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I Forgot I Love You Episode 053

I Forgot I Love You Episode 053

I Forgot I Love You Episode 053

At the Coronel mansion dinner table. Rosalia tells the family that Romon and his father were the ones who took care for her all these years. She hid Romon from the family so as to protect him from Melchor. Alba asks what Romon does for a living. He says he’s a builder, but on vacation for the time being. Alfredo tries to be disrespectful, but Gilberto shuts him down.

Chivero sees Melchor on the street and they throw jibe at each other. Pasqual comes with the househelp Emilia to Sonia’s room. Sonia throws a tantrum and flings her food at Emilia, complaining that it’s cold. Pasqual tries to calm her down, she then asks for a piece of cake.

Gilberto is on his way out of the house. He sees Pasqual in the hallway. Pasqual advises him to inform Walkin Belmont that he ( Gilberto ) was married to Maria Clara. Florencia has met her bail terms. Magdalena and Dairo comes to pick her from the police station.

Florencia is back home with Dairo and Magdalena. Chivero comes in to inform them that Rómulo is on the run. The police gathered that he’s hiding in Spain. He tells Florencia to come to the police station later for some finger prints test. It’s possible Rómulo forged some of Florencia’s signature. If he doesn’t show up with the money he embezzled, Florencia will be jailed. Chivero assures them that he will arrest Rómulo.

Rosalia invites Romon to move into the Coronel mansion. He protests, she tells him to think about it. Pasqual comes to pick Romon for a tour in the Coronel winery.

Dario is at the police station. Chivero interrogates him about Olivia’s death. Dario says the police report stated that Olivia slitted her own wrist inside a bathtub , so why is He being interrogated. He shows Dario the security camera footage . Dario explains that he only visited Olivia to ask for a document .

Pasqual takes Romon round the winery. He asks Pasqual the reason behind Alfredo’s nasty behavior. Pasqual says his sister just married a mad man.

Walkin Belmont comes to see Gilberto in his office. Gilberto starts talking about Maria Clara. Maria Clara comes in and Gilberto urges her to tell Walkin Belmont who she is to the Coronel family . Walkin Belmont says he’s aware Maria Clara is his ex wife. He expresses his condolences for Cecilia’s death. Gilberto asks whether he doesn’t find it odd that Maria Clara recommended him to invest in the Coronel winery. Mr. Walkin Belmont says that he only agreed to invest because his wife said the Coronel winery is the best, except Gilberto doesn’t think so. He steps out to receive a phone call. Maria Clara threatens to destroy Gilberto. Gilberto gets a phone call.

At the police station. Gilberto tells Chivero that Olivia committed suicide so as to avoid being jailed for killing Celestina. Chivero says it’s possible that Olivia was murdered.

Florencia bumps into Gilberto at the police station. He tries to cheer her up. She says she never want to see any Coronel, except Rómulo. She want him to be arrested. Gilberto says he had Olivia’s document, but someone stole it and gave the police. He wonders who stole it because Olivia had committed suicide . Florencia says his father must be the one who stole the document .

Magdalena comes to see Rosalia and begs her to help find Rómulo. Rosalia says she hasn’t heard from Rómulo. Magdalena says the police informed her that Rómulo is in Spain. If he doesn’t come to clear things with the police, Florencia will spend ten years in jail. Rosalia promises to let her know if Rómulo calls.

Gilberto sees Pasqual outside the house. He tells him the police suspects that Olivia didn’t commit suicide. Alfredo asks the company secretary to inform him if anyone calls for him. She sneers and tells him that nobody ever asks after him. Alfredo says she’s a bitter person.

Alba confronts Alfredo in her office. He’s spending too much of the company’s money. He threatens to report her to the police for killing Manuel if she doesn’t do his bid. Romon comes into Alfredo’s office and commends that the place is beautiful. Alfredo tries to badmouth the Coronel. Romon says he’ll continue his tour. He leaves.

Rosalia secretly calls Rómulo on the phone. She informs him that the police knows that he’s in Spain. She advises him to relocate. Magdalena gets home and tells Dario that Rosalia doesn’t know Rómulo’s whereabout. Florencia comes in and says that whoever stole Olivia’s document from Gilberto must be protecting Rómulo. Dario is quiet.

At the Coronel mansion. Gilberto tries to cheer Pasqual up. He tells him that it’s not his fault that Sonia is now paralyzed. It’s was an accident. He invites him out for dinner, in order to have a talk. Pasqual comes into Sonia’s room and informs her that he’s eating out with Gilberto. She throws a jibe at him. He ignores and leaves.

Rosalia tries to get Romon to follow Gilberto and Pasqual out for dinner but he declines. It’s obvious Gilberto and Pasqual doesn’t want him either. In a restaurant. Gilberto tells Pasqual that he has a plan to fix the problem about Maria Clara. They see Florencia walks in and take a table not too far away.

Dinner at the Coronel mansion. Alfredo continues being bitchy. Romon confronts him. Alfredo makes fun of Maria Clara intentions to destroy Gilberto and puts him on the street.

Gilberto approaches Florencia at the restaurant. She warns him to stay away, her mother is on her way here . Gilberto stands up and announces to the entire restaurant that he loves Florencia. He tells them to help share the gossip. Magdalena and Dairo watches the scene in shock, as they walk in. Florencia explains that Gilberto is very drunk.

Sonia crawls from her bed to the floor of her room. She pretends to have fallen. Pasqual comes in and comforts her. She claims she wanted to get her glass of water without disturbing anyone. Pasqual is not convinced. Rosalia tries to discuss with Gilberto about the issue with Maria Clara.

Alfredo secretly tries in vain to reach Maria Clara on phone. He leaves a voicemail. Gilberto assures Rosalia that he has plans to handle Maria Clara. He also urges her to set Alfredo straight. She shouldn’t allow him to be disrespectful to her.

Dario is standing at entrance door of the Rivero house , very worried. He remembers the accident that killed Laurena. He also remember’s stealing Olivia’s document and giving it to Melchor in exchange for his freedom . Magdalena comes behind him and tries to cheer him up. He confesses to her that he abandoned Laurena at the accident scene because he was scared of being arrested. Laurena didn’t deserve that. Magdalena says he must face the problem. She also says that they will move past this together. Dario is crying.

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