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I Forgot I Love You Episode 049

I Forgot I Love You Episode 049

I Forgot I Love You Episode 049

Alfredo takes Alba to the spot in the field where he had left Manuel’s bullet ridden body. They are shocked to find out that the body wasn’t there.

A shaken and scared Dario is at the Colonel’s mansion. He sees Melchor in the study and informs him about the accident. He begs him to help him . He believes that Laurena is dead. Melchor says it was an accident, he should have called the police. Dario explains that, he doesn’t want to be arrested, because he was drunk and high on drugs. Melchor comes up with a plan , says he should call Laurena’s phone so it will appear as if he was never with her. It dawn’s on Dario that his phone must have fallen inside the car. Melchor advises him to hurry and pick it before the police arrives at the scene.

Dario arrives at the accident scene and is disappointed to find the police commander Chavero and his colleague already inspecting the place. He lies and tells them that Melchor heard about the accident and sent him to check. Chivero asks Dario to come and identify the dead body by the car. Dario does so and pretends to want to throw up. He bends and quickly picks his cell phone from the ground and hides it in his pocket.

Pasqual informs Melchor that Alba’s car has been seen. He tries to reach Alfredo on phone. Alfredo sees Pasqual incoming phone call and ignores it. He tells Alba that they need to plan on what to tell the family. They shouldn’t tell anyone about him shooting Manuel. Alba argues and says she doesn’t believe that Manuel is a fraudster.

In the Coronel mansion. Sonia is having lunch with Maria. Melchor comes in and taunts Sonia about her problem with Pasqual. Chivero questions Dario at the police station. Dario says that Laurena was his girlfriend and that he borrowed her car. Chivero says Laurena was not the one driving, another person was in the car with her. Dario gets nervous and says, he took a taxi home last night because he was too drunk. Chivero is not convinced. He receives a phone call, hungs up and dismisses Dario for the time being.

Alfredo and Alba arrives at the Coronel mansion. The family is relieved to see Alba. Gilberto says that the police is hunting for Manuel. Alfredo gets nervous at the information. He says it’s not necessary, after all Alba is safe.

Magdalena tells Florencia to reconsider signing Rómulo’s settlement document. She says that Rómulo had been good to her and the family business. Florencia says it’s Rómulo’s decision to leave the business . The phone rings. Florencia picks it, it’s Melchor. Florencia hungs up and informs Magdalena that Laurena has died in a car accident. She rushes out to go see Dairo.

Alfredo brags to Melchor about him being the one who rescued Alba. Melchor queries whether Alfredo has more to say the whole incident. Alfredo gets piqued, says he’s never appreciated. He needs to be thanked and acknowledged for all that he has done for the family. Melchor tells him that Manuel kidnapped Alba because of his ( Alfredo ) affair with Celestina, and that the story is far from over.

Florencia is at the Colonel winery in search of Dairo. She bumps into Gilberto, they argue about their relationship problems. Alfredo tells Alba that that he must find Manuel’s body at all cost and bury it. Florencia sees a broken Dario, they hug and she begs him to move back home.

Alfredo is by his car. He looks in the window glass, and hallucinate seeing Manuel standing behind him. He jumps around in fright but finds no one. Florencia runs into Gilberto on her way out of the Coronel winery. She warns him to stay away from her.

Pasqual informs Gilberto that he has a visitor waiting in his office. He’s one of the biggest wine wholesalers. He introduces himself to Gilberto as Walkin Belmart. He tells Gilberto that he want to invest in the Coronel winery but he’s skeptical because of their bad reputation. Gilberto assures him that they can do business without including Melchor. Mr. Walkin says he’s fine with it. He leaves. Pasqual comes in Gilberto informs him about Mr. Walkin’ s proposal. Pasqual says they should grab the opportunity. He also informs Gilberto that the wine Dario’s made is fantastic.

Alfredo is back at the field trying to find Manuel’ s body. He finds some blood footprints there. It dawn’s on him that Manuel although seriously injured, must have walked out of the place. Manuel is still alive. Gilberto and Pasqual informs Melchor about Mr. Walkin Belmont’s business proposal. They said they’ve already made the decision to accept. Melchor is angry that they excluded him in the deal.

Pasqual meets Sonia at home and asks whether she has gotten an apartment. Sonia says she doesn’t have any means to rent or buy a place. She cries and begs him to forgive her. Pasqual walks out of the place.

Olivia meets Gilberto in the Coronel winery. She offers to give an information about Rómulo in exchange for money. Gilberto says he’s not interested. He taunts her for wanting to run out of town because she’s afraid the murder case against her will be reopened. She says Rómulo has been stealing from Florencia. The information she has is worth millions. She has evidence of Rómulo’s plan to ruin Florencia. Gilberto is now interested . She says Gilberto should think about it and get back to her. She then retorts that she’s sorry about Alba. Gilberto says the family is happy that Alba is back home safely . She gives him a funny look and leaves.

Alfredo tells Alba not to panic. He says Manuel is not dead. Alba is nervous, she says she wished she never met him. She asks Alfredo why he’s trying so hard to help her despite what had happened. He says he loves her, and that they both needs to forgive each other . Her phone starts ringing. It’s Manuel. Alfredo grabs the phone and screams that Manuel should leave his wife alone.

Pasqual helps Melchor into bed. Melchor asks him whether Sonia had moved out of the mansion. Pasqual says she’s yet to find an apartment. Alfredo sees Sonia eavesdropping behind the door and reprimands her. She walks away. The police commander Chavero visits the Coronel mansion. He wants to have a word with Alba. Alfredo tries to stop him, but Alba says it’s ok. Chivero asks Alfredo to leave them alone.

Sonia is sweet-talking to little Maria, knowing that Pasqual is listening. She tells her that she’s going to study for a while, but will always come to see her on weekends. She hugs her and starts crying. Pasqual asks Maria to go to her room. He asks Sonia that , if she could rewind time, will she do things differently. She says she would love things to be as it were at the beginning.

Sonia comes to see Melchor in the study and and brags to him about Pasqual’s decision to give her a second chance. Melchor acts shocked. Pasqual comes in to confirm what Sonia said. He has decided to make up with his wife. He says Sonia has promised to be a better person. Melchor says that if Sonia is really sincere, she should sign a prenuptial agreement stating that she’ll get nothing in case of a divorce. Sonia is shaken. Pasqual makes to stop her, but Sonia says she want to proof that she loves Pasqual. She takes the document and signs it. Pasqual then tells Sonia that he has called a taxi to come and pick her up, she should pack her things. Sonia is shocked. It suddenly dawn’s on her that Pasqual tricked her to sign the document, she has lost everything, even the custody of her daughter. She goes crazy and starts reigning abuses on Pasqual. Melchor warns her to leave immediately else he’ll call the police. Melchor tells Pasqual to stay calm, he has everything under control .

Florencia is seated at a restaurant, pensive. Maria Clara shows up and asks who she was thinking of. Rómulo or Gilberto ?

By: Eunice Eladebi Akpolu

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