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Italian Bride Episode 111

Italian Bride Episode 111

Italian Bride Episode 111

Gianna begs Aitana to let her out of the sauna. Aitana will if only she tells her about Pedro and Fiorlla whereabouts. Gianna sticks to her story, Fiorella left with Lucas not Pedro. Thanks God Gael shows up and wonders what wrong. Aitana and Osvaldo tell him Gianna accidentally got lock in the sauna. Aitana finally opens the door and threatens her not to say a word to anyone. Gael takes Gianna and leaves; Aitana tells him she is sure Gianna knows something. The doctor informs Eloisa she might have anemia and gives her a list of things to avoid. Fiorella wonder how they will be when they get married, he tells her happy. Gael takes Gianna to the kitchen and gives her water. He wants her to tell him what happen. She lies but he doesn’t believe her. He wants to know if Aitana and Osvaldo are behinds it, Gianna refuses to answer. Aitana loiters by and listen to their conversation. Gianna tries to tell him the truth and sees Aitana. She makes up stories and leaves, Aitana smiles. Diana enters Vittorio’s office and proposes her services. Too bad the old man is thinking about Fiorella, he tells her the letter will help him find her. She tells him Fiorella left him. she is with him and asks him to appreciate her presence. Her phone rings and leaves to answer it, Anibal calls to inform her he is coming out tomorrow. He asks her to get his room ready, because he is staying with her. Santino informs Julieta that their daughter didn’t die in the accident. Sergio walks on them and feel fulfil though he sees them hug Santino. Dianna tells Anibal that her house is out. Anibal threatens to inform Vittorio she stole his money.
Frederica celebrates Eloisa’s health. She pours herself two glasses of tequila and hands one to Dante. She tells Dante this is their shot. If he adds more drop than necessary to Eloisa water she will end up having stroke. Dante won’t do it; she tells him if Eloisa go crazy she can easily manipulate her. She will make Eoisa sign whatever documents she gives her. Dante reminds her he will be the only one held responsible if anything should happen to Eloisa. Frederica tries to convince him but he tells her he won’t do it that is final. She wants to know why he is defending Eloisa. Dante tells her he is protecting himself. Fiorella wakes again and Pedro is not in bed, she goes to the kitchen. Pedro is nowhere to be found, she looks around but doesn’t see him. She sees Heriberto; he tells her Pedro left home early morning. She decides to prepare breakfast. Simona offer to call the doctor for Gianna but she refuses. Simona knows what happen to her, she knows Gianna misses Fiorella. Simona wants to know if she has a chance with Vittorio. Pedro goes shopping for Fiorella. Fiorella made breakfast and she is worried Pedro is not back. She decides to call him but he left his phone at home. She hopes noting happen to Pedro, she decides to call fidel. Osvaldo enters the kitchen and sees Pedro calling. He picks the call but Fiorella hangs up and freaks out. Fidel returns and Osvaldo tells him it was Pedro but he picked the call. Osvaldo questions Fidel, Fidel denies any knowledge of his whereabouts. Osvaldo orders him to call Pedro back, Fiorella cut the call. Rey tells Vittorio that Pedro also disappear just like Fiorella. Vittorio wants details. Rey informs him Pedro didn’t show up at the church for the wedding.

Fidel informs Eloisa Osvaldo wants him to drive him since Pedro is not around. Eloisa sees nothing wrong; Fidel prefers to wait in case Pedro needs him. Julieta is in a good mood. She happily tells Sergio Santino confirm their daughter is not dead. Sergio is happy to see in such a good mood. She informs him she is going to Italy with Sanitno the following day to investigate. Sergio doesn’t look happy at all. Eloisa reinstates Benito as a driver again. She warns him not to do anything stupid if not she will throw him out for good. Benito taps Roxana and Gael‘s shoulder and asks them if they are ready to leave for school. Eloisa asks him not to touch Roxana. Benito will drive Gianna to school. Gael and Roxana will take the other car. She warns Gael and Roxana not to cuddle in the car. Dante shows up with the drop and informs her he added the right number. Osvaldo calls Aitana to compliment her on their plot the previous night. Sonia hides and listens to him, he requests for a meeting to plan their next plot. Sonia wants to know what is happening between him and Aitana. He tells her nothing special, Aitana believes Gianna knows Fiorella and Pedro whereabouts. Sonia tells him to rather concentrate on pleasing Eloisa. Osvaldo tells her he needs Benigno and Aitana support. Sonia doesn’t like his alliance with Aitana. Pedro finally returns home, she tells him about the call. She tells him Osvaldo picks Fidel call, she is worried they will find them. Pedro hands over a box to her and tells her he is preparing a surprise for them. He wants her to wear it someone will come for her later. As soon as she goes upstairs Pedro calls Fidel and confirms everything is ready.
He asks him not to worry about the call. But he wants we don’t get to hear instantly. Fiorella makes herself beautiful and takes out a white sexy mini dress out of the box. Fidel enters Gianna’s room and asks her not to go to school. He spoke to Pedro and wants to tell her a secret. Aitana and Osvaldo plot. they both believe Fidel and Gianna are up to something. Vittorio goes to the ranch to speak with Pedro, he meets with Simona. She informs him Pedro is not around. Vittorio ushers himself in and demands to know about Pedro’s whereabouts. Eloisa asks Dante to help as she joins Vittorio. Frederica takes advantage and add her drop into Eloisa’s water. Eloisa assures Vittorio no one knows about Pedro whereabouts. Frederica joins them and tells him Fiorella and Pedro run away the same day. Simona decides to eat Frederica’s food, she accidentally put chilly in her mouth and drinks Eloisa’s water. Eloisa and Frederica look on in horror, Simona apologizes. Eloisa hopes her blood pressure doesn’t drop. Simona asks her not to worry and leaves. Eloisa asks Dante to prepare another glass for her. Aitana runs to Fidel and tricks him to come with her. Osvaldo takes advantage and enters his car to check Fidel destination. He traces the car navigation system to Pillar’s house. Osvaldo tells Aitana is knows Pedro whereabouts. Fiorella comes downstairs and Heriberto inform her he is to take her to meet Pedro. Vittorio tells Eloisa he is sure Pedro run away with Fiorella. Eloisa doubts, Simona collapses, Eloisa yells Dante’s name. Heriberto leads Fiorella to a beach.
The place has been well decorated for a romantic wedding. Pink petals shape a stage where the bands are set up. There is a small wooden waterfront, decorated with pink petal and green plant with white fabric wrapped over the poles. Gianna comes out and calls Fiorella’s name. Fiorella rushes into her sister’s arms and wonder what is happening. Fidel also comes out; he is not in uniform but nicely dressed. Gianna hands over the bouquet to Fiorella. Fidel tells her Pedro asks to come and witness. She wonder witness what. He turns and shows her someone riding a jet ski approaching them. Pedro arrival nicely dressed and asks her if she is ready. she wonders ready for what. He tells her ready for their wedding.

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