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Italian Bride Episode 114

Italian Bride Episode 114

Italian Bride Episode 114

Sergio stops Pedro from entering the study, he informs him about Eloisa condition. Aitana breaks from the kiss and tells Osvaldo Pedro is around. Osvaldo doesn’t seem to bother and tries to resume. Pedro goes to the office; Aitana meets him at the door while Osvaldo hides behind it. She starts questioning him and demands to know hey he humiliated her in front of everyone. Pedro is not willing to speak, she starts yelling, and Sergio begs them to calm down. Aitana holds his hands and tries to drag him to the bedroom. He asks her not to touch him; he is going to see his grandmother. He closes his study and asks Sergio to come with him. Frederica wants to take advantage and change Eloisa’s will. Speaking of Eloisa she pretends to be asleep and listen to them. Sergio and Pedro enter and interrupt them. Frederica passes her usual sarcastic comment. Pedro warns her not to comment on what happen. Eloisa pretend to wake up and calls her grandson Pedro. Sergio is surprised she remembers him. Eloisa asks him why she should not recognizes him, does he thinks she is gone nut. Eloisa scolds him for leaving Aitana at the altar. Pedro thought she was sick, she blames him. The staff chats about Eloisa’s condition. Benito day dream and hopes she calls him the king of the ranch. Fidel doesn’t like their joke and reminds them she pays them. Simona asks him not to behave like Dante. Joaquina comes in and informs that Pedro is back. Gianna wonder if he came alone. Fidel pretend to cough to draw her attention, she quickly makes excuses. Frederica informs the rest that Pedro is back, Sonia want more information. They end up chatting about the fail wedding. Aitana and Sergio joins them, Sergio begs her to calm down. He understand her pain but it is not the right time for her argue with Pedro. Aitana disagrees, Pedro humiliated her, and she at least deserves an explanation. Frederica asks her to have a little dignity.
She reminds Aitana that Pedro stood her up on their wedding day. Yet she is here asking for explanation. It is obvious he wants nothing to do with her. Aitana doesn’t know why she is wasting her time listening to Frederica. The only person she needs to talk to is Pedro. She tries to join Pedro in Eloisa’s room but Sergio holds her back. Eloisa is back to her old annoying and domineering attitude. She tells Pedro is confusion is noting compare to the humiliation he put Aitana through. She informs his action put the family and the business at risk. Pedro thought she was really sick but he is glad to see his old bossy granny back. He takes her to the chair and wants to explain why he didn’t marry Aitana. He tells her it is very delicate and hopes she doesn’t interrupt him. Dante enters and tells her it is time for her drops. Eloisa get up and thanks Maximo for bringing her drugs. She informs him she has decided to put Pedro in charge of the company. Pedro wonders what wrong with her, Dante looks as confuse as the word confuse. Pedro leads her back to her bed and asks her to rest and leaves. Pedro informs the rest that granny is not well. He intends to speak with her doctor and see what is best for her. Osvaldo interrupts him, he disappear and return as if nothing happen. Frederica agrees; he needs to explain why he stood Aitana up. Aitana reminds Frederica she can speak for herself. Gael wants to know where he was. Roxana tells him it is not important. After all he is already back. She rather wants to know what will happen to the inheritance if Eloisa dies. Sonia asks her not to be insensitive. Roxana asks her not to be a hypocrite; she is also interested in the money. Sergio feels his mother is right, they are good for nothing. Osvaldo agrees with Roxana and wants to know how the inheritance will be shared.

Pedro tells them they are opportunist. Frederica warns to be careful. If not he may end up like Eloisa. Aitana can’t stand it anymore. She gets up and tells him she doesn’t care about their family issues. She wants to talk to Pedro now and alone. Aitana wants to know what next for them; Pedro suggests they take it a step at a time. Eloisa’s health is his preoccupation at the moment. Fiorella and Gianna chat over the phone. Fiorella informs her she is with Benito’s parent but she can’t tell anyone including Benito. Fidel interrupt Gianna and takes the phone away. Gael sneaks in to smooch. He tells her about the message from Garden Angel. Aitana informs Osvaldo about her conversation with Pedro. Fiorella and Pedro chat on phone, he needs her so much. They agree to meet the following day. Aitana enters and want to know who he is meeting the following day. He tells her a specialist to examine Eloisa, she doesn’t believe him. She tells him Benigno wants to see him the following day. He agrees to meet him but wants her out of his room he wants to sleep. Fiorella hides in the kitchen when someone rings the doorbell. Rey and his wife argue before they ask who is at the door. Fiorella is glad to see her sister; Gianna updates her on the ranch. Vittorio is going to the ranch to speak with Gianna to get information about Fiorella’s whereabouts. Dianna tries to discourage him but he asks her to mind her business. Gael informs Roxana about the mail, Roxana request for his contact. She leaves a message and asks Garden Angel to speak with her if he wants to help Gael. Pedro calls Favio but he refuses to pick. Benigno enters his office and requests to speak with him. Fiorella tries to catch up with her sister. Gianna assures her she is fine. Fiorella notices something is wrong, Gianna tells her about Aitana threats.
Fiorella reminds her no one mess with her little sister. She is going to the ranch to confront Aitana but Gianna stops her. She assures Fiorella she can handle it. Fiorella sacrifice so much for her. She feels it is time she pays her back. She asks Fiorella not to worry. Pedro is around and won’t anyone hurt her. Benigno tries to boss Pedro around for leaving his daughter at the altar. Benigno threatens to end their partnership. Pedro gets up from his chair and reminds him that business has nothing to do with the wedding. Benigno plays cool and request they set another date for the wedding. Pedro nicely asks him out of his office. Frederica asks her lawyer how long it will take to make a new will on behalf of Eloisa in which she will everything to her and Dante. She offers to pay him he has it done by the following day. Benigno informs Aitana he already spoke with Pedro. Aitana doesn’t believe Pedro, daddy cares less. She is going to marry him whether she likes it or not. Osvaldo enters and the conference room and wonders what wrong with her. He caresses her face. she tells him her father insists she married Pedro. He doesn’t care about her feelings. Sonia enters and wonders what is going on, Osvaldo assures her noting. Aitana decides to leave for work. Sonia teases her and wonders if she still intends to work in the company. She wonders if Aitana has some dignity. She reminds her Pedro just stood her up at the altar. Aitana tells Sonia her dignity is proportional to the father’s share in the company. She is going to work in the company that also belongs to her. Benito shows up at the university with a bunch of balloon for Roxana. Too bad she doesn’t appreciate it and leaves.
Fiorella wants Gianna to stay with her. Gianna reminds her it will look suspicious. Benito calls and wants to come over to talk to his father. Rey makes up some silly excuses to prevent him from coming home. Rey feels bad for lying to his son, he doesn’t like to see him feel bad. Gianna offers to cheer him up when she returns to the ranch. Joaquina tries to prevent Eloisa from going downstairs. Eloisa tells her she is perfectly fine and asks her to prepare her sauna. Vittorio comes in and requests to speak with Gianna. Just at that moment Pedro comes in. Eloisa soon joins them and asks Pedro why he didn’t come with Fiorella. Vittorio reproaches Pedro for running away with his fiancée. He also blames Eloisa, Pedro asks him no to pay attention to Eloisa. Vittorio tells him if he was man enough to steal his girlfriend. He should also be man enough to face the consequences.

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