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Italian Bride Episode 117

Italian Bride Episode 117

Italian Bride Episode 117

Vittorio wants another chance to prove to Fiorella he loves her. Fiorella gave him a lot but he used her. She doesn’t love him so she can’t marry him. He took advantage of their advantage and used them but it is all over. Goodbye Vittorio Dragon and she wish him well then storms out. Gael sneaks into Gianna’s room she freaks out thinking it is Aitana. He came to give her a good night kiss. Dante enters Eloisa’s room and asks if she is ok. She tells him everyone keeps asking her the same question but she is fine. Dante tries to find out about the will but she tells him she doesn’t remember Frederica entering her room. She tells him her only agenda for today is to read and asks him to leave. She asks him to teach her how to paint, so she can paint the house and room. She tells him if Frederica feels bad she can join her to paint. She will feel better, Dante excuses himself and leaves. She checks to make sure Dante is really gone and makes a mean face. Joaquina overhears Benito tells Simona is going to asks for Roxana’s hand in marriage. She protests, he tells her he loves Roxana. Simona cheers him up, Joaquina scolds her. Fiorella informs Pedro about her confrontation with Pedro. He doesn’t like it that she confronted him because he doesn’t trust Vittorio. Fiorella tells him not to worry about her; Vittorio can’t do anything to her. Pedro tells her he can’t stop but worrying about her. She is the most important woman of his life. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her. He suggests she come to the ranch so he can protect her. Domingo enters Vittorio’s room to console him and tells him Dianna is also a good option. Fiorella doesn’t think it is a good idea to return to work at the ranch.
Pedro feels they can be together and continue with their plan. Aitana tells her father thanks to his stupidity Pedro found out about everything. Benigno warns her not to talk to him this way. Osvaldo interrupts them and tells not to worry. Pedro the idiot confided in him and they have the upper hand. He tells them the fool is lost and doesn’t know what to do or who to trust. He fells it is time to get rid of him definitely. Dianna refuses to be Anibal’s accomplice so he decides to kidnap his own son. Fiorella informs Rey and Adele that she is returning to the ranch to be near Pedro.

Rey wants to know what Pedro gives her that they don’t, they all laugh. Fiorella informs Gianna she is coming back to the ranch. Gael surprise Gianna with a new phone. Sonia is pissed she wasn’t invited to the meeting with Benigno and Aitana. Osvaldo reminds Sonia the only thing that exist between them is the deal. He tells her he will accidentally get rid of Pedro. Sergio calls Julieta and overhears Santino’s voice. He demands to know what Santino is doing in her room. Benito goes after Roxana at the university; she pushes him aside and leave. Eloisa wants to know why Pedro stood Aitana’s at the altar. She tells him Aitana is a good girl. Frederica joins them. Eloisa informs them she is going to the lawyer to make some changes in her will. Pedro doesn’t think it is a good idea because she is not well. Frederica asks Dante to make sure the lawyer doesn’t come to the house to see Eloisa.
Roxana and Gianna fight in class over her new phone. Gianna doesn’t pay attention to class and she looks under each table to find the next clue to Gael game. The lawyer arrives in the ranch and run into Frederica. She tells him Eloisa was rushed to the hospital, Dante back her up. Frederica asks Dante to give the details as he walks him to the door. Aitana interrupts Osvaldo and Pedro conversation. She wants to know if they can set a new date for the wedding. Pedro tells her it is not time to talk about the wedding. Fidel wonder why Benito is nicely dressed, Benito tells him he is going to ask for Roxana’s hand in marriage. Fidel wonder if he is gone crazy, Simona tells him Joaquina told him the same thing. Pedro joins the rest at the table, Aitana is present. Frederica mocks Aitana, Sergio and Osvaldo defend her. Anibal threatens Dianna to provide him information about Vitorio’s bank statement in exchange for Beto. Fiorella makes her grand entrance at the ranch and walks straight to the dining table. Pedro gets up from seat and walks towards her and asks her what she wants. Benito interrupts Eloisa’s reading and tells her he wants to marry Roxana.

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