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Italian Bride Episode 122

Italian Bride Episode 122

Italian Bride Episode 122

Gianna overhears everything; she interrupts their kiss and pretends she didn’t hear anything. She informs them Eloisa threw Roxana out of the house because of the party. Pedro decides to talk to Eloisa, Joaquina asks about Roxana’s whereabouts. Gianna has no idea; Fiorella feels she might be with a friend. Gianna mocks and doubt she has any. Fiorella tells her never to make fun of people situation regardless of how bad they are. Gianna tells her it is worse than keeping secret and storms out. Frederica decides to read Eloisa’s card. Frederica can see another Angeles on the way. She gives the opportunity to Eloisa to guess. Eloisa tells her she is the one expecting a baby. She hasn’t seen her menses in 3 months. Eloisa wants to know if she will have a boy or girl. Frederica tells her a boy, Eloisa is glad. Frederica tries to make her sign some document again. She hands over the pen to her, Eloisa tries to read and they end up struggling. Pedro shows up and Frederica hides the document and leave. Pedro tells Eloisa she made a mistake by throwing Roxana out. Frederica joins Dante and tells him Eloisa didn’t sign the document. Pedro reminds Eloisa Maximo stated in the will that everyone has to stay in the ranch. It also include Roxana, Eloisa doesn’t know what he was thinking about. She won’t let Roxana stay in her house regardless of what Maximo said. Adele and Rey wait for Roxana at the breakfast table. Adele asks him to inform Roxana breakfast is ready.
Rey decides to yell Roxana’s name. She walks in with her bedroom robe open. Exposing almost every part of her body, Adele isn’t please. They start yelling and shouting at the table until Adele asks if she wants tea or coffee.
Roxana makes a special order; she forgot she is no longer in the ranch. Benito calls to inform her he will be coming over later. Pedro informs Fidel he is going to Benigno to look for evidence. He tells Fidel about the horse and asks him to make sure Gianna doesn’t find out. Osvaldo informs him wife today is the D day. they will finally get rid of Pedro. By tomorrow everything will belong to them, Sonia wants to know the plan. He refuses to tell her because he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. Alina understand Aitana but asks her not to do anything against Pedro that will make her regret later. Aitana tells her she is having an affair with Osvaldo. Alina already had her own experience with Osvaldo. She tries to advise Aitana. Aitana tells her it evidence Osvaldo doesn’t love his wife. Aitana is determined to make Pedro’s suffer. Fiorella tells Eloisa she doesn’t think Roxana is a bad person despite her rude behavior. She believes with time Roxana will be less annoying. Eloisa feels Gianna must be happy Roxana is gone. Fiorella tells her Gianna is still a child but she is mature. Eloisa wants to know if she thinks she made a wrong decision. Fiorella tells her no, Eloisa is the boss. As an employee she has to respect her decision.

Eloisa is glad and asks her to sit beside her to watch a movie. Fiorella tells her it is a romantic movie just like they like. Pedro chat with Benigno when his phone rings, Benigno excuses himself. Pedro takes advantage and goes through his staff. Benigno sees him but pretend he didn’t. He returns and rudely throws Pedro out of his house for humiliating his daughter. Roxana tells Benito she is confused. She wonders what will happen to her inheritance.
Benito tells her he will always be there for her. She realized he really loves her and apologizes for humiliating him in public. She tells him she didn’t expect it and confesses she also loves him. Benito suggests they get married. she tells him she is not ready for marriage. She always hurt people, this is how she is, and Benito prefers her this way. They make up and kiss. Gianna and Gael return to their love nest. Gianna tells him Fiorella is hiding something for her. Gael promise to help her, she kisses him then asks him to take off his shirt. Osvaldo gives final instruction to the dog man. They get the dog ready. Fidel tries to calm Joaquina down. she is worried no one knows about Roxana’s whereabouts. Benito enters and tells her she is fine, she wonder how he knows. He feels if something bad has happened, they will have known by now. Simona joins them and informs Fidel the small horse has arrived.
Fidel decide to receive it on Pedro’s behalf. Osvaldo informs Benigno everything is set. They both can’t wait to finally confirm Pedro’s death. Pedro informs Fidel he got nothing from Benigno’s house. Fidel informs Fiorella Pedro needs her, she teases Gianna and leaves. Gianna want details about the surprise but Fidel runs away. The Angeles wonders where Roxana is. Fiorella phones rings and Gianna decides to read it when she realized it is from Nicolletta. Apparently the hospital in Maratea got burn and all the data were lost. Gianna has no idea what it means, Gael enters and notices she look sad. She tells him she feel Fiorella is hiding something from her. He suggests they discuss it in the car if not they will be late. Fidel tries to bully Benito to get the truth about Roxana’s whereabouts. Vittorio informs Dianna he will formally report the robbery to the police. Rey comes for a visit, Vittorio is glad because he needs a friend. Rey tells him he heard his is not sick. He thought they were friends but he deceives them. Rey tells him he no longer wants to be friend and leaves. Fiorella tells Pedro the horse is very beautiful. She wants to inform Gianna but Pedro prefers to have a feel of the horse first. The dog man hide and watch them, Pedro refuses to let Fiorella ride with him. Pedro gets on the horse and ride, Fiorella gives him direction. Sonia hides and watches him with almost teary eyes. Pedro enjoys the horse until the dog appears. The horse gets scared and throws Pedro on the floor.

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