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I Forgot I Love You Episode 051

I Forgot I Love You Episode 051

I Forgot I Love You Episode 051

Florencia is still at her father’s grave. Magdalena with flowers in hand joins her. She tells Florencia that it’s better that her father is not around to witness Dario’s endless problems.

Pasqual and Alba are seated with Gilberto in his office. They discuss about Walkin Belmont’s proposal to invest in the Coronel winery. They plan to exclude their father in the deal .

Alba meets with Alfredo in the winery. He pressures her to tell him about what was discussed in the meeting with her brothers. She gives in, and he then asks her to transfer her own shares to him. She protests, but he threatens to report her to the police for killing Manuel.

Maria Clara pays a surprise visit to Gilberto in his office. She says she only came to say hello. She leaves her complimentary card, and tells him to call her later for a drink. She leaves.

Sonia is moving out of the Coronel mansion. Melchor comes in in his wheelchair and mocks her. He says that she would have still been with her husband if she hadn’t challenged him. He asks her for the house keys and she drops it on the floor . She leaves. Melchor, thinking that he’s alone, stands up and picks the key. His ex wife Rosalia is watching in amazement by the banister.

Maria Clara is walking to the Coronel mansion. She sees Sonia with her belongings standing outside. They exchange looks without speaking a word. Maria Clara walks past her.

Pasqual is in his bedroom. His step mother Rosalia comes in and tries to cheer him up concerning his seperation from Sonia. She also informs him that Melchor is pretending using the wheelchair. He can walk.

Maria Clara is with Melchor in the study. He orders her to leave. She says she came to make peace, as part of her rehabilitation process. She apologises for past mistakes and gives him a box of chocolates. Melchor is not convinced.

Florencia meets Rómulo in the Rivero winery. They discuss about how Dario is now producing high quality wine for the Coronel. They plan to get him back to work in the Rivero winery.

Melchor’s ex wife Rosalia meets him in the study and hands over a document. She says that’s all the money he sent her over the years. She never spent any. She demands for her share of half of the Coronel’s fortune.

Melchor is having a heated discussion with his lawyer Antonio. Antonio advises him to settle his ex wife out of court else he’ll loose everything. He also tells Melchor that his children are secretly making plans to partner with Walkin Belmont . He warns him not to count on them to support him.

Florencia and Rómulo continues to discuss about Dario. They both agree that it’s possible Dario is being forced to work for the Coronel.

Gilberto is in a restaurant with Maria Clara. She claims to have changed to a better person. She asks for a divorce devoid of any complications. She doesn’t want his money.

Florencia and Rómulo are in a restaurant. They see Maria Clara seated across. Florencia asks Rómulo whether he loved Maria Clara. Rómulo says no, and that his eyes are only on Florencia. He again begs her to marry him. Florencia says yes, she’ll marry him. They hug and kiss.

Florencia is back home. Magdalena and Dario asks whether she’s sure she want to marry Rómulo. Florencia says she’s doesn’t know, and that’s why she needs their support. Dario is not happy.

Chivero visits Gilberto in his office. He asks him about Olivia. Gilberto lies and says Olivia only called him on the phone. She informed him she’s leaving town. He doesn’t know where she is. Chivero says he hopes that he’s not lying to him. He leaves. Gilberto picks his phone and calls Olivia . He informs her that the police are after her, and that he lied to them. He says that he did her a favour, so now they are even. Olivia argues and says that her document is worth more. Dario is eavesdropping on Gilberto all the while.

Olivia sees Maria Clara walking on the street.

Dario goes to the Rivero winery and confronts Rómulo. He threatens him that there’s a document that will proof to Florencia that he’s a scum. Rómulo tells him off.

Melchor calls Pasqual, Gilberto and Alba to the study. He tries to win them over against their mother. Pasqual tells Melchor that he should stop the pretense, he doesn’t need the wheelchair. They tell him that he should sort things out with their mother. They don’t want to be caught in the middle. They all leaves. Rosalia comes inside the study and mocks him.

Olivia catches up with Maria Clara on the street. She asks her for them to be partners against the Coronel. She tells Maria Clara to give her money to finish off their previous business. Maria Clara says she had planned with her to tamper with the breaks of Melchor’s car, but that was in the past. She says she’s now a new person, she won’t be her accomplice. She warns Olivia that she ( Olivia ) has many enemies including Melchor. She walks away.

Rómulo and Florencia are walking in the Rivero vineyard. He proposes for them to push up their wedding date and marry tomorrow. Florencia hesitates for just a moment, and then agrees. The wedding will be tomorrow.

Dario pays a surprise visit to Olivia at her apartment. He tells her that he heard she has a document that will expose Rómulo. He’s ready to pay for it so as to stop Florencia from marrying him. Olivia says that the document is with Gilberto. She gives give him the combination to Gilberto’s office safe .

Gilberto, Pasqual and Alba are discussing about their plans to partner with Walkin Belmont. Gilberto suggests that they sell some of their shares to Walkin Belmont. Alba gets nervous and informs them that, she has transferred her shares to Alfredo. Gilberto and Pasqual are shocked.

Gilberto, Pasqual and Alba approaches Alfredo to transfer back Alba’s shares. They say it will enable them partner with Walkin Belmont. Alfredo mocks them and says that now he’s their equal. He says henceforth, they can’t treat him like an outsider. He refuses to give back the shares. Gilberto is livid, he says he’s going to find out why Alba gave him the shares. Gilberto and Alfredo leaves . Pasqual asks Alba to please tell him why she did it. Alba says she has done horrible things. She starts crying and hugs Pasqual.

Alfredo comes to see Melchor in the study and brags about him finally being a share holder. Melchor treathens to tell the police that he murderered Celestina. Alfredo tells him not to do it else he’ll regret it. He storms out of the place.

Sonia is in some sleazy room. She calls Pasqual on the phone. She says this is her final goodbye, and that she can’t live without him and her daughter. Pasqual asks in fright what she intends doing. She hangs up and then picks a bottle pills on the side table.

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