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I Forgot I Love You Episode 035

I Forgot I Love You Episode 035

I Forgot I Love You Episode 035

Rómulo storms into the Coronel mansion study and confronts Melchor for implicating Florencia in the vineyard fire incident. Gilberto runs to the scene and is shocked to learn that Florencia has been arrested by the police. Melchor feigns innocence, Rómulo treathens Melchor to fix the problem else he’ll personally deal with him, he then storms out of the place. Gilberto asks Melchor how he could descend so low as to come up with such plan. Melchor tells him that it’s a minor issue. He shouldn’t bother, Gilberto angrily leaves.

Florencia is being questioned by the police. She said it’s difficult to remember where exactly she was at a certain day and time 5 months ago. All she can remember is that she attended late little Cecilia’s funeral on that day . She asks Chivero who testified against her. Chivero says he can’t divulge such information, but the witness says she saw her car at the location on that night. Florencia says it’s now obvious that her accuser is a ” She, a woman. ”

Rómulo meets Pasqual at the Coronel vineyard. He tells Pasqual that Melchor and Gilberto are responsible for the fire incident. It’s sad that Florencia is being falsely accused of their crime. Pasqual says he doesn’t want to discuss such, he drives off.

Florencia, Dario returns home from the police station. Florencia tells her mother that she doesn’t know what’s going on. Rómulo comes in and accuses Melchor and Gilberto of being behind her predicament. Florencia says it’s hard to believe that Gilberto will do this to her.

Pasqual confronts Gilberto of masterminding the fire incident. Gilberto confesses that, they
didn’t tell him about it, so as to not implicate in the crime. Pasqual says he’s going to report them to the police, Gilberto begs him not to. Pasqual storms out of the place.

Gilberto goes to see Chivero at the police station. He tries to exonerate Florencia from the allegations laid against her. Chivero opens up and urges him to talk to his wife ( Maria Clara ).

Melchor visits Magdalena, they bicker about Florencia’s situation. Melchor says, since Javier had access to the Rivero’s house, it’s possible he’s the one who drove Florencia’s car on the night of the fire incident. Magdalena says Javier went to meet Philippe Codero that night, so it can’t be him.

Gilberto confronts Maria Clara for falsely accusing Florencia. Maria Clara tries to defend herself by saying that, if not for Florencia’s interferences in their marriage, Cecilia would be alive. He tells her to go to the police and tell them that she made a mistake in her testimony, else she’ll be charged with perjury. He also says that Melchor is using her because he knows that she’s embittered against Florencia.

Melchor tells Alfredo to go and seduce Maria, so as to gather information about her father’s dealings at the agency. Alfredo tries to protest, but Melchor treathens to tell Alba where he ( Alfredo ) was, on the day she had the miscarriage.

Javier is at the police station. Chivero tells him that he has to find more evidence to prove his claims that Melchor and Gilberto set their vineyard on fire so as to obtain the insurance money. Chivero says that he’ll be charged for perjury and contempt of court . He cunningly asks him to sign for him a copy of his book. Javier signs the book and leaves. Chivero calls his assistant to run a test on Javier’s finger prints.

Javier meets up with Alfredo. He tries to persuade Alfredo to betray the Coronel family by publishing their dirty secret. He promises to reward him with a reasonable percentage of the royalties from his book. They part ways, agreeing to meet again in 48 hours time.

Gilberto goes to see Florencia. She asks whether he’s behind her predicament. He exonerates himself and Melchor. He says that Maria Clara was the one who testified against her. Florencia says Maria Clara still believes that she’s responsible for her divorce.

Florencia gets home and informs Rómulo that Maria Clara was the one who reported her to the police. Rómulo is shocked, he argues that it’s not possible. He then says he’s going to talk to her ( Maria Clara ).

Rómulo turns himself in to the police. He swears that he was the one who burned down the Coronel vineyard. Chivero is not convinced, but Rómulo insists, and asks for him to record his statement.

