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I Forgot I Love You Episode 037

I Forgot I Love You Episode 037

I Forgot I Love You Episode 037

In the Coronel mansion kitchen. Melchor asks a pretentious Sonia whether she’s the one who bought the antidepressant drug. Sonia says she’s the one, but that, Maria Clara begged her to buy it for her. Maria Clara says Sonia is lying. Maria Clara rushes out of the kitchen in frustration. Sonia, still crying tells Melchor that Maria Clara is too dangerous. She shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the mansion. Melchor says he doesn’t trust Sonia either.

Maria Clara storms into Alba’s room and hysterically tells her that she’s innocent. She says she’s not the one who caused her miscarriage. Alba is so confuse, she can’t make any sense of what Maria Clara is saying. Melchor comes in and drag Maria Clara out of the room.

Alfredo catches up with Maria on the street. He asks her what she discussed with his wife ( Alba ). Maria slaps him. They argue and she lures him to kiss her, but she bites his lips, and walks away.

Alfredo sees Manuel hugging Alba in front of some hotel. He watches in shock as they both walk into the hotel.

Melchor meets Gilberto and says that Maria Clara should leave the Coronel mansion. He says that Alba has run out of the house because she’s now scared of Maria Clara. Gilberto says that he’ll take care of the situation.

Manuel and Alba are in a hotel room. He asks Alba why they are here. Alba relates what happened with Maria Clara . She says she want to be alone, she doesn’t want to see anyone else except him. He tries to calm her down. They kiss, but Alba moves away.

Gilberto goes to see Maria Clara in her room. She tries to get him to believe that Sonia killed Alba’s baby so as to make little Maria the sole heir. But it’s futile, Gilberto doesn’t believe her. He says Maria Clara had always threatened to avenge Cecilia’s death. He angrily leaves the room.

Rómulo lawyer, Antonio eventually convinces Florencia to contest for the president position at the agency. Florencia gets a phone call from her mother.

Florencia and Rómulo are at the Rivero winery. She tries to convince him to let go of Eduardo’s land. Rómulo argues but gives in after some time. Florencia is so elated, she pecks him on the cheek.

Dario meets Rómulo at work. He informs Rómulo that Laurena has been hired to work in the winery.

Alfredo meets Alba in the bedroom and queries her about the hotel scene. Alba is shocked. She asks whether he’s now following her. He tells her he’s not worried , after all Manuel is gay. Alba is now confuse at this information.

It’s breakfast at the Coronel mansion. They discuss about Maria Clara. Sonia says Maria Clara is crazy.

Isabel ( Eduardo’s wife ) is having breakfast with the Riveros. She thanks Magdalena and Florencia for helping her get back her husband’s land.

Rómulo sneaks into Eduardo’s room at the hospital. He tells Eduardo that he should have stayed quiet in his coma, but now he’s causing problems. He removes the oxygen tubes, and suffocate Eduardo to death.

Gilberto is walking with Maria Clara in the garden. She thanks him for listening to her. He gives her this hateful stare and tells her that the Coronel family will never forgive her. Some psychiatric medics suddenly joins them and grabs Maria Clara. She’s so shocked, she reigns curses on Gilberto. Maria Clara is forced into an ambulance and taken away.

Gilberto is addressing workers. He tells them that from henceforth , the harvesting of grapes will be done manually. Alfredo protests, but Pasqual shuts him down. Gilberto dismisses the workers. He warns Alfredo never to challenge him or Pasqual in front of the workers.

Florencia is giving orders to some workers. Rómulo comes around and tells her that he got a call from the hospital to inform him Eduardo has died . Florencia is shocked, says Eduardo was doing fine the last time she saw him. Rómulo changes the topic and says he’s happy business is going on well. He steals a kiss on her lips and walks away. Florencia is standing there in deep thought. She reminisces about some sweet memories with Gilberto.

Alba comes to see Manuel in the office. She want to him to clarify his sexual preferences. Manuel says he’s not gay, he lied to Alfredo . He says he’s so crazy about her, he want to make love to her.

Chivero visit Rómulo and interrogates him about Eduardo’s death. He said he’s curious as to who’ll benefit from his death. He says even though Eduardo couldn’t speak, he managed to scribble down ” RUOLO ” before he died. Rómulo tries to mentain his composure, but he gets nervous when he sees the words. Rómulo shrugs and says the word doesn’t mean anything. Chivero threatens to do thorough investigation, he then leaves. Rómulo looks shaken.

Maria Clara is in some mental home. She angrily arranges some photographs.

Antonio visits Florencia. He informs her that her candidacy to contest has been approved. He also tells her that Gilberto is contesting as well. Florencia is not happy at this information. She doesn’t want it to look like a fight.

Florencia is trying to help in carrying some basket of grapes. Rómulo tells her not to bother, he’ll do it with the workers.

Gilberto tells Melchor and Pasqual that Maria Clara will no longer bother the family. Melchor informs him that Florencia is contesting against him at the upcoming election.

Dario queries some workers about the shortage in the grapes they harvested. Rómulo interrupts and dismisses the workers. Rómulo tells Dario that Eduardo’s land is yielding much fruit. Dario is not convinced.

Gilberto is at the agency, he sees Florencia. He discusses about her decision to contest. He tells her that his father will do anything to make sure he wins. Florencia says that she’s up for the challenge.

Rómulo is at Eduardo’s vineyard. He secretly offload some basket of grapes.

Pasqual argues with Gilberto about the corrupt practices of the family. He says he doesn’t trust Gilberto. He believes Gilberto hasn’t changed. Gilberto tries to make him trust him. Pasqual says that he has allowed their father to manipulate him. He asks Gilberto about his wife. Gilberto says he kept Maria Clara in the mental home to protect her from their father. He’s also contesting so as to protect Florencia. Gilberto says, in the end, he want the best for everyone.

Alfredo comes home and teases Alba about Manuel being gay. Alba smiles, remembering Manuel crazy talk about him yearning to make love to her.

Melchor is having a business meeting with Gilberto, Pasqual and Alba. Alba says she’s fine with whatever Gilberto says. She leaves while Melchor makes futile attempts to make her stay. They all agree to register the vineyard under Pasqual’s name. Melchor tells Pasqual that they trust him.

Dario comes with Laurena to the Rivero winery. He queries Gerardo about the shortage in the grapes they harvested. Gerardo gets nervous. Laurena excuses herself and leaves the place. Dario says he suspects that Rómulo is secretly making wine somewhere. He orders Gerardo to get the keys to Eduardo’s vineyard, and follow him. Gerardo now look so scared.

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