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Italian Bride Episode 112

Italian Bride Episode 112

Italian Bride Episode 112

Pedro asks her if she is ready for their wedding. Gael is worried Gianna didn’t come to school. Roxana reminds him she is not her secretary. He tells her to ask Benito to take her home and leaves. She tries to call Benito and runs into wedding mystery man again at the university. This time she accuses him of supplying drugs to Gael. Mystery man assures her he doesn’t sell drugs. Dianna and her mother argue about Anibal threats. Her mother agrees with Anibal to tell the truth about Beto to Vittorio. Dianna wonders on whose side she is, she tells her on her grandson’s side. Dianna tells her she and Anibal will end up sending her to the psychiatric hospital. She is going to the pharmacy to get some drugs before she goes crazy. She opens the door and meets with Anibal. Aitana and Osvaldo arrive at Pillar’s place but the place is empty. They meets with the maid, they question her about Pedro. Aitana wants to know if he came with the lady. The woman tells them Pedro hasn’t been here for ages. The doctor informs Eloisa Simona is doing ok. He assures her Simona intoxication has nothing to do with her drops. Eloisa is a bit worried but he tells her if she takes the drop as instructed nothing will happen to her. Back at the wedding ceremony, Fiorella is happy about the whole things. Pedro gives the go ahead to the band to start, they play their theme song.
The ceremony begins, they both sign together with their witnesses. The judge tries to declare them husband and wife but Fidel interrupts him. Our wise man gives an emotional speech. Gianna also interrupts the judge and gives her speech. So does Pedro, follows by Fiorella, they smooch. The judge asks them to wait until he officially declares them husband and wife. He finally does, and calls Fiorella Mrs. Angeles, everyone claps and they kiss. Frederica wonder what happen with Eloisa’s drops. Fiorella thanks him for making her happy. He also thanks her; Gianna wishes them well so does Fidel. Heriberto comes in and also wish them well. Osvaldo and Aitana continue to interrogate the maid. Gianna informs Pedro and Fiorella that she saw Aitana and Osvaldo trace the SUV GPS. Pedro had everything plan very well. Fidel comes with the champagne. He serves everyone; they make a toast, more kisses between our newly wed. Pedro takes her on the Jet Ski and they speed off. Heriberto finally comes and pretend to be glad to see Osvaldo. he hopes Osvaldo remember him. He hopes Osvaldo isn’t here because he also thinks Pedro is around. Osvaldo wonder why, he tells him Fidel also came by looking for Pedro. He wants to know if something happen to Pedro. Osvaldo tells him nothing happens. Heriberto tells him Fidel is already gone. They thank him and leave. Aitana and the maid both notices Pedro shirt in the chair. Heriberto asks them to inform him if they hear anything about Pedro.

Anibal reunites with his son. Heriberto informs Pedro and the rest that Osvaldo and Aitana didn’t suspect anything. Gianna asks if they are going on honeymoon. Fiorella is already on her honeymoon. Pedro doesn’t know when he intends to return to the ranch. He wants to enjoy his wife for the meantime and kiss her. Gianna tells her she is keeping with the plan and tells anyone she left with Lucas. Fidel and Gianna leave our couple smooch again. He leads her to the bedroom, Heriberto and his wife chat about the whole things. Osvaldo and Aitana return to the house and meets Heriberto and his wife in the garden. Fiorella and Pedro didn’t close their window and kiss. Heriberto and his wife look worried. he smiles when he notices Pedro and Fiorella were out of reach. They all turn to their window but nothing to be seen. Heriberto assures them Pedro has not been there. Osvaldo offers him money to be his informant. Roxana questions Gael again and asks him if mystery man is not a dealer. They end up chatting about Gianna and Benito. Julieta informs Sergio her daughter was sent to the hospital by a couple after the accident. The accident prevented her from going to Rome to meet her adoptive parent. The couple who rescue her later adopted her. She is going to Italy to meet with her daughter. Sergio doesn’t feels it is necessary she leaves. She begs him not to be jealous and propose he comes with her. Sergio can’t go with her. Eloisa is not well and Pedro is also gone missing. She begs him to trust her and assures him nothing will happen with Santino. Dante add the drop to Eloisa’s water.
Frederica and Sonia argue over the table, Eloisa tells them she is not well. She going to her room to have her breakfast, she goes towards the kitchen. Dante tries to show her direction to her room. Eloisa thanks him and calls him Sergio, Dante also pretends to be Sergio. Gianna tells Gael she didn’t go to school because she felt bad. He asks her to hide when he notices someone approach the kitchen. They both laugh when they notices it is Benito. Gianna asks him to keep watch while she and Gael smooch in the kitchen. Benito tricks them and Gael leaves. He questions Gianna about her whereabouts; she refuses to answer and leaves. Vittorio tells Rey Eloisa confirmed that Pedro left alone but he can’t help to think that they are together. Rey advises to give an opportunity to Dianna. Aitana and Osvaldo inform Benigno about Pillar’s house. Benigno barely pays attention or listen to them. He searches for something among the documents. Aitana wonders what he is looking for; he tells her his pen drive. She can’t believe he prefers to search for his pen drive instead of listening to them. He tells her the USB contains the information she leaked to him concerning the stock. And yes, the USB is more important than what they have to tell him. She wonders how he can lose the pen drive and asks if he is gone crazy. He tells her no, but he will go crazy if he doesn’t find it. Benigno reminds he is her father and demands she respect him. Osvaldo defends Aitana and wonders how he can lose the pen drive. He sees the pen drive and check to confirm if the information is still on it. Pedro informs Fiorella he made a copy of the information he found on Benigno USB. He didn’t want them to suspect anything. Aitana suggests to her father he deletes the information on the USB.

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