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I Forgot I Love You Episode 052

I Forgot I Love You Episode 052

I Forgot I Love You Episode 052

At the sleazy apartment where Sonia managed to rent . She is lying unconscious in a bed. Pasqual rushes in with the landlord. They call for an ambulance. Dario sneaks into Gilberto’s office and steals Olivia’s document from the safe.

Florencia informs Magdalena that the wedding will be at the vineyard. Magdalena gives her her own old wedding dress. Florencia is elated. Dario comes in and reluctantly agrees to walk her down the isle. At the Coronel mansion. Pasqual tucks in Sonia into bed. She tries to be affectionate with him , but he ignores her outstretched hand and walks out.

A very confused Alba is standing in front of the police station. Alfredo runs to her and dissuades her from turning herself in for killing Manuel’s. Dario meets Melchor in the study. He gives him Olivia’s document in exchange for his freedom, he want to stop working at the Coronel winery.  He tells Melchor that the document will destroy Rómulo. Melchor glances through it and with smug on his face says it’s a deal. Dario leaves.

Melchor is seated at the boardroom in the Coronel winery. He threatens to turn Alfredo in to the police for killing Celestina. Alfredo dares him to do so, for he’ll also tell the police about Alba’s crime. Gilberto, Pasqual and Alba comes in and greets their father. Melchor tells them that, he’s disappointed that they all turned their back against him in the business. He hands over his resignation letter. Everyone is shocked. He then leaves the place .

Gilberto meets Melchor at the winery and they both accuse each other of betrayal. Gilberto is back in his office. He’s shocked to discover that Olivia’s document is not in the safe. Alba comes in to inform him about Rómulo and Florencia’s wedding. Now Gilberto is so devastated.

Rosalia and her lawyer are in the study with Melchor. They discuss about her share of the Coronel fortune. Melchor with a resigned look signs 50% off to her including the Coronel mansion. Gilberto comes to see Florencia at home. He tries in vain to discourage her from marrying Rómulo. She’s adamant, says she has made up her mind.

Antonio is with Melchor in the study. Melchor shows him Olivia’s document and says that Dario does not know the seriousness of the content. He orders Antonio to give the document to the police.

Gilberto in his office is signing the partnership agreement with Walkin Belmont. Maria Clara comes in and Walkin Belmont introduces her as his fiance. Gilberto is flabbergasted. Walkin Belmont steps out to receive a phone call. Maria Clara tells Gilberto that she’ll never be out of their lives, she’ll seek for revenge .

Melchor is in the study. He stealthily opens the safe and picks out a small box. He puts the box in a bag and goes to the living room. Pasqual, Sonia, little Maria and Rosalia are there to bid him farewell. The great Melchor is being thrown out of the Coronel mansion. Sonia is so happy. Melchor promises to repossess his house sooner than they think.

Gilberto is seated in his office wearing a worried look. He ignores all phone calls. It’s the day of wedding. Chivero and his colleague comes to the Rivero’s house. They have arrest warrant for Florencia. It’s so pathetic. Florencia , Dario and Magdalena are shocked, they asks for explanation . Chivero tells them that Florencia is being charged with fraud and embezzlement.

Gilberto makes a phone call to Olivia, he lives a voicemail that he’s coming to her apartment with money in exchange for her document. He hangs up, and leaves the office with a suitcase in hand.

Florencia in her wedding dress is being taken to the police station. Dario protests that Rómulo is the culprit, he’s the accountant. Chivero tells Dario that he’ll have to proof it, because Florencia’s signature is on all the document. Chivero promises to help her.

Rómulo is at the wedding venue , very agitated wondering why Florencia hasn’t come. In the Coronel mansion. Rosalia, Alba, Alfredo, Pasqual and little Maria are leaving for Rómulo’s wedding. Sonia watches them leave and hurries back upstairs.

Gilberto is at Olivia’s apartment. He knocks the door but there’s no answer. He noticed that the door is open. He goes inside. Sonia is hastily parking little Maria’s belongings. Gilberto searches Olivia’s apartment and runs out of the place with a horrific look.

Rómulo is relieved to see the Rivero’s car coming. Dario comes out of the car and hit him in the face. Rómulo is shocked. Magdalena tells him about Florencia’s predicament . Rómulo assures them that he’ll sort it out. He tries to reach Olivia on phone.

In Olivia’s apartment. Her phone keeps ringing. She’s lying dead in the bathtub. The water has turned red with her blood.

Magdalena and Dairo are at the police station. Modero informs them that Chivero is out on an assignment, but will soon join them . They are disappointed to also learn that Florencia is kept in a cell. Rómulo is peeping at them through the window.

Pasqual comes home and sees Sonia sneaking out with little Maria. He tries to reach stop her, and they starts struggling. Gilberto looks up and sees the commotion. He’s gripped with horror as he has a quick flashback from his childhood. How their nanny fell from the same spot and died. He shouts for Pasqual to stop but it was too late. Pasqual pushes Sonia, she falls over the banister and lands on floor of the living room. Gilberto picks his phone and calls for an ambulance.

Gilberto meets his mother and asks whether as a child, he was the one who pushed their nanny. Rosalia nods. He asks how come she took responsibility all these years. Rosalia responds that she’ll do that again and again.

Florencia is seated in a police cell crying. Chivero and his colleagues are in Olivia’s apartment. The security camera shows pictures of Gilberto coming in and leaving the apartment. Chivero is so worried.

Gilberto is seated in his father’s chair in the study. He receives a phone calls , hangs up and rushes out.

At the police station. Gilberto visits Florencia in her cell. She’s crying. He says he’s sorry, he wasn’t aware of her predicament. They touched hands across the iron bars that’s between them. Pasqual is on phone with the doctor. Sonia is fine.

Melchor is seated in a church. Rev. Father Francis comes in to tease him. He asks him to come to the confessional. Melchor argues with him about Rosalia. He says he’ll get his family back very soon. He leaves the place.

It’s dinner at the Coronel mansion. Gilberto makes a toast to Rosalia. It’s her birthday. There’s a knock at the door. A young man comes in with flowers. He addresses Rosalia as; mother . Rosalia introduces him to them as their brother. There’s shock and an uneasiness around the table.

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