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Italian Bride Episode 19 Part 2

Italian Bride Episode 19 Part 2

Italian Bride Episode 19 Part 2

Fiorella shows up at the fair and waves at Pedro on the podium. Joaquina reproaches Gianna for speaking ill about Roxana. Simonetta informs Benito that Fiorealla went to the fair. Pedro doesn’t feel comfortable having Fiorella around at the party. The press is there and they will always be around him. Fiorella tells him not to worry, she knows what to do. She drags him to a costumes stand and they disguise themselves and run off to have fun. They win a very big teddy bear and Fiorella offers it a child. Time to dance; Fiorella takes her hat and wig off to dance to the Italian tune. Osvaldo and his wife show up to look for Pedro and Fiorella. Thank God they run into their business partner. Benito also shows up looking for Fiorella. Pedro wants to go home but Fiorella manages to convince him to stay a bit. He refuses and reminds her that he has to go to work the next morning. She runs off and he goes after her. Sonia and Osvaldo keep searching for them to take picture as evidence. Fiorella and Pedro steal a bicycle and leave the party.
They sit on a bridge with their feet in the water while chatting. Pedro gets closer and tries to kiss her but she gets up. She wants to swim but Pedro tells her it is late moreover they are not properly dressed. But that she cares, she removes her dress and jumps into the water. She tries to convince him to join her but he refuses. She tells him she is drowning but he doesn’t believe her. He sees her going under the water, and get scared. He takes off his shirt and jumps into the water. She tells him it was a joke and manages to make Pedro laugh. They stare into each other eyes and this time they share their first kiss without Simonetta interrupting them. Vittorio admires Dania from afar; he feels she is making her forget Fiorella. Federica and Eloisa watch Roxana’s video at the police station.

Federica enjoys it while Eloisa on the other hand is worried about her family name. The owner of the bicycle interrupts Fiorella and Pedro kiss. He yells at them for stealing his bicycle. They quickly gather their clothes and run off.
Eloisa reproaches Roxana for tarnishing the family’s name. Roxana is quite happy that her video went viral. Roxana takes the blame when they question about the driver. Eloisa gets angry and asks her to leave her sight before she uses her stick to hit her. Joaquina witness the whole conversation with disappointment. Osvaldo and his wife run into Fidel at the fair. They ask of Pedro, Fidel tells him he probably went home. Pedro and Fiorella chat after running for some time. Pedro can’t believe the things she made him do. Fiorella tells him the most important things are that it makes him happy. He agrees, but they can’t run along like teenagers. He confesses to her he felt something for her from the 1st day they run into each other in Italy. He doesn’t know why she came to Mexico but … Fiorella recalls the reason why she came to Mexico. Pedro on the other hand Thank God that she is here. He tries to kiss her but she refuses, he wonders why.
She reminds him of their different social status. Pedro tells her it doesn’t matter; he is even willing to talk to Eloisa. She refuses and asks him to forget about the kiss and everything that happen. Pedro tells her he can’t, she reminds that he is her boss and she is the maid that all. Pedro returns to the fair and sees Fidel talking to Osvaldo and his wife. He calls Fidel and asks him to take them home and come for him later. They try to get more information but Fidel covers up for his boss

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