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I Forgot I Love You Episode 050

I Forgot I Love You Episode 050

I Forgot I Love You Episode 050

In the restaurant. Maria Clara asks Florencia why she’s just starring at her. She tells Florencia that she’ll soon find out why she returned back in town.

At the Coronel mansion. Chivero questions Alba about Manuel. She says she hasn’t heard from him. Chivero asks whether she knows the kind of relationship that exists between Olivia and Manuel. The police found Olivia’s number on Manuel’s phone call register. The two were in constant touch. Alba is surprise, because Olivia was the murder suspect in Manuel’s girlfriend’s ( Celestina ) death.

Rómulo follows Florencia into the Rivero winery. They argue about why she turned down his marriage proposal. She says she want to focus on finding out the truth surrounding her father’s death. Rómulo says he has decided to stick around a bit longer to take care of her.

Alba is in her office at the Coronel winery. Alfredo comes in and says she needs to be resting after her abduction trauma. Alba tells him about Olivia and Manuel being accomplices. Alfredo is shocked at this. He says it now make sense. He picks his phone and calls Olivia. He asks to meet her.

Olivia is standing by the road. She’s speaking on the phone with Alfredo. She tells him that she’s busy at the moment, she’ll see when she can. She hangs up and is surprise to see Chivero standing beside her. He asks her about Manuel. She tries to deny knowing him , but gives in after Chivero tells her about the phone records. She says Manuel contacted her after she was released from prison. Chivero persists, says that there were 22 calls within 4 days between the two of them. She lies that she eventually had a one night stand with Manuel. She says she doesn’t know his whereabout at the moment. Chivero says he’s not convinced. He treathens to be watching her. He walks away.

Olivia gets into her car. She had Manuel hidden inside all the while. He’s badly wounded. She gives him money and orders him to go finish the business with Alfredo. He should kill him.

Rómulo is in the Coronel winery. He bumps into Gilberto and they argue over Florencia. Rómulo says he just came to see Alba. He also tells Gilberto to forget about Florencia, she’s his ( Rómulo ).

Gilberto angrily watches as Rómulo walks away. He picks his phone and calls Olivia. He says he’s very interested in the incriminating information she has about Rómulo.

Dario is being interrogated at the police station by Chivero. He denies being the one behind the wheel in the accident that killed Laurena. Chivero tells him to get a good lawyer.

A broken Dario gets home. Florencia and Magdalena hugs him. They urges him to inform Laurena’s family.

Rómulo is at the police station talking to Modero ( Chivero’s assistant ).

Dario is at home with Florencia. Rómulo comes in and informs them that the police is building a homicide case against Dario. He offers to help by claiming to be Dairo’s alibi. Dario is skeptical, he asks the price for Rómulo’s help. Magdalena comes and says there’s a phone call for Dario. It’s Antonio, Melchor’s lawyer. Dario goes in to take the call. He comes out and says he’s got help, and that he doesn’t need Rómulo.

Florencia thanks Rómulo for wanting to help Dario. He places a kiss on her lips.

Gilberto is in Olivia’s apartment. He brought a suitcase full of money as payment for the information. He asks for the evidence she has about Rómulo’s criminal activities. She tries to seduce him and proposes a toast. Gilberto pretends to fall for it and starts kissing her.

Melchor and Antonio are at the police station to defend Dario. They both claims that Dario was at Coronel mansion on the night of the car accident. Chivero is frustrated further when Dario is brought and he also corroborates their claims.

Gilberto demands for the document, but Olivia continues to try to seduce him. She goes inside the bathroom. Gilberto quickly searches the room, and finds the document under the bed. He picks both document and the money and runs out of the apartment. Olivia comes out of the bathroom wearing a sexy lingerie. She sits down in dejection when she realizes what Gilberto had done.

Melchor is back home with Dairo. He tells Dario that his contract with the Coronel winery is now irrevocable because of the new bond between them. Dario feels cornered and asks whether he’s blackmailing him. Melchor says no, but that he should appreciate the fact that he just saved him from serving many years in prison.

Florencia informs Magdalena that she’s going to the police station. Magdalena asks whether it’s about Dario. Florencia says no, it’s for a different matter.

Gilberto is in his office. He studies the document he stole from Olivia. He then keeps it in the safe.

Florencia is at the police station. She asks Chivero for the police report on her father’s death.

Rómulo is with Florencia as she tries to re-exermine the spot were her father was found dead.

Alba sees Dario at the office and offers her condolences for Laurena’s death. He thanks her and walks away.

Alfredo is discussing Dario’ s situation with Alba in the office. He receives a text message from Olivia to meet her.

Alfredo is at a spot at the winery. He expects to see Olivia but Manuel shows up instead. Manuel points a gun at him and throws a paper at him. He orders him to write a suicide note, confessing that he murdered Celestina. Alfredo tries to argue. Alba comes in, and Manuel gets a bit distracted. Alfredo uses the opportunity and pushes Manuel. The two men struggles while Alba watches in confusion. Manuel’s gun falls on the ground. Alba picks the gun and shoots Manuel. The 3 of them are shocked. Alfredo shouts at Alba and orders her to get out of the place. Alba leaves. Manuel is now clawing on the floor. He’s wounded but is still alive. Alfredo picks the gun and shoots him.

Alfredo and Alba are standing in an open field. He has just finished burying Manuel in the ground.

Alfredo and Alba are back home. They argue about their marital problems. Alba insists that she want a divorce. Alfredo treathens her about prison terms if the police discovers she killed Manuel.

There’s is a wine presentation at the Colonel winery . Gilberto addresses the guests, amongst them is Mr. Walkin Belmont. He gets agitated when he sees Olivia in the crowd.

Gilberto follows Olivia outside. She treathens to destroy him if he doesn’t return her document. He says that he can’t give her the document. He says that the content will not only harm Rómulo, but it will destroy the Riveros. Olivia tells him that she has more information that will destroy him ( Gilberto ) and the entire Coronel family . She warns him not to dare her. She then walks away.

Melchor confronts Alfredo for still staying in the Coronel mansion. Alfredo insists that he’s Alba’s husband.

Mr. Walkin Belmont is very impressed with the quality of the Coronel wine. He proposes to Gilberto to become a capital investor.

Florencia is at her father’s grave. She promises to find the truth behind his death.

By: Eunice Eladebi Akpolu

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