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Italian Bride Episode 124

Italian Bride Episode 124

Italian Bride Episode 124

The magic kiss wakes Pedro up but he can’t see anything, he tells her he can’t see her. Fiorella tries to explain things to him but he freaks out he want to know where he is. He cries and tells her he can’t see anything. Fiorella rushes out to get Sergio to call the doctor. Pedro yells not he leave him alone. Fiorella meets Sergio and Aitana outside the door. Aitana asks her what she was doing inside. Fiorella and Sergio ignore her, and she gives the bad news to Sergio. Gianna is wondering what Fiorella is trying to hide from her. Gael suggests she find out from Fiorella directly. Gianna tells him Fiorella will never tell her the truth. She decides to send a message to Nicoletta. Osvaldo has already taken over Pedro seat in the study. He meets with his partner in crime for an early celebration. Eloisa walks on them and wonder what they are talking about. They manage to fool her; Eloisa hopes Aitana presence will help Pedro. Benigno tells her business need to run whether Pedro makes it or not. Eloisa tells him Pedro will get better. Osvaldo agrees with him, what if Pedro dies. Sergio comes in and they both leave. Benigno wonders if he is already dead; Osvaldo hoes so. Anibal and Ramiro toast to work well done. He pays Ramiro what he deserves and his help. Dianna joins them and asks her to join in the celebration. They both ask her to help them get their revenge on those who sent them to jail. Gianna send a message to Nicoletta and pretend to be Fiorella so she can find out what she is hiding.
Sergio and Fiorella stand in front of the rest and inform them Pedro is blind. Pedro cries and asks the doctor if he will see again. Benito promises Roxana never to leave her alone. The doctor now addresses the Angeles and updates them on Pedro’s condition. He may be permanently blind. Gianna doesn’t understand why Joaquina cares so much about Roxana. Gianna offers to help her she needs help, Roxana rudely turns her down. Gianna tells her she will end up alone. Fiorella stand at window in the kitchen and pray to Saint Biago to help her husband. Aitana walks on her and interrupts her prayers. She is glad she is finally alone with Fiorella. She wanted to tell her she is nothing but a servant and an idiot. She blames Fiorella for Pedro leaving her at the entrance of the church. Fiorella knows nothing about what she is saying. They start arguing, Fiorella tells her if she really loves Pedro. She will be praying for her recovery at the moment. Aitana once again reminds her Pedro left as the church. Fiorella tells her she only cares about herself. Aitana calls her a servant. Fiorella tells her she is coldest, ambitious, self-centered, lying, self-fish …… woman that she has ever met in her life. Aitana tells her the word of gold-digger and a boyfriend snatcher won’t make her feel bad. Hell no you whore, before she ends her sentence, Fiorella gives her a hot slap.

Aitana recovers from the blow and tries to return the favor but Fiorella holds her back. If her life is miserable because Pedro left at the church he had his own reason. Aitana should not blame her, and walks out of the kitchen. Aitana takes her frustration on the door and kitchen utensils. Since Pedro didn’t die, the partners in crime they decide to have a plan B. Gianna comes down the stair and sees Gael smiling at her. She smiles back but to her disappointment it was meant for Roxana. He runs pass Gianna and hugs Roxana. Benito shows up and Gael and Benito end up arguing. Fiorella sneaks into Pedro’s room and closes the door behind her. pedro asks who it is, she tells him Fiorella. He stretches his arm to find her. she sits beside him and hold it. She uses his hand to caress her face, Pedro cries, she hugs and console him. Fiorella updates Gianna about Pedro’s health. Gianna wants details about the accident. Fidel tries to tell her the horse was meant to surprise her but Fiorella tells him it is not important. Fidel tells her they can’t say whether his blindness will be permanent. Fiorella is confident he will be alright. Gianna decides to take to the room. Pedro angrily kicks the nurse out of his room. Gael soon enters, Pedro asks him to leave.
Gael refuses and reminds him he was once an addict. He knows how it feels and wants Pedro to accept he is not to be blamed. He promise to always be there for Pedro just like Pedro was also there for him. His words melt Pedro’s heart and cool down his anger. Pedro start cries and Gael hugs him. Osvaldo is pissed Pedro is still on his way. Sonia wonders if he intends to kill him again. He tells her no, it will look suspicious if he does it now. He needs to find a way to stop Pedro from investigating Benigno. Sonia walks towards him and tells him the first day she met him. She knew he was ambitious but she doesn’t understand his obsession to kill Pedro. Pedro calls his nurse back; he waves his hand on his face but sees nothing. He decides to get out of bed and tries to go out of the room. He opens the door and tries to find his way out. Aitana joins Osvaldo in the study and can’t believe he could not kill Pedro. He reminds him they all agreed to his plan, they end up kissing. Fiorella and Gianna enter Pedro’s room and realized he is not in his bed. Pedro tries to find his way around the house. Aitana and Osvaldo continue to kiss in the study when Pedro enters and calls Osvaldo.

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