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Italian Bride Episode 101

Italian Bride Episode 101

Italian Bride Episode 101

Fiorella asks Lucas to respect her decision but Pedro had already left thinking she agreed to be Lucas’s lover. Ramiro goes to Vittorio’s restaurant Dianna usher him in and leaves. Benito enters Eloisa’s room just after she has taken her bath. She is surprise to see him and wonder how he got in. Pedro informs Fidel about the Fiorella and Lucas conversation, he feels he is a fool for suffering because of Fiorella. Fidel tells him it happens when we are in love. Pedro understands she can’t Mary him because of Vittorio’s illness. But he didn’t except her to accept Lucas proposal. He feels his granny was right; he needs a woman who is noble, and principle. Someone who will never betray him, little does he know that Benigno is planning to take over the Angeles Empire. Celeste is glad everything is going according to plan all thanks to Aitana. Aitana is glad and tells him she follows the instruction to the latter. She is only worry that Pedro is not in love with her. Daddy feels she needs to give Pedro a baby and they all rejoice. Eloisa agrees to let him return to the ranch but it won’t be with Roxana. Benito has been demoted from being a driver to the stableman. As soon as Benito leaves her room she laughs and says he will regret it. Ramiro tells Vittorio he is Dianna’s neighbor but she doesn’t know. He watches her all the time with her son, Vittorio asks him which son. Pedro drinks and recalls his first kiss with Fiorella. He also recalls her conversation with Lucas and can’t believe it. Just at that moment Fiorella comes to the study. She wants to know what will happen to Gianna after the wedding. Pedro yells and calls her a liar and hypocrite, Fiorelal wonders what wrong with her. Osvaldo gives some instruction to those fixing the cameras in the company. He notices Dante absence; one guy tells him he is Pedro’s office. Osvaldo comes in and sees him going through some documents. Fiorella tells Pedro she has no idea what he is talking about. Pedro yells at her and asks her not to play the innocent, he storms out and she follows him. Dante reminds Osvaldo he ordered him to go round and make sure everything is ok.
Osvaldo also reminds Pedro’s office is not included. Dante tells him he wants to make sure they are no secret cameras in Pedro’s office to leak confidential information like the stock saga. Osvaldo thinks he has a point and leaves him in the office. He takes advantage and steals the document. Vittorio tells Ramiro Dianna doesn’t have a baby, Beto is her nephew. Ramiro wants to know if they are dating. Vittorio tells him he is engaged to be married. Simona is late to serve dinner, Gianna offers to serve. Sonia wants details of Gael and Roxana relationship. Joaquina accidentally breaks a place when she hears they are dating. Roxana denies it; Sonia tells them Osvaldo told them. Frederica wants details, and they look forward for a big wedding. Gianna is around which makes Gael a bit uncomfortable. Roxana exaggerate some details, Sonia requests for a kiss. Frederica back her up; Eloisa is not at the table so everything is allowed. Frederica insists they kiss, Gael makes excuses, and Roxana kisses his cheek. Sonia requests for a deep kiss, they had no option but to kiss. Gianna furiously walks away follows by Joaquina. Julieta informs Sergio she will get news about her daughter the following day. She will finally know if she is dead or alive. Sergio has nothing to say than to insult Santino. Julieta yells at him, he apologizes and promises to control his jealousy. He wonders why she and Santino never look for their daughter until now. Julieta herself doesn’t know may some circumstance bring back memories. Sergio wonder why should the Italians presence affect her, she tells him Fiorella is her daughter’s age. Fiorella wonders why Pedro insulted her without given her an explanation. Gianna is already pissed off about the kiss and now takes her frustration on her sister. She is tired of Pedro this and Pedro that, I love him and I hate him. He is going to marry Aitana, I have to marry Vittorio. Fiorella wonders why she is speaking to her this way; Gianna tells her the world doesn’t resolver around her wedding.

She loves Pedro yet insists on marrying Vittorio. Lucas shows her and he is also offering her the moon but she rejects him. Gianna feels she is also obsess about Vittorio. Fiorella tells her it is not an obsession but she made a promise. Giana reminds her she also promises everything will be fine when they get to Mexico. Fiorella finally realizes what wrong with her little sister. She asks her what happen with Gael this time, what happen is that she is now part of their circus. She asks Fiorella to worry Vittorio; she will also worry about her problem. Roxana recalls the kiss with Gael, just at that moment Gael comes in. he came to apologizes for the kiss; she tells him it means nothing to her. She refuses he touches her and asks him to leave her room. Pedro is drunk and calls Fiorella a gold digger and a tramp. Fidel doesn’t believe him, and wonder what he intend to do if it the truth. Pedro doesn’t know but he thinks Vittorio needs to know. Fidel reminds him the old man is sick, Pedro decides to talk to Lucas. Dante hands over the documents to Frederica and she celebrates. Sonia and Frederica inform Eloisa about Roxana and Gael’s relationship. Eloisa object, Roxana can’t believe it. She objects her relationship with Benito and now objecting with Gael too. Fiorella and Gianna are over each other in the kitchen during a meal. Benito informs him about his returns. Joaquina hopes he won’t get himself into any trouble again. Fidel joins Joaquina and assures her Benito is a good kid for her daughter. Joaquina doesn’t want them to have problem with Eloisa. Fiorella wonders what secret Fidel and Joaquina are sharing. She teases them about being in a secret relationship, Gianna doesn’t like her joke.
Benigno tells Osvaldo he got what he wanted and hopes he won’t betray him. Osvaldo gains nothing in preventing the wedding. He even wishes they get married as soon as possible. He however wants to be president. Benigno suggests they discuss it on a different day. As soon as Osvaldo leaves, Beningo calls him imbecile and test his wife to get ready. Dante hands over the stolen documents to Frederica’s lawyer. Gianna is angry with Gael about the kiss, Roxana informs Benito about the kiss. Gael and Gianna make up and kiss in the kitchen. Roxana and Benito also make up and kiss in the stable. He notices Dante and throws her in the hay. As soon as Dante leaves they continue. The merger takes place, all documents signed without the presence of Pedro. Aitana doesn’t understand why Pedro is absent, so is Eloisa. Osvaldo feels they don’t need him, he can take charge. Sonia is glad her husband will be in charge of the new company. Frederica passes her usual sarcastic comment. Benigno tries to make a call then realized he left his phone somewhere. Vittorio visits his fiancée at the ranch. He shows her a picture of their new home; the place is suitable for Gianna’s condition. Pedro confront Lucas in the restaurant.

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