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Italian Bride Episode 121

Italian Bride Episode 121

Italian Bride Episode 121

Benito witness Roxana’s eviction from the big house. Roxana can’t believe Eloisa is evicting her. She reminds her she also had fun at the party. Eloisa throws her out of the house. she stares at Benito before leaving the table. Pedro joins Fiorella under the tree. she shows him her childhood pictures. It was sent to her from Italy by an old friend of hers. She takes him through the pictures. She shows him her parent and her friend. Pedro wishes he had met her parents. He promises to take her to Maratea after he exposed Benigno and his daughter. She is happy and wiling to teach him everything he needs to know about her town. Sergio and others plead on Roxana’s behalf but she won’t give in. Eloisa requests for her drops. Frederica volunteer to inform Dante. She walks on Dante adding the drop to the water. His phone rings and he asks Frederica to take the glass to Eloisa. She takes advantage and adds her poisonous drop to the water before taken it to Eloisa. Eloisa doesn’t the drink the water but prefers to talk about Roxana. Frederica reminds her to drink. Eloisa quickly switches to the crazy Eloisa. She tells her the water contain a special tea from Maximo. She gives it to Frederica to taste, Frederica refuses, she insists. Eloisa tries to force her to drink. they struggle till Eloisa intentionally pour the water on the floor. Roxana asks her best friend to accommodate her but she turns her down. She tries another friend but she refuses. Benito enters and offers her his parent’s apartment. She is surprise especially after what she did to him last night. He tells her he will do anything to her despite her rude behavior. She is touch and hugs him. Eloisa put up a good performance for her guests in her room.
Sergio is worried and asks the doctor if there is really no cure. To make matters worse she asks them to leave her alone with her father. Sergio tries to calm her down but she refuses and throws them out of her room. Once alone with the doctor; she hands over the glass to him. She wants him to have it tested. she tells him she has been pretending all along. She suspects someone is trying to poison her and she has to uncover the person. Julieta informs Sergio the adoptive parent of her daughter move to another part of Italy. She also knows the man was older than the woman but Santino stay behind to investigate. Fiorella is glad to have the pictures with her. She checks the date behind a picture and feels it is a bit strange. Her mother should have been pregnant and about to give birth. However she doesn’t look pregnant on any of the picture. Pedro feels may be they made a mistake on the date. He suggests she talks to her friend’s mother but she tells him she is already dead. However she will investigate and asks him not to tell Gianna. Julieta receives a message from Santino. he sends her a picture of the couple who adopted her daughter. The doctor finds it difficult to believe Eloisa so he asks her for explanation. She reminds him of how she felt bad after taking the drug. Then Simona also drunk her drug and collapsed immediately. He tells her it could be a coincidence. She tells him when she started playing the mad granny. Frederica brought her a will to sign in her favor. The doctor feels Frederica only took advantage of her situation. He doubts she is poisoning her.
Eloisa asks him not to worry about her. She is not taking any drug they bring her. She is feeling better and wants him to have the glass tested. Fiorella and Pedro return to her room. They start kissing, she tells him someone might come in. Pedro closes the door, they continue from where they left until she tells him no. He tells her he intends to buy a horse for Gianna for her therapy. She starts shouting of joy, he asks him to calm down if not she will ruin his surprise. Osvaldo informs his partners about the plan against Pedro. The accidental death will take place tomorrow. Pedro will be horse riding, they will use a dog to irritate the horse. Pedro will have an accident death.

Roxana accepts Benito’s offer but three conditions and he agrees to her terms. Vittorio can’t believe he was robbed under his own nose. Dianna wants to know what the bank said. He tells her his password was use to empty his account. She thinks it was hack but he disagrees. He reminds Dianna his password was use, and tells her it is a personal attack. He is going to involve the police. he cries and tells her he lost everything including the woman he loves. Julieta accidentally bumps into Fiorella in the hallway. In the process the pictures spill. Julieta helps her to gather them and wonder who they are. Fiorella tells her they are her parents. Julieta looks like she recognizes them. Gael has a session with Alina. He assures her he didn’t take the drug but suggests his ex-dealer unless. He tells her about guardian angel and asks her for help. She offers to talk to wedding mystery man or guardian angel.
Julieta compares Fiorella’s mother picture with the one Santino send her and realize they are the same. Fiorella wonders if something wrong, she tells her nothing. She congratulates Fiorella for having a beautiful mother though they don’t look alike. Fiorella tells her she thinks she look more like her father. The last time Benito saw his parent. he told them he was going to propose to Roxana. Benito comes home with Roxana and they thinks she agrees. They both start with their usual long and funny speech until Benito asks to stop. Benito tells them Eloisa kicks her out because she had a party. He begs them to accommodate her for some time. Adele accepts, after all they are going to be a family. Pedro confronts Frederica about the will; she tells him she had no idea. Pedro tells he her Eloisa also doesn’t remember writing the will. He will inform her lawyer to void any of her signatures on document until she get better. He closes the door on her face, Dante shows up. She tells him she can’t stand Pedro and Eloisa. They have to make sure Eloisa sign the document before Pedro ruins everything. Fiorella send a mail to her friend concerning the mail and the date. They both agreed it is strange that her mother is not pregnant. Nicoletta also confirm the date were accurate. Fiorella asks Nicoletta to find out from Maratea hospital if she was registered on her date of birth. Everything is set for Pedro’s accidental death. Osvaldo takes the dog man through the plan. The man can’t promise Pedro’s death after the fall. He suggests they make it look like a robbery. He knows someone who can do that.
Osvaldo refuses; it may look suspicious and prefers they stick to the old plan. Pedro informs Fidel he can’t take Benigno down at the moment because of the Japanese contract. They need solid evidence that won’t incriminate the company. Fidel suggests he goes to Benigno house and find some. He can also use Aitana as an excuse just like her father did. Fiorella and Pedro have dinner in the kitchen. Simona interrupts their kiss and asks them to pay no attention to her. Pedro asks her to relax and enjoys their love. She tells him she is confused about the picture. Her friend confirms the date but she doesn’t understand why her mother is not pregnant. She feels she was adopted but whatever the case she doesn’t want Gianna to find out. Too late Gianna is already at the door listening to them.

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