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Italian Bride Episode 119

Italian Bride Episode 119

Italian Bride Episode 119

Pedro and Fiorella freak out as the door knob begin to move. Giana rushes in and quickly closes the door. She asks them to be careful, Dante almost caught them. Pedro informs them he is unmasking Aitana and her dad this very night. If things go according to plan they will soon be together. Dianna hands over the information to Anibal. Roxana informs her friend the party will take place in her house. Gael reminds her he already told her it was a bad idea. She asks him not to worry Pedro and the rest will be in the company. Pedro prefers to send Fidel to get the evidence from Favio. Favio once again reminds him he should not tell anyone he got it from him. Osvaldo joins him and Pedro tells him he is going to unmask Benigno at the meeting. Osvaldo wants to know how, Pedro asks him to wait till the evening. Sonia joins her husband and he gives her the news. Anibal finally returns the child to his mother. He reminds her she is not better than him. they both use the child to get something from Vittorio. Eloisa wants to know if Dante heard from the lawyer. Osvaldo and his wife inform Benigno and his daughter about Pedro’s plan. Benigno then decides not to be present, Osvaldo disagrees with him. He tells Benigno his absence will look suspicious. Aitana blames Sonia for rejecting the idea to accidentally kill Pedro. They two ladies start arguing, Benigno asks them to control themselves. Benigno wants to know what Information Pedro has. Osvaldo asks them to relax; he will take care of everything. Fiorella arranges Eloisa’s bed and sees the will among the document she hid under the table.
Eloisa joins them and Fiorella wants to know if he really intends to leave everything to Frederica. Eloisa asks her if it is a bad idea, she tells her no. she can’t decide who inherit her but she wants to know if Eloisa wrote the will. Eloisa asks her to mind her business and takes the document to her safe. Roxana informs Simona and Joaquina about her party. Benito informs Roxana he will be back after dropping the rest at the company. He asks her to get ready because he has a surprise for her. Gianna is already dress for the party. Fiorella informs her about the will. Gianna wonder what she intend to do. Fiorella doesn’t know but feels something is fishy with the will and she has to tell Pedro. Fiorella finally notices she is on her way out. Gianna tells her she is going to the big house. Roxana organize the school party at the ranch, Fiorella asks her to be careful. Eloisa enters Fiorella’s room. She demands a details report of Fiorella’s whereabouts from the day she left Vittorio at the altar till she came back to the ranch. It is party time at the ranch, Joaquina attends to the guests. Simona on the other hand enjoys herself at the party. Gael and Gianna smooch on the dance floor. Back at the company everyone is ready but no evidence. Fidel tells Pedro is stuck in traffic. Pedro returns to the conference room and address the shareholders. Fiorella tells Eloisa she went straight to the beach in Mexico after the church. Eloisa want to know which beach. The beach she went with Lucas. Yes but what is the name of the beach. She continues with her story, and tells her Vittorio lied about his sickness. Fiorella tells her Vittorio made up the sickness so she marries him.

Sergio sneaks into the house scolds Roxana then joins her on the dance floor. Gael runs into his dealer at the counter but refuses to buy anything. The guy intentionally slips a pill into one of the cup without Gael noticing it. He tells Gianna the guy was his supplier. He assures Gianna he won’t do drugs again and drink from the cup with the pill in it. Fidel is not back with the evidence yet and Pedro asks them to be patient. Osvaldo gives a note to Benigno without anyone seeing it. The notes states that the evidence will never arrive, Benigno smiles. Fidel enters and informs Pedro Favio has disappeared. Pedro apologizes and asks for some few minutes then leaves with Fidel. We get to know about Favio’s disappearance. Osvaldo had already met with Favio. He accuses him of betraying them and threatened him to leave the country or he will kill him. Gael feels dizzy at the party. The music stops, Benito comes on the staircase and gives the formal speech to Roxana. Awwwwww, he tells her no one will stop their happiness and asks her to marry him. Benigno has now has the upper hand and wonder what is going on. Pedro tells him the evidence didn’t show up. Osvaldo suggests they close since they are no evidence. Benito goes on his knees and propose to Roxana. He tells her Eloisa already approve and they can get married as soon as possible. Pedro is piss off, he thinks Benigno threatens Favio. He throws things around and causes a tantrum. Wise man Fidel reminds him he may end up losing the shareholder trust if he continues this way. Roxana turns him down. She has no intention to marry a driver.
Benito runs off, Roxana asks the DJ to continue with the music. Gianna tries to go after him but Gael stops her. Favio hands over the evidence to Osvaldo and this accomplice and leaves. Sonia doesn’t seem happy; Aitana offers a glass of champagne to Osvlado. Sonia rushes and takes the glass from and tells her lades first. Osvaldo asks since when she is a lady, he takes the glass from her and they tease her. He tells her he was joking and tells her she is his queens and start kissing her. Aitana looks like she would have loved to be in Sonia’s place. Gael is high, Gianna is alert. She wants to know if he used drugs. He tells her no, but she doesn’t believe him. His attitude says otherwise. Gianna get angry and leaves, he tries to go after her but Roxana drugs him to the dance floor. Fiorella tells Eloisa she came purposely for Gianna. Eloisa thanks her for the story. She tells Fiorella she needs a vacation, Fiorella suggests she goes to Pillar’s house. The house is very nice; it will be good for her. Eloisa asks her how she knows about the house.

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