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I Forgot I Love You Episode 036

I Forgot I Love You Episode 036

I Forgot I Love You Episode 036

At the Coronel winery office. Manuel is on phone talking to Alba. Alfredo creeps on him, snatches the phone from his hand, and grabs him by the throat. He warns him stay away from his wife ( Alba ). Manuel manages to bring out his wallet and shows him a picture of him and his male lover. Alfredo is shocked, he quickly leaves him when it dawn’s on him that Manuel is gay. Manuel begs him not to tell anyone, because his parents are not aware. Alfredo assures him that his secret is safe with him. He leaves the place.

Melchor is in a high spirit. He informs Gilberto and Pasqual that a police arrest warrant has been issued against Javier. Gilberto and Pasqual has this worried look on their faces, it’s obvious they don’t share in his enthusiasm.

Alfredo is at the police station. He delivers to Chivero, a detailed description of Javier’s house address on a piece of paper.

Javier is arrested by two police in front of his house for allegedly committing the crime of arson.

Florencia runs to Rómulo at work and inform him about Javier’s arrest. She gets a phone call from her mother. She hangs up the call and tells Rómulo that Eduardo has woken from coma. Rómulo is nervous ( he had almost murdered Eduardo for his vineyard ).

Pasqual is pensive. Sonia comes around and makes derogatory remarks about the Coronel’s corrupt practices. Pasqual warns her to desist from speaking ill of his family.

Melchor gets home, and finds a lady’s hand bag lying on the floor of the living room . He bends to pick from amongst the stuff that has fallen off the bag, a pack of drugs. Sonia comes in, and he asks who’s bag this is. Sonia says it belongs to Maria Clara. Melchor angrily walks away. Sonia watches him with a smug look on her face.

Melchor shows to Gilberto, the pack of drug he allegedly found in Maria Clara’s bag . He says Alba’s miscarriage was caused by traces of antidepressants drugs like this one in her blood stream. Gilberto refute his claims, but he orders him to talk to his ex-wife ( Maria Clara ).

Gilberto storms into Maria Clara’s room and tells her about Melchor’s allegations. He advises her to prepare to defend herself before the entire family. Maria Clara is shocked beyond words.

Rómulo is at the hospital to see Eduardo for himself. Eduardo’s wife Isabel begs Rómulo to take back his money and return her family’s vineyard. She says Eduardo will gets furious if he finds out that his vineyard has been sold to a Coronel. Rómulo replies her that it’s impossible to reverse the contract she signed.

Melchor, Gilberto and Pasqual are in the conference room. Manuel comes in and says the agency called. Codero has resigned. The Coronels are happy that they have regained back their certificate of origin. But they find Codero’s resignation a bit disconcerting. Manuel comes in again and announces that Philippe Codero is around. Melchor stands up and says he’ll go and see him.

Codero tells Melchor that he resigned because, he can’t continue being blackmailed by him. He also informs him that there’ll be an election for a new president at the agency.

Melchor returns to the boardroom and tell Gilberto and Pasqual about the impending election. He says that, they need to promote a candidate who’ll protect the Coronel’s interest. Gilberto suggests that Pasqual should contest.

Melchor tells Alfredo that he’ll keep the incriminating recorded tape about Codero. It’ll be like a treasured weapon. Alfredo seems nervous, he’s not too thrilled about this.

Pasqual argues with Gilberto about Javier’s taking the fall for their sins. He says he’ll not contest to become the president so as to cover up for the Coronels.

Pasqual bumps into Sonia at the field. He pours out to her, his frustrations about Javier being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

Florencia meets Dario and Laurena at the Rivero winery. Laurena says she has to leave for a job interview. Florencia argues with Dario’s about his girlfriend’s financial status. Dario defends Laurena, and says that she’s not going to depend on him. After all Laurena is going for a job interview.

Alfredo comes home and gets really nervous when he sees Maria chatting with Alba. Maria stands up, greets Alfredo and leaves. Alfredo is curious, Alba says Maria came to deliver some document for Melchor . Alba says she never liked Maria, but she seems nice.

Melchor is preparing some food in the kitchen. Sonia comes in and offers to help. Melchor condescending tone, tells her to help clean the cutleries. They bicker about the fire incident, the insurance money, and Javier’s innocence . She says Pasqual is not like the rest of them, the guilt is weighing in on him. Melchor tells her that if the Coronels go down, she’ll also loose her source of income. He steps out of the kitchen to go get some ingredients. Sonia spits on the food on fire.

Florencia shares with Rómulo her concerns about Eduardo’s reaction if he finds out that his vineyard has been sold.

Rómulo’s lawyer Antonio brings some contract document. He informs Rómulo about the impending election at the agency. He says that it will not be beneficial to Rómulo if the Coronel family’s candidate wins. He suggests to Rómulo to persuade Florencia to contest.

Melchor reprimands Pasqual for discussing the Javier’s issue with Sonia. Pasqual says Sonia is his wife. Melchor says that, from henceforth, he might have to choose what he tells him, since it’ll end up in Sonia’s ears.

Florencia and Dairo discusses how happy they are now. Business is going on well.

Chivero and his colleagues laments about the numerous unresolved crime cases in the area.

Pasqual is at the police station. He asks to see Javier. Chivero tells him that Javier has been transferred to a penitentiary. He tells Pasqual that Javier has 72 hours to proof his innocence or he’ll loose everything. Chivero sees the worried look on Pasqual’s face. He asks whether he has any information that will help Javier. Pasqual gets nervous and says no, he rushes out of the place .

Laurena meets Dario at a park. She tells him that the job interview went well. She complains about her overdue house rent. Dario says he’ll lend her the money. He also offers her a job at the winery.

Florencia kicks against Dario’s job offer to Laurena . Dario says he’s not asking for her approval, he’s only informing her that Laurena will be working at the Rivero winery.

Melchor queries Pasqual for going to the police station. Sonia is eavesdropping.

Sonia follows Pasqual into their bedroom and tries to assuage his guilt towards Javier. She hugs him and says she’s proud of him, and she’s proud to be a Coronel. Pasqual doesn’t see the sneer look on her face.

Maria Clara visits the pharmaceutical store close to the house and inquire about the antidepressants drug. The sales girl describe Sonia as the one who bought it. Maria Clara is shocked to further find out that Sonia had intentionally used her own name ( Maria Clara ) to purchase the drug.

Rómulo and his lawyer Antonio, plans and sends some agency personnel to the Rivero winery . They woo Florencia and encourages her to contest for president.

Florencia calls Rómulo on phone and inform him about the agency personnel visit. Rómulo says he’s at the hospital, Eduardo is doing well.

Rómulo sneaks to Eduardo’s ward at the hospital. He opens his room door and sees Chivero talking to Eduardo. Chivero is backing the door, he doesn’t see Rómulo. Eduardo sees Rómulo and gets agitated, but can’t speak because of the oxygen tubes attached to him. Chivero tries to find out the reasons for Eduardo sudden behavior . He turns round to look at the door, just after Rómulo had run out of sight .

Maria Clara storms into the kitchen looking for Melchor. The kitchen is empty. Sonia comes around and greets her. Maria Clara punches Sonia in the face and confronts her about using her name to purchase drugs. Sonia says that nobody will believe Maria Clara, considering her numerous lies, especially her recent false testimony against Florencia. Melchor comes into the kitchen, and Sonia suddenly pretends, crying. Melchor is shocked, as Sonia cries and accuses Maria Clara of attacking her without any cause.

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