worry about Fiorella and Pedro anymore. Vittorio calls Benito’s parent to update them about Fiorella. Reynaldo wonders if she told him anything about Benito. Vittorio asks him something like what.
Reynaldo gives him his long confusing speech. Well Vittorio is on his way to the ranch to see his Fiorella. Reynaldo and his wife panic and try to convince him not to. Adele is scared that Vittorio will kill Benito if he finds out that Benito lied to him. Fiorella asks Simonetta to tell her about Aitana. Simoetta tells her she was Pedro’s girlfriend and they even plan to get married. Aitana broke up with him at the last moment but she doesn’t know why. She notices that Fiorella isn’t happy about Aitana visit as she is. She asks Fiorella not to worry Pedro prefer her now not Aitana. Fiorella tells her nothing can happen between her and Pedro. They end up talking about her relationship with Vittorio and Benito. Just at that moment Benito walks in and Fiorella leaves the kitchen. Adele calls Benito to inform him about Vittorio arrival to the ranch. She wants him to hide if not Vittorio will kill him if he find out that he lied to him. Benito reminds her that Vittorio is the head of a restaurant not the head of the Italian mafia in Mexico. He thanks his mother for calling him because she gave him a brilliant idea and hangs up.

Gael and Roxana discuss about who is trying to frame them up against the Italian. Gianna sees them and them and hide to watch them. Roxana notices her and throws herself into Gael’s arm pretending to learn how to play golf. As soon as Gianna walks away, she asks Gael not to touch and leaves. Eloisa is determined to make her wish come true by marrying her Pedro to Aitana. Pedro notices Fiorella presence and flirt more with Aitana. He wastes no time in listing all her qualities and attributes. Fiorella watches them quietly without saying a word. Pedro gets closer to Aitana but before anything could happen Fiorella interrupts them. She informs Eloisa that the seamstress is already here. Eloisa asks Fiorella to come with her to welcome the seamstress while Pedro and Aitana catch up. Fiorella tells her it is not necessary, she asks Eloisa to stay and be with her visitor. Pedro is a a jerk, as soon as Fiorella and Eloisa leaves. He comes back to his usual self, no more flirting but put up his long face as Fiorella will say. Osvaldo and Flavio meets at a café, I am sure to know what the deal is going to be like. I withdraw the charges against you if we remain partners. Osvaldo agrees to his term but he wants Flavio away from his wife. Flavio has no problem with that.
He advises him to make sure Sonia doesn’t give herself to another man. Dianna is one angry lady; she is pissed off that Fiorella suddenly appear when things were getting better between her and Vittorio. Her mother asks her to lower her voice, the baby is sleeping. She reminds her daughter that she already warn her. Dianna is not to ready to give up on Vittorio. Not after she had already plan her life with him. The security men prevent Vittorio from entering into the ranch. He tells them he came to see Fiorella but he is informed she is not allowed to receive visitors. He introduces himself and requests to speak with Pedro. Vittorio recognizes Gianna and calls her. He tells her he is Vittorio Dragon; she wonders what happen to him. He looks different from the picture he sent them. Vittorio asks her to call Fiorella because he is allowed to go in. Benito comes to meet Vittorio; Vittorio asks him if he also worked here. He says yes, and asks him to leave if he came to speak with Fiorella. Vittorio figures out that Benito knew about Fiorella whereabouts and lied to him. Aitana updates Pedro on what she has been up to. Since Fiorella isn’t around he has no reason to flirt with her. He tells her he is going to work. Osvaldo informs his wife about the deal he had with Flavio. She tries to flirt but he turns her down. She assures him that what happened with Flavio was a mistake. Osvaldo disagree he feel marrying her was rather the mistake. If not for the pregnancy, he would have never married her.

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