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Italian Bride Episode 125

Italian Bride Episode 125

Italian Bride Episode 125

Pedro is confused as he cannot see anything, and asks if Osvaldo is with Sonia and Osvaldo says that he is. Pedro feels that he has interrupted them and apologizes but Osvaldo says that Sonia was just leaving, and then he urges Aitana out of the office. When she leaves, Osvaldo asks Pedro what is his problem, and the latter answers that he just got tired of staying in bed and wants to walk, to which Osvaldo replies by telling him that he will walk with him anywhere he would like.
In Eloisa’s bedroom, she is worried and fretting over Pedro’s current predicament and asks to speak to Dr. Elizalde privately. The doctor tells Eloisa that it is impossible to tell if Pedro’s blindness is a temporary situation. She then goes on to ask him if the test results on her medicine are out, and he tells her that he will have them when he gets back to the office.
Fiorella, Gianna, Fidel and Nuria are having a conversation. They talk about Pedro missing from his bedroom and Simona wonders if Pedro could be in his closet. To this, Fiorella and Gianna decide to look for him, and they meet up as he and Osvaldo round one corner of the house and the two embrace lovingly, but Osvaldo tells them all that Pedro requires to get some rest.

Federica is agitated, telling Dante that it is time for Eloisa to sign another counterfeit will. However, Dante points out that if Eloisa signs any sort of document in her current state, the will can be easily contested. Instead, he advises Federica to ally herself with Osvaldo, thus increasing their proximity to the documents they want a gold of. She says that she needs to consult her cards, much to Dante’s frustration.
In Pedro’s room, Osvaldo reassures Pedro that he has no cause for worry because he will be in charge, and Pedro says he knows this well. Fidel and Nuria are left alone with Pedro and Fidel tells him that Nuria will stay with him, but Pedro begins sobbing begging for Fiorella to be the one to stay with him. He asks Fidel to talk to his grandmother, and Fidel says he will do that in the morning but they can fetch Fiorella at that moment. He and Nuria leave so that he can show the latter the room set up for her. Fiorella walks in and goes up to Pedro who holds her tenderly, and tells her that he cannot stand being able to see her, but she says she loves him anyway, and he holds her face and she says it is the same face he knows and loves all too well.
Dr. Elizalde calls Eloisa and tells her that an insignificant amount of Ammonia was found in her medicine and it can be toxic and found anywhere even from lack of rinsing dish washing liquid off dishes during washing. Eloisa is not convinced and is accurately sure that someone is trying to poison her and does not know who but is sure of it.
Fiorella is still with Pedro lying in his arms, when he laments that he will never be able to see their children but Fiorella continues to reassure him that she loves him. Gianna is holding Fiorella’s phone because she has discovered the truth that her elder sister has been hiding from her – she is adopted. She decides to erase the email that contains the information about the fire that occurred at the Maratea hospital and the destruction of the registration records. She erases it and is satisfied that Fiorella will never get that disturbing piece of information.
In the morning, Fiorella and Pedro vow to always stay together, grateful to have Fidel as their ally, but, Eloisa comes in and sends Fiorella away firmly. Fiorella, however, stays outside the bedroom door.
At the dining table, Osvaldo tells Federica, Sonia and Sergio that with Pedro’s blindness tying him down, he will have to take charge at the company. Sergio is not in support of this decision whereas Federica tells Osvaldo that she will support him in any way she can and will be at his disposal if he requires her aid.
In his bedroom, Pedro tells Eloisa that he wants Fiorella taking care of him and not Nuria. She agrees and tells him she does not want any fooling around. However, she brings up the issue of him starting a relationship with Aitana after what he did to her. He assures his grandmother that one day, she will understand his reasons for persisting but she wants to know now.
Fiorella brings in a breakfast tray and Sergio comes in as well and Fiorella tells Eloisa that Benigno is looking for her. Sergio wants to give his son breakfast but Pedro points out that he was never there as a father. However, Sergio says that it takes small steps to appreciate what is in front of one. Fiorella is touched by this gesture and offers to bring Sergio coffee or some breakfast. Sergio tells her that she is an exceptional woman, who will make a good wife to someone one day. She thanks him for the compliment.
Osvaldo, Aitana and Benigno are in a meeting. Osvaldo suggests that Pedro be taken to a rehabilitation center where he can regain his sight. Benigno is shocked, wondering why they would want Pedro to get his sight back, but Osvaldo tells them that this way, Pedro will be in isolation and getting rid of him once and for all will be easy.

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