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Italian Bride Episode 123

Italian Bride Episode 123

Italian Bride Episode 123

As soon Pedro lands on the floor, the dog takes off follow by his master. Fiorella rushes to Pedro unconscious body. Sonia joins her; they both cry and shout for help. Sonia calls Dante, Sergio picks the call. She gives him the bad news and asks him to call the ambulance. Fiorella cries and begs Pedro to wake up but to no avail. Frederica reads her cards, Osvaldo argue with her. Sergio gets offended and destroy her cards, Dante informs them the ambulance is in. the men rushes it outside, Julieta goes to check on Eloisa. Frederica prefers to arrange her card. Simona enters the kitchen in tears and gives the bad news to Fidel. At the moment Pedro must be already dead. Benigno confidently informs his family as he paces around. Mrs. Benigno hopes no one find out they were involve. Aitana suggests they inform the press she and Pedro were planning the wedding again. With Pedro out of the way, Osvaldo is next, Aitana wonders why. Benigno asks her if she doesn’t already know. Eloisa asks Julieta about her trip and her daughter. Julieta is glad she remembers but she didn’t find her daughter. Eloisa notices she looks worries but Julieta tells her it is nothing. Just at that moment, they hear the ambulance sirens. Fidel holds Fiorella back as they attend to Pedro. The paramedic checks his vital and informs them they can’t find any. Pedro is taken away, Fiorella continue to cries, Fidel holds her back. Sergio accompanies his son to the hospital with the ambulance. Sonia also cries, Dante interrogate Fiorella. Fidel takes her away, Osvaldo scold Dante for letting the dog in. as soon as Dante leaves; he turns to his tearful wife and demands to know what she is doing around. Julieta lies to Eloisa that a security man got hurt but it is nothing serious. Eloisa tries to check from the window but Julieta prevent her.
Dante interrogate Fiorella. He doesn’t believe she was there picking flowers. He tells them the ranch is well guarded; there is no way a dog can enter, unless someone entered the ranch with the dog. Fiorella yells and tells him she doesn’t care where the dog came from but he was there. Fidel asks Dante to cut it off. Instead of interrogating Fiorella, he should gather his men and search for the dog. Fiorella asks Fidel to call Sergio for update; Sergio is not picking the call. Fiorella freaks out and want to go to the hospital. Fidel asks her to calm down and takes her to the room. Sonia tells Osvaldo she was jogging when the accident happen. She cries and tells Osvaldo he should not have done that. He tells her it was accident, Benigno calls him for update. He tells him perfect, the hospital has not confirmed his death yet. But very soon they will get the new they all hope for. Beningo passes the news to this family. Aitana rejoices and says he deserve it. Osvaldo proposes to Sonia they celebrate. He tries to kiss her but she refuses and leaves. Frederica tells Dante if Pedro died or stays in a coma. Eloisa health will deteriorate. She will take advantage to convince her to sign the will. She suggests they use the camera to let Eloisa know about the accident. Sergio texts Fidel and asks him to gather all the family but he didn’t say anything about Pedro. Adele tries to convince Roxana to go to school but Roxana tells her school is meant for poor. They start arguing, Roxana tells her she can’t force to go to school. Of course she can because she promised Benito. The doctor and Sergio come in. Sergio informs them Pedro is doing very badly. Pause and admire GaelGia feet for a minute before we continue. She tells Gael about Nicoletta message to Fiorella concerning the burn data. She concludes that she was adopted because none of their parent had a heart condition. Gael tells her regardless he will always be there for her.

Fiorella sobs, and tells Fidel about their plan. If Pedro dies, she will .., Fidel tells her Pedro is strong. Fiorella tells him as his wife; it is her duty to be with Pedro. Fidel doesn’t feel it is a good idea, because they will suspect her. Fiorella cries and tells him she can’t leave him alone. she will die if anything happen to him and hug him. Eloisa request to speak with Pedro but Julieta makes up so many excuses. The doctor doesn’t think it is appropriate to inform Eloisa about the accident. Sergio tells them she will soon notice Pedro is not home. Osvaldo suggests they make up a story like a trip just like when he ran after the wedding. Frederica offers to inform Julieta and heads towards Eloisa’s room. She calls Dante and asks to turn on the cameras. Eloisa goes into the bathroom; Frederica enters and inform Julieta Pedro is in bad shape. The doctor wants them to hide it from Eloisa. Julieta wonder what they are going to do because she wants to talk to Pedro. Frederica suggests they turn the TV on to distract her. Frederica asks her to check on Eloisa in the bathroom. She takes advantage and switches the TV to the camera in the living room and leaves. Eloisa and Julieta come out and see them. She wonders what the doctor is doing around and decides to talks to him. Julieta tries to prevent when they hear them talking about Pedro’s accident. Fidel asks Joaquina to go to the school and check on Roxana he will cover up for her. Fiorella change and begs Fidel to help her go the hospital. He tries to prevent her but rushes out and he goes running after her.
Eloisa joins the rest in the living and demands to know what happen to her grandson.
Eloisa wants Pedro moves to the ranch. if possible they move the hospital to the ranch. Fiorella cries to tell Fidel she will wait for her husband at home and everything will be alright. Too much tears in today episode, thank God we finally have to laugh about. Remember Adele told Roxana she will bring her to school. Well she did just that, she ties Roxana on the hand truck and rolls up to her classroom’s door. Benito sees them and thanks his mother for a good job done. Though she went a bit too far, they chat until Joaquina shows up. Pedro is taken to his room, the whole family gathers around him. Fiorella hides and watches them. Osvaldo smiles while other cries. Fiorella cries and begs Pedro not to leave her alone. I just love Adele; she uses her purse to hit Roxana butt because she is rude to Joaquina. To their disappointment Joaquina reproaches her and defend Roxana. Trust Adele to speak her mind. Benito had to drag her away to prevent a fight with Joaquina. Roxana asks Joaquina to get lost from her life. Dante prevents Fiorella from entering Pedro’s room. Sergio comes out and asks Dante to leave. Sergio and Fiorella cry and feel they could not save him. He let her in to see Pedro and asks the nurse to leave them alone. As soon as they close the door, Aitana show up. She heard the new and quickly rushes over. Sergio prevents her from going inside. Fiorella sits her husband bed side and caresses his face. She loves him and knows he will be fine. She begs Pedro to answer her and kiss him. Pedro slowly opens his eyes but remain silent. She asks him how he is doing. he remains silent until he tells he can’t see anything

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