Dario is about leaving with his new girlfriend Laurena, after dinner with his mother Magdalena . Florencia comes in and informs them that Rómulo took the blame for the fire incident, and is now in police custody. Dario laughs mockingly, says Rómulo is a fool for causing the fire, and turning himself in. Magdalena reprimands Dario, and says that Rómulo is innocent. He’s only taking the blame in order to help Florencia. Laurena begs to leave, Dario follows her out.

Melchor and Gilberto are at the wine cellar. Melchor brags about some of his wine collections. He tells Gilberto not to worry about Florencia and Rómulo. He says that he has plans to pin the crime of arson on Javier.

Alfredo is with Maria in his office. He lures her to talk about her father’s corrupt practices at the agency.

Rómulo is in a police cell, and is being visited by Florencia. She queries him for taking the blame, he said he did it to save her. He assures her that he’s a Coronel, it’s impossible for them to send him to jail. He draws her closer to the iron bars that separates them and kisses her. Gilberto comes in just then. He tries to maintain his composure, apologizes for coming in unannounced. Rómulo angrily asks him what he’s doing here. Gilberto says he only came to inform him that he’s free , the charges against him has been dropped. Gilberto angrily leaves the place, and Florencia runs after him. Rómulo catches up with them and sarcastically thanks Gilberto.

Melchor visits Philippe Codero at the agency and plays a recorded voice of his daughter Maria bragging about how he Codero uses corrupt means to give companies their certificate of origin. Codero is shocked and nervous , he asks Melchor what he want. Melchor swears never to expose him if he helps to execute his plans.

Philippine Codero pays a very surprise visit to Magdalena, asking about Javier. Magdalena is offended, says Javier doesn’t stay with her. She says Javier had a meeting with him ( Codero ) on the night of Cecilia’s funeral. It’s strange he doesn’t know how to reach him now. Codero lies and denies such, says he wasn’t even in town on the said day. Magdalena is surprise.

Manuel comes to the Coronel mansion intending to visit Alba and to give her some magazines. Alfredo stops him at the entrance. He collects the magazines from him, says he’ll give them to Alba by himself . Alfredo says that Alba is resting at the moment. Manuel is so disappointed, he reluctantly leaves.

Alba is being exermined by her doctor. He asks whether she took any drug while she was pregnant. She answers that, she only took her vitamins. The doctor later tells Melchor that the test result shows that Alba took an antidepressant drug. Melchor is shocked, he argues that Alba has been seeking to conceive for a long time. It’s impossible for her to jeopardize her pregnancy. The doctor says they are doing more test. Melchor says he knows who’s responsible for this problem. Meanwhile, Sonia is eavesdropping behind the door.

Florencia sees Rómulo at the Rivero vineyard. He asks her whether she still loves Gilberto. She gets uncomfortable and tells him that they should both mind their business. Rómulo says he’s minding his business by trying to get close to her, but Gilberto is always in the way.

The Coronel family are at dinner. Alba breaks down and runs to her room, Alfredo goes after her. Sonia asks what the doctor said about Alba’s situation. Melchor cuts her off and says it will not be discussed at the dinner table.

Alfredo is standing just outside Alba’s bedroom door. He’s listening in on Alba’s phone conversation with Manuel. Gilberto comes around and reprimands Alfredo for eavesdropping on his own wife. Alfredo shamefully returns to the dinner table. Gilberto enters Alba’s room, and comforts her.

Javier is at the spot at some field where he and Alfredo had planned to meet. Instead, Melchor shows up and mocks him for ever believing that Alfredo will betray the Coronel family. He tells Javier to be prepared for what is coming at him. Javier tries to call off his bluff, says he can’t be accused for setting the Coronel vineyard on fire. He was in a meeting somewhere, he has an alibi. Melchor sneered and says he hope that he’s not going to count on Philippe Codero to be his alibi. Javier is now confuse.

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