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Italian Bride Episode 118

Italian Bride Episode 118

Italian Bride Episode 118

Eloisa wants to know if Roxana is already aware he is asking for her hand. He tells her no but he is sure she will accept him. Eloisa wants to know how he intends to take care of Roxana. Benito tells her with his work. She gives him her blessing to marry Roxana, and asks him to leave. Gianna walks through the wood with a map searching for Gael. He finds her and tells her he has to surprise for her. He tells her she is love of his life and kisses her then leads her to the surprise. He leads her to a beautiful well decorated bed with fire and food. They start kissing and undressing each other. Aitana tries to fight Fiorella but Pedro pushes her aside. Fiorella tells her she left with Lucas to Italy and decided to come back. Aitana calls her a liar and tries to attack her. Pedro holds her back and asks him to control herself. Sergio tells Fiorella she can’t just leave and return to claim her job. Fiorella intends to ask Eloisa if she still need her services. They tell her she is not in the state to make a decision at the moment. Eloisa joins them and wonder why Julieta didn’t inform her she was coming back. Fiorella tells her she is not Julieta but Fiorella. Eloisa ignores her and hold her then calls her Julieta again. Fiorella leads Eloisa to her room, Aitana feels she deserve an explanation. Pedro tells her he has nothing to explain to her. He yells at her to leave the ranch right at his moment. Frederica enjoys the moment, Roxana says goodbye to her friend. Back in the wood Gianna heart is able to last till the end of an afternoon delight. Gael wants to know if she is ok, she assures him she is. He tells her he wanted their first time to be perfect. He wanted it to be the best day of their life. Benito runs to the kitchen and yells “she accepted, she accepted”. Simona rushes to him and hug him.
Fidel wants to know if he means Eloisa accepted he marries Roxana. Joaquina joins them; Benito tells them yes, Simona tells them it is love. Joaquina tells him Eloisa is sick, Benito careless. He tells her now nothing and no one can prevent him to propose to Roxana. Eloisa wants to know how Julieta trip went. she hopes Santino didn’t make a move on her. She feels uneasy and Fiorella helps her to seat down. Soon after the old annoying Eloisa is back and want to know what Fiorella is doing here. Fiorella hopes she still remember she agreed to let work after the wedding. Eloisa scolds her for running away without informing anyone. Fiorella sweet talk her and she accepts her back but warns her she has worked again to gain her trust. Eloisa joins her family downstairs and inform them Fiorella is returning to her post at the ranch. Frederica tells her she thought she was talking to Juieta. Eloisa tells her she was talking to Fiorella. She can’t mistake her for Julieta. Frederica wants Pedro to admit that he is happy Fiorella is back. Pedro is not in the mood for her stupid comment. Fiorella gives the good news to the employees; Benito wants to know about Lucas. Benito informs her he is going to get married. Joaquina wants Fiorella to make Benito change his mind. Simona cleans the place when Osvaldo’s phone rings. She hesitates then picks the call. Pedro passes by and hears her mention Favio’s name. He tells her to ask him if he is in Mexico. Favio tells her yes; Pedro makes her set a meeting with Favio. He asks Simona not to tell anyone about the calls and leaves. Fiorella returns to her room.

Aitana comes out and wants her to admit she run away with Pedro on their wedding day. Fiorella tells her no, Aitana doesn’t believe her and pushes her on the bed. Fiorella fight back and asks her to touch her. Fiorella tells her if Pedro didn’t show up for their wedding it is because he feels nothing for her. Aitana tells her she is only a servant and tries to attack her. Fiorella fight back until Fidel enters. Aitana yells at him to get lost because it is between her and Fiorella. She opens the door and asks him to leave but he refuses and throws her out. Pedro startles Favio at the café. Favio tells him he is expecting Osvaldo. He makes excuses about his wife being sick. He tries to leave but Pedro holds him and demand he tells him why he is avoiding him. Gianna and Fiorella catch up in the room. Gianna informs Fiorella she made love with Gael. Fiorella wonder when and how it happened. she tells her she is still young. Gianna tells her she is 19 years turning 20. Fiorella doesn’t feel it was right, Gianna though she will be happy for her. Fiorella tells her she still see her as a child thought she is grown woman. Fiorella wants to know if she is serious about Gael, she tells her yes. She tells her little sister she now a woman and pin her around. She sits her down and wants to know if they had protected sex. Gianna fells embarrass, Fiorella doesn’t think she should. She wants to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant and get STD. Gianna reminds her she and Gael are medical student.
Sonia, Osvaldo, Benigno and Aitana plan to accidentally harm Pedro. Pedro tells Favio Osvaldo was right when he said Favio was Benigno accomplice. Favio nearly spill the beans. He recalls Sonia and Osvaldo threat and assures him it is not his accomplice. Pedro wants to know if he has evidence he tells him yes. Pedro requests for the evidence, Favio agrees to give to him on condition he doesn’t tell anyone, especially Osvaldo. Pedro agrees and tells him he needs the evidence in the evening. He intends to expose Benigno at the shareholder meeting. Frederica tries to get the will back from Eloisa. The old lady reminds her she is not dying now so why worried about the will. Pedro asks Sonia to inform Frederica and Osvaldo about an emergency shareholder’s meeting. Osvaldo returns home and notices someone spoke with Favio on his phone. Sonia wonders if it could be Pedro. Osvaldo decides to call Favio. Favio lies to him that he is not back in Mexico but still in Italy. Pedro surprises his wife in her bedroom. They start kissing until they hear Dante and Gianna’s voice.

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